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USA vs. Mexico Countdown: Bradley calls in 20 for training camp

Sacha Kljestan 3 (ISIphotos.com)

U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley called in a 20-man training camp roster ahead of the U.S. team's World Cup qualifier against Mexico on Feb. 11.

The group is made up almost entirely of players who were part of the national team's January camp, with veteran right back Frankie Hejduk the new face in the mix. All but one (Charlie Davies) are currently MLS players so the training camp is in place to keep the group sharp ahead of the Mexico match since they are all currently out of season.

Here is the 20-man roster:

GOALKEEPERS: Jon Busch (Chicago Fire), Will Hesmer (Columbus Crew), Matt Pickens (Colorado Rapids)

DEFENDERS: Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew), Ugo Ihemelu (Colorado Rapids), Chris Wingert (Real Salt Lake), Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC)

MIDFIELDERS: Brian Carroll (Columbus Crew), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo), Eddie Gaven (Columbus Crew), Stuart Holden (Houston Dynamo), Jack Jewsbury (Kansas City Wizards), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew), John Thorrington (Chicago Fire)

FORWARDS: Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Kenny Cooper (FC Dallas), Charlie Davies (Hammarby IF), Chris Rolfe (Chicago Fire)

These players will train together at Home Depot Center in Carson, California in preparation for the World Cup qualifier vs. Mexico. The roster for the Mexico qualifier isn't likely to be known for at least another week, but more than half the roster could consist of European-based players.

What do you think of the group? Share your thoughts below.

  • Mark

    Have to feel confident about the US getting 3 points from this game, but Mexico isn’t going to roll over, and they have plenty of talent even with the injuries.

    I hope that Donovan has one of his vintage games against Mexico and flies around the attacking 3rd and causes all kinds of trouble for their back four. And Goochanegra finishes a set piece as they’re apt to do…

    If you can’t get excited for this one, you might as well drive yourself to the hospital cause there is something wrong with you.


  • casey

    1. It is inappropriate to mention Frankie Hejduk in the same sentence as some people. Eddie “you make me rich” Johnson is one of those people.

    2. If Frankie had played at WC 2006, at least one player on the picth would have given 100% and competed every game.

    3. If Marshall was healthy, almost all of the Crews American Starters would be in camp. That Sigi…


  • Aquaman

    At least Bradley is showing a lot more diversity to the players he brings into the mix than he did a year or two ago. These players may not play in the game, but at least Bradley isn’t looking at the same 20 players over and over again.


  • WK

    Quote: “Bruce Arena & Bob Bradley’s love affair with Frankie Hejduk baffles me. The guy his so overrated with his pace and loves to make ridiculous two-footed tackles. Not to mention his crossing is awful. The guy is my age and has no business even being in a camp for the Nats at this juncture.”

    Quote: “Buddle. In NO way should you insult Hejduk. he has been a ROCK in the back for the Red White and Blue. When the U.S. is in a situation where they need a steadfast player who can step up to the situation Hejduk was there. He stepped up against Mexico before 2006 and if the situation calls for it, he’ll be there again in on the 11th.”

    Agreed. Buddle fan, you’ve really no idea what you’re talking about (as is obvious from your nametag). i mean have you even watched hejduk play over the last two seasons? his game stopped being about just pace long ago– lazy web critics like you still harp on it mostly because he’s still one of the fittest players in the league.


  • Don

    The player list of teams is a clear indictment of DC United, LA Galaxy, NE Revs, NY Red Bulls, and San Jose. Not one player (with the possible exception of Donovan for LA) on this MLS based roster. Columbus has 5, Chi and HST 3 each, Colo and Chivas 2 each, and one each from RSL, TOR, KC, and DAL.


  • Tom R

    Glad to see Rogers in camp. He showed us a hint of what he can do and with proper mentoring he can have a break out year with the MNT (like he did in MLS).


  • TheUltra

    Ethan you’re 100% right, hejduk is the Man, and plays with heart even when he is over matched. It’s that Never say die attitude we need against these fence jumpers(i kid i kid) What other player would have a beer and sit with supporters when he’s out on a red??!

    Hejduk is the dude and bradley better abide and start him in front of the C-bus crowd.


  • metrostar 4 life

    this is a joke. plzzz bring in the europe-based guys. we couldn’t find better Americans in MLS? don’t get me wrong some of these guys deserve it but others…. not so much


  • kebzach

    I love reading comments from “fans” that honestly thought for a second that this was the roster that would take on Mexico. Awesome, awesome fans.


  • Scott A

    Does anyone know of a place/way to get a US jersey without spending half your paycheck?


  • Patrick

    You guys need to be patient with Rogers. This guy has a tremendous upside!! He can take on players and has impressive pace. Not many US players have this characteristic. I expect big things from him. Bradley needs to invest in him and often. As for Hejduk, he is the guy you want on your team that will leave everthing on the field. Wish we could inject some of that into the rest of the squad~!


  • BlueWhiteLion

    yeah, Scott, I do. Give me YOUR paycheck, and I will buy two.


    Sorry, other than that, I can’t help you.


  • BrianK


    Addressing your comment in an earlier post,…”[I]know we have a relatively easy time qualifying compared to Europe…”

    In response, I offer Group 2 of European qualifying group for WC 2010:

    Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Latvia, Luxemborg and Moldova

    We have got to get past this notion that Europe is the ‘be all, end all’ in world football. Look at the group above. One of those teams will definately be in Africa in 2010, maybe two,…

    I am not going to bash those national teams but please!


  • soccerroo


    You can try ebay. they had a freddy Adu jersey up for actuion(sp). Sometimes they have stuff on the cheap.


  • TimN

    I hate this roster. This is Mexico in the Hexagonal. We don’t want to be conceding a game of this importance to “give guys a look.”

    I think Bradley is well aware of this obvious dynamic, and my suspicion is that the only players that are likely to make the roster from this group are:

    Pickens- 2nd GK

    Hejduk D

    Kljestan MF

    Ching F

    Other possibles, and I stress POSSIBLES, would be:

    Wynne D

    Bornstein D

    Rogers MF

    Cooper F

    I think/hope we will see several guys dropped in the coming days, and Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, Oneywu, Cherondolo, Pearce, Bradley, etc. called in.


  • Robert

    Blanco is so much better player than all the USA team no matter is old …. but Sven is pendejo and dont call him !! hope Mexico shut up all the americans (including me) and win the game !! today at afternnon Sven will deliver the final list to face USA , I´ll keep you in the loop with the information


  • Maria

    Yeah we dont the boys from europe to beat such an easy team the players we have right now can handle those mexicans. if they want to loose badly and emberrassing we will need Donovan, Howard, Dempsy..

    So Go USA beat Mexico.


  • B.D. Forehand

    Are you people crazy???!!! Screw these scrubs and get the Euro based players in asap!! We need to win!! Howard, Altidore, Dempsey, Donovan, Gooch, Bradley, etc…


  • Hector Vasquez

    Come on this is Mexico again I know Bob Bradley has to feel ticked off knowing we tied back feb 6 2008, I was there and that game was very Hostile especially in the fans. He better bring in all the european guys. 🙂 GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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