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U.S. National Team Camp Update

Troy Perkins (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                            Photo by ISIphotos.com


With so much focus going on the MLS Combine and MLS Superdraft (Thursday, 2 p.m. ET, ESPN2) it's easy to forget that Bob Bradley is holding a National Team camp on the other side of the country in preparation for the United States' friendly against Sweden.

If you haven't been keeping up to date with what's been going on in Carson, Calif. SBI is going to give you the cliff notes of what's been transpiring over the past few days:

  • For those of you hoping that Chad Marshall was finally going to get his chance to shine for the stars and stripes, you'll have to wait a little longer. Marshall entered the training camp with discomfort in his right knee and the tweak hadn't gotten any better during his week's worth of time with the team. Marshall flew back to Columbus over the weekend to treat his injury.

  • Troy Perkins has been excused from camp for five days as he returns to his club, Valerenga, for a three-day trip to train with Norwegian Special Forces.

  • To replace Perkins, Chivas USA net-minder Dan Kennedy has been summoned to train with the National Team.

  • Los Angeles Galaxy defender and 2008 Rookie of the Year Sean Franklin has been sidelined with a groin injury and sat out of today's activities.

If that list of training camp news still doesn't fill your U.S. National Team cravings, here is a video of the guys doing what they do best, playing soccer.


Are you distraught by Marshall having to leave the camp? Who starts at CB now against Sweden? Anyone in particular you'd like to see get called up as his replacement? Think Troy Perkins is solidifying himself as the #3 GK? Or is that spot still up for grabs for anyone to take?

Share your thoughts below

  • V

    Perkins is training with Norwegian Special Forces? Is that some kinda special football club or are those the bad%sses that have been fighting in Afghanistan?


  • jddjsjsjdd

    Yeah i believe Perkins is for sure our no.3 His only competition is Hahnemann. Now if Hahnemann can leave Reading for a Premier League club, then he’s signed as our no.3

    I figure Perkins will be our no.3 for 2010 and come 2014 Luis Robles will be competing Guzan for our no.2 spot.

    Here’s hoping Perkins can turn his Norwegian club success into a jump to say the Dutch or German league in the next few years.


  • Casey C.

    Kenny is like a giant out there. I like the first time you get to see him, he just bodyrolls someone.


  • Danny

    Why isn’t Chris Seitz or Dominic Cervi playing in the camp? Last I checked they were the U-20/U-23 keepers and neither is exactly busy right now.

    Dan Kennedy? Come on!


  • arena futbol

    assuming no Marshall, Cameron, or Franklin due to injuries, and assuming no last-minute additions before Sweden match, how about:

    Ching – Davies (sub Cooper for Ching at 45)

    Rogers – Clark – Kljestan – Thorrington (sub Holden for Thor at 45)

    Bornstein – Califf – Hernandez – Wynne (sub Wingert for Wynne or Bornstein at 45)

    Perkins (assuming he survives)


  • Irene

    Cooper Davies

    Rogers Rolfe

    Clark Kljestan

    Borstein Califf Franklin Wynne


    We will tame Sweden. Though they have Henrik Larsson who won’t be treating as a friendly. I doubt we need Ching at all, but give him the last 20mins to play. Might be 1 of his last few games since Cooper, Davies and Altidore are finally coming into a strike capable force.


  • jddjsjsjdd

    With Sweden bringing their C team and we using our C team players, Bradley should have brought in EJ. Surely he could score against Swedish players playing in scrappy Scandinavian clubs. Could have boosted his confidence and have him actually showing up to Cardiff to play.


  • LiarLiar

    Perkins training with Norwegian SF? You gotta be kidding me. They’re the world’s experts in arctic warfare. Supposedly 1 of the best special forces in the world besides the British/Australian/Israeli SF’s. Amazing


  • Tim A.

    it was nice to see one of these January camps without Landon in it. It should allow for a younger player to step into a similar roll to try and establish some depth at that position.


  • A.S.

    “Are you distraught by Marshall having to leave the camp?”

    Distraught? That seems a bit… over the top.


  • Henrik Høgholt Lønne

    What Perkins is doing is like a teambuilding thing, and I guess the Norwegian Special Forces do that for a little extra funding. These winter games don’t really count for that much. It mostly countries with long winter breaks who have them and its generally C-team that play, as a way of testing back-up players. So the results are in all ways irellavant.


  • jmac

    Geez, no Marshall. Is anyone else concerned about our depth at CB behind Onyewu and Bocanegra? None of the possibilities — Marshall, Calif, DeMerit, Parkhurst, Goodson — have had significant match time with anything close resembling our first team unit…. I hope in 2009 Bradley starts using Edu more at CB. Considering that Bradley plays the same position and the other CM options going forward in the short and long term (Kleijstan, Clark, Torres, Holden, Donovan, Adu, Mastroeni), is Edu best suited as CM in the national team setup??? Makes the Subotic betrayal more painful…


  • YankStuckInSweden

    Jmac, Dude we have it covered. Gooch and Boca are our star centerbacks. But Marshall and Parkhurst are getting better with time. Califf and DeMerit are already decent, though probably not the best during qualifying, but good at least at being subs i’d say. We have the depth needed, im positive of that.


  • jpc

    NORWEGIAN SPECIAL FORCES? I actually looked them up, and its a very elite unit of soldiers, here’s a training video I found


  • Mr. Derp

    I think Perkins has earned his spot as the #3. He should definitely be our #1 at this year’s Gold Cup.


  • V

    Why do we have a Gold Cup every 2 years? And why is the African Nations Cup every 2 years? It just seems more confusing. Which winner gets the invite to the following Confederations Cup? Just seems like a big waste. Every 4 years is good enough for the South Americans, Europeans and Asians.


  • MonDay

    Our GK pool







    Practically any MLS GK in the form of Busch, Seitz, Reis and tons more. We may not have any more world class type GK, but we certaintly have quality depth.


  • JohnTickle

    It’s just sorta laughable that a country’s special forces are gonna train with a professional football club. I couldn’t imagine DC United training with the Green Berets or LA Galaxy with Navy SEALs.

    Norwegian SF are known to be some of the world’s best special forces in counter terrorism and reconnaissance. They alongside Danish and Swedish SF have spent time in Afghanistan. Impressive since they’re usually more neutral type countries.


  • euroman

    I’m hearing Goodson will be a late add on about a week before Sweden. His ankle only needed a little more time.


  • Adam

    The longest sniper kill on record was taken by a Norwegian SF soldier in Afghanistan. Random Aside for the day.


  • el naranja

    V –

    CONCACAF and CAF have their championships every 2 years because a single championship doesn’t generate enough money to run their respective confederations. Hence why it is 2 years, and not 4, such as in UEFA.

    Also, in CONCACAF’s case, Warner is always in need of new female-escorts and more money to add to his bank account (why do you think the GC is in the US?)


  • Bob

    Yeah Perkins gets the nod for number 3 and if he pays real good attention to the Norwegian Special Forces, who knows, maybe something happens to Guzan and he is number 2.


  • Bob

    Hmmm was doing some research on the web and it looks like the Norwegian Special Forces specialize in goal keepers. They got a guy who can stop a ball shot from an Abrams tank, pretty cool.


  • roberto

    aren’t the italian SF supposed to be one of the best? anyone now about this?
    OK I think Eddie Robinson should be given more chances at CB ..I know 2008 wasnt a great year for him but I still like the guy,didnt he score against Sweden last year? and will Jeff Parke ever be given a chance at the Natl team?


  • Isaac

    I like the runs that John Thorrington for making and for a guy his age he brings a youthful spark to the attack. I wonder if Bradley will play him as a right wing, or right back. I also agree with the guy who said EJ should be in this camp. We know he can score goals but we just need him to get his confidence back and a camp like this could help him.


  • Jason

    Lot of CB injuries:

    Goodson, Gibbs, and Marshall. And now Franklin is tweaked too.

    Of the defenders, Marshall was who I wanted to see, though I saw Goodson may be rejoining, if he does, he’s a sure starter.


  • rednow.red4ever

    Guzan the number 2 over Hahnemann? I think that’s a mistake….I put Marcus 2, Guzan/Perkins 3…Guzan needs more time in the prem first (you know- actually starting n such)….


  • rednow.red4ever

    I know Bob seems to think Guzan a 2, so that’s y everyone is all over it…but i still don’t see how he has proven more than hype…currently i’d rather have perkins, hahnemann, and maybe one or two others over him….


  • siv

    americans train too fast. the pace is nervous, just like we play in big matches.
    TEMPO is a completely other idea, I don’t think we’ll ever be good until it is more well understood.


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