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Beckham and Garnett shoot some hoop

Since we here at SBI are holding firm to the promise of not posting anymore Beckham transfer stories (until a transfer happens), and since some of you need your David Beckham fix, here is an alternative without any of the transfer speculation nonsense:

  • Joosetiger

    I don’t think golden balls made a peep during the whole video. A lil’ fraid is he? He’s a nancy after all. Props to KG on the off the roof shot, true originality.


  • Jacob A.

    The best part is when Garnett’s getting ready for one of his attempts and says “C’mon Kev”.


  • Fleece

    KG shouldn’t be surprised by Beckham’s shot. He knows that ANYTHING IS POSSSSSSIIIIBBBBLLLLEEEE!!!


  • phil

    kevin garnett is a big soccer fan. Thats why the mls needed someone like beckham, so that the big stars in american sports can meet the stars of soccer and raise the profile of soccer in the usa.


  • Neumannator

    I heard a rumor that Beckham was red carded toward the end of this competition for deliberately tripping KG while he laid on the ground.


  • ComoPark

    As a Minnesotan and a soccer fan, that made me smile. If only Boston would have thrown in Beckham’s hoops rights in the KG deal we’d at least have a reliable free throw shooter.


  • arkjayback

    That just makes me sad thinking about what Beckham could do in MLS. He has always been deadly accurate with the ball. It reminds me of the video where he kicked a ball on a par 3 golf hole and hit the stick.

    A guy that can control the ball had 1, count it, one solidary free kick goal in MLS play. They can say he was a true professional all they want, but Beckham not scoring on free kicks is like Ladainian Tomlinson never scoring touchdowns.


  • Rene

    this video reminds me of an article on fox soccer a few years back that listed our national team if we pulled players from other sports. KG was our starting GK.


  • jim b

    As much as we all hate Becks, you’ve gotta admit the dude has SERIOUS skill. Sidenote….god I hate him, Stay at Milan ya douche


  • Kakadinho

    That smile will be gone once he starts playing with players the like of Stefanie Miglioranzi.


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