Villarreal: Jozy isn't going anywhere

Villarreal: Jozy isn't going anywhere

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Villarreal: Jozy isn't going anywhere

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Just a day after reports surfaced about an Everton move for Jozy Altidore, Spanish club Villarreal has stepped forward to let it be known that the young American striker isn't going anywhere.

Villarreal manager Manuel Pellegrini made it clear that he intends to keep the 19-year-old striker around and still intends on using him in the second half of the La Liga season.

"The squad is prepared for the battles of the second part of the season," Pellegrini said. ''I have demanded the continuity of Altidore within our club, but the final decision lies with the directors."

Don't you love when a manager makes a statement like that, only to conclude it with the disclaimer that basically says he COULD be sold if the directors decide to sell him?

With a loan deal no longer in the works Altidore will compete for playing time with a loaded stable of forwards for the Spanish club that includes Giuseppe Rossi, Nihat Kahveci, Guillermo Franco and Joseba Llorente.

What do you think of Villarreal's decision? Happy to see him stay? Sad to not see him go to a club where he can play more?

Share your thoughts below.

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