Voting for Philly MLS team name officially begins

Voting for Philly MLS team name officially begins

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Voting for Philly MLS team name officially begins

PhillyGroundbreaking (AP) 

Okay Philadelphia MLS fans, it is time to vote.

The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News is hosting the official ballot to name the 2010 MLS franchise in Philadelphia. The four choices are the same ones revealed two weeks ago, along with a write-in category that voters can chose to select something different.

More than 3,600 votes were cast in SBI's informal poll on naming the Philly team, and it was a very close race. Philadelphia City won the SBI voting with 30 percent of the voting while AC Philadelphia (27 percent) and Philadelphia Union (26 percent) followed closely behind. Philadelphia SC drew the least support among SBI readers with just 14 percent of the vote. In case you missed my previous endorsement, I am sticking with Philadelphia City as my favorite choice for the name.

Now that you have had some time to digest the choices for a Philly team name which name do you think should be chosen? Which would get your vote today? Which would make you the least happy? What write-in vote do you see making some noise?

Share your thoughts on the Philadelphia MLS team name vote below.

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