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Red Bulls Update (Osorio to look at European-based trialists)

Juan Carlos Osorio 1 (ISIphotos.net) 

                                                                                  Photo by ISIphotos.net


The New York Red Bulls will be heading to Bradenton with a total of 35 players, including several trialists hoping to make the 24-man roster.

Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio revealed on Friday that he planned on bringing in four European-based trialists for looks during the team's training camp in Bradenton, Florida next week. While he would not reveal their identities, Osorio did say where the players were from. One is Scottish, one is Mexican-American and two are Central American.

Osorio also revealed that the Red Bulls put in rookie free agent discovery claims on defenders Ryan Mirsky (SMU) and Calum Angus (Saint Louis). Both players took part in the MLS Combine but went undrafted. Mirsky is joining the Red Bulls in Florida while Angus is not. Sources have told SBI that Angus is pursuing other professional opportunities.

The Red Bulls are also expected to bring along two to three of the free agents who trained with the team this week after making the initial cut from a free agent camp last week. Osorio did not reveal those players' names.

What do you think of this news? Who do you think Osorio plans on bringing on? Think Mirsky can challenge for a roster spot?

Share your thoughts below.

  • brett

    with this aid them or hurt them??

    having SOOOO many players prevents possible lineups from getting PT together and work on chemistry…

    HOWEVER, this is an interesting way to go about things… JCO seems to be more then willing to try a number of players in hope to find that diamond in the rough… it could work out very well for them

    not to mention give alot of players a shot at making it as a pro…


  • Go Rapids

    Hey Ives! Great stuff…As a Rapids fan, I was wondering with Nico Colaluca was still practicing with the RedBulls? Do you have any more information on what he was doing with the RedBulls earlier this week?

    Thanks & Go Rapids!


  • EDB

    so how many of the players that he is bringing in does he actually have the first discovery claim on =D


  • Alex

    Brett i dont think it can hurt them at all but the opposite as every player who already under contract will be pushed to perform above their limits with so much competition at every position.


  • Barry Jive and His Uptown Five

    Donovan is on the bench for the Hamburg/Bayern match kicking off in 15 minutes.


  • Ives

    Brett, I’m pretty sure that number will be cut down quite a bit before the team makes its three-week trip to Argentina.


  • Michael Vann

    I wonder if the Mexican-American is 21- yr.old Carlos Diaz who plays for Ferencváros in Hungary. He played two seasons for St Mary’s College and played in the PDL for San Francisco. I believe at one time he was in the US U-20 pool.


  • gary

    hmm….the scot must be from from glasgow, or somewhere else in the south end of the island…


  • lakaix15

    is it that scottish CB from last year????

    maybe its Darren Fletcher haha yea i wish….

    and a mexican american in europe????

    i hope these two nes S.A.’s are not a bust….


  • J

    I believe Chris Innes was the CB who was on trial last year, Lakaix. I dunno if he is the guy or not though.


  • brett

    Ives – ah that makes more sense… then i agree.. i dont see a downside to this at all… may as well scratch my 1st paragraph


  • Steve

    I hate all the secrecy every year, we want exciting news and all Agoos ever gives is “we are looking at some players but what tell you who”. I now expect us to sign Pietravallo’s cousin, Rojas’ wife and Peter Canero (to of course provide a lethal midfielder like Lalas wanted in 06)


  • Saunders

    I certainly hope Palguta gets an invite. He’s versatile enough that he could fill a spot either as a Central Defender or Left Back. What do you think, Ives?


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