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Adu: I am confident I will get chances

Freddy Adu (AP)


If Freddy Adu's own words are any indication of where the U.S. national team midfielder will be in the coming weeks and months then American fans can finally put their hatred towards Monaco head coach Ricardo aside.

On Monday, Adu made his first post in nearly two week's on his blog, 100% Freddy, and said that although he did not dress in last week's 2-1 loss to Lille, he is confident he will earn playing time in Monaco's future.

"I met with Ricardo and am confident that I will get chances over the next few months to show what I can do" said Adu through his blog.

Adu also touched on missing out of the United States World Cup qualifier against Mexico and says he considers not receiving a call-up a disappointment. But Adu states he is now motivated more than ever to prove his worth for both club and country.

Monaco hosts St Etienne on Sunday.

What do you think about Adu's comments? Think his words hold any water? Do you believe Ricardo? Still hate him for benching Adu all this time?

Share your thoughts below.

  • john

    his words hold as much water as the titanic.
    I don’t see him playing any sort of significant role in Monaco., I believe Benfica still has his rights and I think they’ll sell his butt come summer x-fer.


  • Cam

    I don’t believe anything until he actually steps on the field. Until that happens, I’m still under the belief that he should transfer somewhere else.


  • Modibo

    In two blog posts in a row, Adu mentions his disappointment at not being called up for the US-Mex qualifier. Hey, if NOT getting the call up sends a signal to him, and gets him into Ricardo’s office and lit up on the practice pitch, great. Maybe it will take frustration to motivate him. Funny Adu doesn’t really mention any other players on the team – I wonder if he’s actually made friends, and found an older player or players to shadow and learn from? Seems he could use that more than just negotiating with the coach, who may be concerned about how Adu’s time would play out in the locker room.


  • Gotham SC

    he shud jus go back with the u20s n play well in the tournamnet… atleast he wold be playing in competitive games, and with him on the team we might even win the whole thing… maybe then he could get a transfer to a league where he actually speaks the language


  • The Gentleman Masher

    I’d find it a little more encouraging if it wasn’t on the Monaco blog…where he could just be toeing the party line…


  • Michael Wright

    before this turns into a “adu dissapointment conversation” everyone please still remember how old he is and how much longer he still has left in his bright career


  • arkjayback

    Does anyone actually believe these are Freddy’s actual thoughts? Either Ricardo is lying to him, Freddy is lying to us, and/or Freddy is saying what they want him to say on the website.

    How Ricardo still has a job is beyond me. But I fully do not expect Adu to get any major minutes for Monaco this season.


  • jrnail23

    Well, he’s saying the right things publicly, but he doesn’t really have a choice. If he wants to get on the pitch, he HAS to say those things, otherwise, he’ll just piss off his coach even more.


  • Tfina

    I am fine…

    They treat me well…

    I have enough to eat and drink…

    I really wonder if he even writes this blog. And no, I am not buying until I see him on the field for more than one game


  • milkshake of despair

    That blog sounds 100% pure propaganda. My guess is someone in the PR department writes it, Freddy approves it and it then gets posted. The writing style just does not read like something he’d write. What a joke. And yes, it does tow the party line.

    Get him out of there asap. Almost anywhere where he could play consistantly would be better. Almost.


  • Jeff Darling

    There is obviously something wrong with this kid’s attitude. Otherwise he would be playing.


  • Matt

    You really think Freddy’s writing that? Or that Monaco would post anything he said that wasn’t pure vanilla?

    Come on, this is UK tabloid level stuff. Call him up and get a real quote.


  • goalscorer24

    Well if he met with the coach you hope there is something to it. But didn’t the coach say that he was going to play him before? Adu played well against Juventis, so why wouldn’t you play him. Is there a dislike because he is American? The only good thing is that perhaps this adversity, will force him to step up.


  • Matt

    I was under the impression that he’s been saying the same thing about upcoming playing time for a couple of months now. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but I don’t really have any reason to believe that he’ll suddenly start getting time. If he was on the cusp as his posts seem to indicate, then wouldn’t Ricardo try to get him some minutes at the end of games? As for friends at the club, in some interview a little while back he mentioned Jerko Leko and a couple other guys as friends on the team. Plus Camel Meriem came out in the paper a little while back stating he thought Adu would become a very good player in the future. I think he just doesn’t fit into Ricardo’s scheme. Sucks, but it happens.


  • BlueWhiteLion

    Freddy is doing the best he can (more or less) in taking on the positive outlook athletes must have. As a 19 yr. old he is learning a lot about responsibility and cultural and life change.

    I appreciate his words, but I do not make much of them. I will see for myself what happens. I wish him the best and enjoy watching him play, and despite his deficiencies (defense), I think he should be getting more chances to play. He is a good player. He needs to find the right fit.


  • Chase

    “How Ricardo still has a job is beyond me. But I fully do not expect Adu to get any major minutes for Monaco this season.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself…


  • SonicDeathMonkey

    “Everyone please still remember how old he is and how much longer he still has left in his bright career.”


    Most 24 year olds are further along at this point. 😉


  • Go Freddy

    Freddy is still one of the best young players in the world. The guy is 19 years old. He will definitely prove his worth if given the minutes and the chance to shine. He just needs to play on a team where he fits into the manager’s tactical plans.

    He is a unique player. He isn’t a striker, but still doesn’t play much defense. I think he needs a system where he has minimal defensive responsibilities. That is a possibility, but the problem is that guys who play in those positions have names like Ronaldinho or Messi.


  • madmax

    Who is more delusional, Freddy or the commentators who say sitting in Europe in street clothes is a great experience?

    Jozy, Freddy, Maurice, Heath, Beas, get out of there.


  • Communist

    mls is definetly not the answer as mls does not develop world class talnets. thats why are young players go to europe because europe does develop world clss talents. id rather him go to the j league than mls. Cooper, klejtan and wynne need to get out of they ever want to maximize thier potential. freddy sees better comptettion in reserve games that he would in mls.


  • Jason

    Monaco are 3 points above the drop zone.

    I don’t know many managers who go with youngster’s in a relegation fight.

    Adu’s only chances to play are:

    1) Monaco put some distance between themselves and the drop zone.
    2) Monaco get a new coach.


  • Turtle

    jason, obviously NOT playing Freddy hasn’t kept Monaco OUT of the relegation zone. maybe that’s why he will get more playing time…


  • Dude!

    What Mike Caramba said…

    Freddy has talent but none of his coaches like him for some reason. Is he playing in the wrong position? Maybe he should be converted to a wingback and become the next Roberto Carlos. Yeah I said it he will become the next Roberto Carlos.


  • Turtle

    e-mail the team. tell them you’ll buy a shirt if they play him or something. Myself, i called them idiots(i think that’s a really big insult in French – lol). got the contact off there English website. maybe someone will read it.



  • Alex

    COmmunist, the J league the galaxy just beat their champion, look many teams don’t have top flight talent, half the teams in the epl don’t have top flight talent, look at all the fuss about how the epl isn’t developing young english talent, and just importing it from other parts of the world. SO your comment is at the minimum biased and off base. Adu doesn’t play because he came in under because of the owner not the coach, he has to work twice as hard as the next guy and until he is willing to do that he will always be left out.


  • Heffe

    Adu needs to stop bouncing around clubs. Hopefully he will stay at Monaco and fight for a spot, but he will have to show why he needs more playing time. I wonder about Adu sometimes. He can play so well, especially when it comes to the MNT, but sometimes he is very disappointing on the club level. If he can earn his chance at the club level, start getting some regular time on the field, I think Adu can become a threat for the USMNT as well.


  • John Fish

    Do all of you guys really believe that Freddy either a) writes those himself without the assistance of Monaco’s PR department or b) shares his actualy thoughts and feelings? I mean, I am surprised by the number of reactions accusing Freddy of being delusional. What the F*** is he supposed to say? “I don’t know whats up with Ricardo? I don’t think he likes me and frankly I don’t think he’s much of a coach. In fact, Nowark made more sense than this a** clown…but f*** it, if he wants to field a boring, clueless, defensive oriented team that actually isn’t all that good defensively and certainly cannot string together any passes or generate any offense, please, keep benching. me…”

    To the extent that he is signing off on such positive remarks shows me that at least part of him gets it: keep working, don’t complain, defer to the coaches and stay positive. Isn’t that what we expect of our NFL and NBA guys over here?


  • MVK

    His rep is killing him, its a joke he wasnt on the roster for the Mexico game when Rogers is on that bench. He has produced at the national team level in his few caps. Last time he played for his club they tied a team much better than off a purely indivdually created play by him. Preformances in games are what matters, “We’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that? We’re talking about practice.” – AI

    With Spector playing again it should be no time until he is the starting LB for the NATS so we might actually put someone who can create (Adu or Torres) and free up Donovan and not let teams key in on Dempsey’s side.


  • LA Galaxy are out of this world?

    Poor Freddy, our hope — once, is he still? Perhaps the J League for him.

    All players need to learn to contribute to a team and stay within the coaches graces in a manner that gets them into the first team.

    What was Freddie’ mistake? Did playing in the MLS ruin him? Was he not as talented as we thought? Does he not have the same level of desire or skill as his teammates in Europe?

    Not coach does not play a player that can make the difference in winning, except for good reason. Coaches have to win.


  • Jamie Z.

    John Fish, there is no room for reasonable assessments on this blog forum. Please post somewhere else.

    Everybody else, please feel free to resume spouting off about blah blah blah blah Freddy blah blah….


  • MVK

    “To the extent that he is signing off on such positive remarks shows me that at least part of him gets it: keep working, don’t complain, defer to the coaches and stay positive. Isn’t that what we expect of our NFL and NBA guys over here? ”

    Said coach would have been fired already in the NFL or NBA….


  • Paul

    I tell my subs and reserves FIFA 09 that they’ll get playing time too.

    Adu +5 Morale,

    0 playing time.


  • Tom P

    Adu is our American football fascination. Sadly, he isn’t Europe’s as well.

    Go somewhere you can play regularly young man. Holland, Denmark, MLS anywhere!!!!


  • mike

    Its really unbelievable that this kid can’t get playing time. He is such a talented player. I am more upset about him not getting a call up against Mexico though. I expect it from Ricardo but Bob Bradley has to know that Adu is better than Robbie Rogers. That’s just a joke.


  • Scott A

    Communist, MLS is a stepping stone. Obviously if you want to be an elite talent you have to go to a bigger league, just like with any lower league like Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, etc. But to say it can’t develop very talented players is nonsense…what about McBride, Bocanegra, Beasley, Ryan Nelsen, Clint Dempsey and more???


  • DC Josh

    I’m glad to see he is driven to try and make the squad. But I also think he is just blogging to let everyone know what’s going on and get them to shut up about him.

    He needs to get out of there and to a team that really wants him. He’s such a good player.


  • Steve Rules

    Was it last year when the Nats played a trio of games against Spain, England and Argentina? What was everyone watching? How can anyone say he was not dangerous, if not effective when he got playing time? Whether he is playing on the first team or not, I’ll take him over DMB, who vcannot get time in an inferior league like the SPL…as long as I am on this rant, what does Ching offer that Jozy cannot? Oh wait, Ching offers no pace, and very few and far between moments of decentness..I am sorry, Ching will not produce on the big stage, and neither will players such Ricardo Clark, DMB, Pearce and especially Frankie!!

    Name two US players that match Freddy’s Creativity, on the ball skills, and vision… Checkmate!


  • Kyle Walsh

    yeah bitches, put freddy on! put him on! bull headed coaches+ american bias=ruining this kids career. This is the most important time for a little bitch like Freddy. No playing time +diminishing confidence=permanent complex. He’s better than 99% percent of the unimaginative soccer stiffs playing professional soccer in the world=he should be playing 99% percent of the time. The coach should play the remaining 1%. Thank yous.


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