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Sanneh joins Galaxy for pre-season

Tony Sanneh (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                    Photo by ISIphotos.com

When the Los Angeles Galaxy revealed its pre-season roster on Tuesday there weren't very many surprises. There were newly-acquired veterans Dema Kovalenko and Mike Magee, as well as rookie draft picks Omar Gonzalez and A.J. De La Garza. There was one surprising, yet familiar name that Bruce Arena did include.

That player is former U.S. World Cup standout defender Tony Sanneh, who will join the Galaxy for pre-season on trial, with the hope of helping bolster a defense in need of reinforcements. Sanneh was one of 33 players named to a roster that must be cut down to 24 players before the start of the season.

Sanneh, who turns 38 in June, last played in MLS in 2007 with the Colorado Rapids, a move that came only after a deal to move to the New York Red Bulls (coached then by Arena) was scrapped by Chicago, which then dealt him to the Rapids. Sanneh played nine games for Colorado before taking a year off in 2008.

Sanneh will be re-united with Arena, who was his coach on the 2002 U.S. World Cup team, and LA assistant Dave Sarachan, who coached Sanneh on the 2005-2006 Chicago Fire.

Sanneh isn't the only new defensive face on the Galaxy pre-season roster. Venezuelan defender Henry "Leo" Bautista and American defender Vardan Adzemian are also on the roster. Bautista is also on a trial. Adzemian spent 2008 on loan to the USL Portland Timbers after signing a developmental contract with the Galaxy.

What do you think of this move? Think Sanneh still has something left in the tank? Is Bautista the answer to the Galaxy's defensive woes? Will either of them keep rookie Omar Gonzalez on the bench? Will either of them make the team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • A.S.

    Even if he doesn’t have much left, he’s still a good veteran presence for a team that looks to have one rookie and one second year player as their defensive mainstays.


  • Sterlinho

    Looks like Arena is trying for an old school DC United reunion. Next he’ll sign Harkes, Etcheverry and Agoos.


  • Ed

    Look at Suarez, still playing at 63 on Chivas USA….if he can do it, so can Sanneh (not saying he will however).


  • cbr

    if the guy can provide cover at CB during the Open Cup games and meaningless friendlies they play in asia for 30k a year why not


  • gmd

    His 2002 WC performance is etched in my memory. That cross to McBride v Portugal was insane, and his near header in against Germany was tough. He was the best player on the pitch in that Germany game.

    That being said…he’s too old. Bye.


  • Michael F.

    He was an absolute hero in the 2002 WC. But those days are long gone. Looks like Arena is grasping at straws earlier than expected.


  • Chest Rockwell

    Delagarza, all one word.

    Sanneh has said he isn’t ready to retire, and I think Arena’s just doing him a favor and letting him come in and try to win a spot on the team. If Bautista and/or anyone else they try to get don’t pan out, Arena has a known quantity who went through their entire preseason. It’s not a major move by any means, but there’s no downside.


  • Nick

    He could definitely provide some leadership back there… If they scheme a bit like they did with Vanney last year, they can put him in a place to succeed… We’ll see if he makes it though.


  • Zach

    This is a good move by Arena. I mean whats there to loose. He will provide some words and leadership for Omar and AJ and make them better. Bautista will definetely win the job though and will be starting, believe me ive seen the guys speed and tackling. Sanneh will develop the guys but wont earn the roster spot. But competition is always good and will make other Defenders better. Again nothing to loose in this move.


  • DCUinCT

    So a little bit of preseason competition won’t hurt anyone. Arena needs these players to start sweating before the season starts. LA will need to come out guns blazing if Arena is going to make the owners happy. This is about pressure for slots not an answer to the defense.


  • SonicDeathMonkey

    The Galaxy, have at long last found their replacement for Abel Xavier. Finally!! 🙂


  • Michael Vann

    Sanneh, you have been a wonderful servant to the US National and the multiple clubs you represented but give it up! Your body has withered. For your health’s sake down the road don’t put yourself in this situation. You knowledge and wealth of experience can be used in other capacities such as coaching. Talk to Bruce about it. I’m sure he and Cobi would mind joining them on the staff.


  • bc6

    I’ll never forgive Sanneh for ruining the Crews playoff run in 2004. What a shite PK he took….


  • Jacob A.

    Off topic, but this being the newest post, at least until I update this in the morning in the ticker or whatever comes, but did anyone just see on the 11 oclock sportscenter two goals from the Man Utd-Derby County Carling cup game made the top ten? A NASTY free kick in second half extra time from a Derby player who’s name I cannot remember and and absolute HOWLER from Nani from 40 (at least) out tucked away into far post netting in the 16th. I couldnt find video at this point, but the Derby goal was number 9 and the Nani goal number 2. Coupled with the fact that the bottom line is covering the rumor about Beckham talking Kaka to Madrid, you see the new way ESPN seems to be pushing soccer.

    (for the record, the number 1 was a dunk from a D2 college game that earned that number. The guy basically jumped from outside the lane, stepped on the guys chest who was trying to take a charge, used it like a ladder, and dunked with his shoulders level to the rim. Try to find that one too)


  • Tim

    Tony Sanneh…wow. I’m not sure where i stand on this…one hand if things don’t work out, just wave him and off he goes no problems. On the other, while his 07 season with the rapids may not of been hot, guys at this age tend to be shaky at times, so maybe the year off will have did him good.


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    Got a little bit worried for a second then read that it wasnt Marcos Senna


  • roberto

    Bautista seems pretty good kind of reminds me of Wilman Conde should be good for MLS a long as he keeps it up and at the same time doesn’t act like Conde in the locker room….great video Martin


  • Isaac

    Sanneh was pretty good back in his time. He delivered countless crosses for Brian McBride, like the one against Portugal. Probably still hates himself for that miss against Germany though. Probably will feature at RB, CB or even RM if Becks decides to stay with Milan.


  • martin

    thanks Roberto! Bautista hopefully will stay in LA..Not too many natural left footed defenders in the league. Also his height 1.90m or 6’2 should help him as well..


  • Brian

    Oh, happy day! The Galaxy haven’t had a player worth booing since Paul Caligiuri!

    Please please please please make the team.


  • Luke

    Hahahaha! Reading this story makes me feel really old. I used to play against Tony Senneh in high school 20 or so years ago in St. Paul, MN. We also played in the same summer club team the St. Paul Blackhawks. Good for him that he can still compete at such a high level.


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