Milan raising stakes in Beckham chase?

Milan raising stakes in Beckham chase?

MLS- LA Galaxy

Milan raising stakes in Beckham chase?

David Beckham 3 (Reuters) 

Just when you thought we would hear the last of the AC Milan trying to publicly add fuel to the growing speculation that David Beckham will leave MLS and stay in Italy, now comes word that the Italian powerhouse may include Beckham in its UEFA Cup roster.

Why does that matter? Well, if Beckham honors his loan agreement he will only be around for two UEFA Cup matches.

That sound you hear is Bruce Arena punching a Carlo Ancelotti doll in the face.

The Beckham-Milan story rolls on as stories continue to be written about the saga. I added my contribution to this on, with a piece on what Beckham leaving now would mean for MLS. My opinion, in short, is that MLS will get along fine without Beckham and his time here wasn't wasted if he leaves now. I know some folks disagree, but that's just my take.

What do you think about Ancelotti's latest maneuver? Do you really see him including Beckham in Milan's UEFA Cup roster? Has this saga been more entertaining than the past Galaxy campaign?

Share your thoughts below.

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