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Red Bulls deal Van Den Bergh to FC Dallas

DaveVanDenBergh2 (AP) 

Dave Van Den Bergh is on his way to Dallas.

The trade that first came to light over the weekend became reality late last night as the New York Red Bulls traded Van Den Bergh and the No. 14 overall pick in the MLS Draft to FC Dallas for forward Dominic Oduro, the No. 11 and the No. 18 picks in the draft.

Dallas-based website 3rd Degree, which reported months ago that FC Dallas was search for a veteran left winger, first uncovered the main pieces of the trade last night, and sources confirmed the details of the trade to SBI on Tuesday.

The trade will send the fan-favorite Van Den Bergh to Dallas and gives the Red Bulls the type of speedy forward they have been looking for as well as two draft picks in a draft widely-regarded as being a deep one. The Red Bulls also stand to save close to $240,000 in salary cap space they would have used if they had re-signed Van Den Bergh for the $270,000 he was looking to sign for.

Sources have also told SBI that the trade of Mike Magee to Los Angeles is close to being completed, with one sources saying Tuesday morning the deal has been made. No word yet on the details of what the Galaxy traded the Red Bulls.

What do you think of the deal? Share your thoughts below.

  • The Athority


    I live 20 minutes away. Don’t expect Red Bull Arena to open until 2010.

    They are making good progress but these things take time.


  • Voodoo


    What you say sounds reasonable until you consider that left-sided mids who can provide decent service to the box are rare-to-extinct.

    I would challenge anyone to name more than a few competent MLS players who can consistently cross from the left.


  • Miguel


    Unless something unforseen happens, Red Bull Arena is slated to open in October 2009.


  • Tim F.

    Balsy to give up your first/second best players for unknown quantities. Definitely a step backward.


  • Nick

    I’m expecting Osorio to look outside the league for a left-sided player. Somebody might be drafted to fill that position as well.

    There are some players in MLS like Mendoza or Brad Davis that I’d happily take, but I doubt NY could acquire either for a reasonable price.


  • Tim

    So basically JCO is dismantling the team that just took you (albeit luckily) to the MLS Cup Finals. What a good coach.


  • brett

    FCD may have just went from struggling to holding their own in the league…. DVB is definitely going to help out with services to Cooper and Cunningham….

    is JCO going to be scouting another list of foreign “talents” and continue to adjust the redbulls lineup week after week?? hopefully for you redbull fans, JCO goes after some decent foreign talent and stock up on local talent as well…. you’ll need the depth to compete in the CL and succeed….

    however, if JCO uses the 2nd DP and/or gets more untested talents from afar you could be viewing at a similar season…


  • Andre`

    I’m in a minority of RedBull fans that love this trade. we got rid of someone aging, who makes alot more money than he should. not saying he isn’t worth it, just not in MLS, where salary caps are torrid.

    We get a young fast raw striker project. between oduro richards and Kandji, we may have 3 of the 5 fastest players in the league.

    We also get cap space, and more underrated, we now have two of the first 18 picks in the draft, so depth will be there this year.

    I also thouyght of this tidbit, with Parke gone, all this cap space we have, can we please give Eric Brunner his friggin 40K a year and have a CB for the future.


  • kpugs

    I’m glad they’re saving so much money, but this is one of those cases where my personal opinion is that Van Den Bergh at his requested salary would still give them more than the three players they’re going to end up with at much lower salaries. It’s really disappointing.

    As for Magee, thank goodness.


  • Malcolm

    NOOOO. Thats terrible. Its a big loss for the red bulls. Ives, you wouldn’t happen to know when Red Bull Park is going to open.


  • eric

    New York better have a good replacement idea, ***cough cough*** Beasley. VDB was easily among the best in MLS at his position, and I couldn’t mount much of an argument against anyone who put him in their Best XI. I get the lower cap room, but how is $250k or so not worth that?


  • eric

    Andre inspired me to look up Oduro’s stats last year, since everyone is talking about VDB. Not bad, 5 goals and 2 assists in 992 min (which they spread out over 25 games, but essentially 11 games) for $33k.

    I’m starting to talk myself (as a neutral fan) into being interested in watching a team who starts Oduro and Juan Pablo up top, especially with the utterly mediocre Magee gone (my money is on Rojas being significantly better). It’s up to Osorio now to find the talent to plug in with that cap space.


  • Eugene

    Can’t get Beasley, the team would need to be first (or at least high in the allocation order) to get a returning US national team player. Right now NY is sitting like 13th.

    Bad deal, bad business. For all the reasons that NY had, they should have gotten better value for Van den Bergh. Instead they got fleeced for the second best midfielder in the league last season. NY should have gotten Oduro, Brek Shea and a draft pick.


  • metrostar 4 life

    thanks for the memories DVB… you won’t be forgotten in NY… oduro is very promising though on a plus side


  • Sterlinho

    The trade makes sense for both of the teams from a cap perspective. It’s just a shame that NY is forced to trade away VDB if they want to use thier 2nd DP slot.


  • Roberto

    good trade or not… You know the rule; player that leaves RB gets even better as a player, can you imagine how good vdv will be now that he left? Even better than 2008!! How can you top that? Answer; Leave RBulls


  • Chris

    I’m a Fire supporter, and I have always thought that Van Den Bergh was under appreciated.

    I think he is a top class player in this league, and probably doesn’t get the cred he deserves. Kenny Cooper is probably pretty happy about this, but if I was a NYRB supporter, I would not be happy.

    Maybe they can sign Marmol now? 🙂


  • Andre`

    You people who are saying “They could’ve done more to keep him” are not doing any reading on this at all, just judging. The backstory on the trade that’s on the NY Post website gives alot of insight on the whole situation.

    Anyone who thinks Redbulls lost out on this trade is an idiot.


  • eric

    Why don’t you explain it then, or at least link Andre. Last I heard was the article Ives posted that said they asked VDB to take a pay cut, which I thought was a low class and stupid move.


  • ag nigrin

    At this point I am very disappointed but I will wait and see what fruit if any this trade brings to the Red Bulls!


  • Matt M.

    I know NY had cap problems so I don’t really blame them too much. Note that DVB, whom was indeed their best players, is also aging.

    Remember, in MLS, you don’t just manage talent, you manage the cap. By giving him up, you now have the opportunity to go for a two or three midlevel players to add depth.

    Ideally, they’d have given up less productive players (just about all of JCO’s signings), but some had contracts.

    Dominic Oduro is young, cheap and fairly productive and talented. Not a bad consolation. He may even have a greencard, though I’m not sure.

    NY needs depth of talent.

    I’m not sold on JCO but maybe he’ll turn it around. I think his run to the MLS finals was a fluke by a mediocre team (remember LA’s “Championship” team a few years ago when they had the ninth best record in MLS). In the end, NY backed into the playoffs and got hot over a three game period.

    The team needs to get better. Just because it never happened before, doesn’t mean it won’t this time.


  • aristotle

    Hooray! More mediocrity for NYRB. Now to go with their slow mediocre players they have a fast mediocre player. With a few more trades like this they should be able to ensure mediocrity for years to come. Perhaps one final trade is in order. JPA for four mediocre players. Sigh. Are there going to be any fans in the new stadium? Just to beat a dead horse a little more, if the NYRB were a rock group they would be called JPA and the mediocres. I’ll shut up now.


  • Ken U

    THe trade isnt half bad Red Bull fans don’t get too worried. Oduro should be a good 2nd striker and he contract is very cheap whcih is a plus. Also moving up to 11 gives us a better chance at a quality wing back or left winger who can step in. 18th pick isnt too bad either. Now we just move Rojas in left and play Sassano/Pietra/Ubi in center mid. (and that is if we do not sign anyone)

    Keep in mind VDB probably has only a couple more years in him because he is not getting any younger.


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