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FIFA rejects Alvarez's El Salvador bid, accepts Maund's USA switch

Arturo Alvarez (ISIphotos.com) 

                                  Photo by ISIphotos.com

FIFA has rejected Artur Alvarez's bid to play for El Salvador while also accepting Notre Dame defender Aaron Maund's application for a switch from Trinidad & Tobago to the U.S. national team.

Maund applied for a switch of federations to the United States after having played for Trinidad & Tobago on the Under-17 level. FIFA's decision paves the way for Maund to play for the U.S. Under-20 national team in the upcoming CONCACAF Under-20 championships in Tobago.

Alvarez's bid to play for the Salvadoran national team was rejected on the basis that he was no longer eligible to switch national teams since he was older than 21 and had already represented the United States on the Under-20 national team level.

What do you think of these decisions? Surprised? Glad to see Alvarez back in the U.S. pool? Share your thoughts on these decisions below.

  • Goalscorer24

    It would be interesting to hear Alvarez’s thoughts. He seems to be frustrated that he has not gotten time with the US national team. But he has not really been consistent at the club level to start with.


  • arkjayback

    I feel bad for the guy. He could have played for ES at the international level, which would have made him better, and would have made the league better.

    With Beasley, Colin Clark, Jemal Johnson, Robbie Rogers, and possibly Convey again, its going to be incredibly tough Alvarez to play himself into the national team picture.


  • Lou

    He needs to toughen up and earn that spot, he is quick, young, and very skillful, if he applies himself he will have a good chance. Time to man up alvarez.


  • fenel

    I don’t know why alvarez is not US pool of players. I mean if they can call colin clark of the Rapids, Jack Jewsbury of the wizards, etc… into camps, then he should have definitely been called. He is much better than both players. I understand his frustration, but I’m glad that he remains an option for the US nats.


  • bubba

    Well, Arturo tried and it didn’t work out for him to play for El Salvador. Now it’s pretty simple I guess, he has to prove without a doubt that he should be in USMNT pool. I guess only time will tell what will happen with his career at the National level.


  • Ryan

    My feelings are that if Alvarez wants to play for the craptastic team of El Salvador, he should be able too. There is no chance he would ever play a meaningful game for the US anyway.


  • metrostar 4 life

    Glad they are back after all the MLS and US Youth leagues have done for alvarez, he shouldn’t be allowed to leave. Suck it up and fight for your right.. to play


  • milkshake of despair

    YA is reporting:

    “Freddy Adu will not dress for Monaco when his club plays host to AS Saint-Etienne on Sunday.”


  • biskethead

    Let Alvarez go. He probably will not make the USA team. El Salvador needs the help. The rich are getting richer…the pity is Alvarez will wind up playing for no one.


  • Brian

    I don’t feel bad for Alvarez. He knew the rules when he played for the US U20 team. The rules are meant to prevent nation shopping.


  • jpc

    I have always criticized US players who leave for other countries if they could be integral parts of our team. However, I don’t feel that Alvarez has been given a chance to show his ability in a US uniform, and probably won’t get that shot, so I do feel for him and wish he was able to play for El Salvador…

    Now that he is going to stay, I hope he reinvests in making the US squad, and he gets that shot, B/C when he is at his best, there are very few left sided players who are as exciting as he is to watch in the US in terms of speed, technical ability, and a direct style of play


  • Britton

    these players are idiots. how do you go from playing for one team in the youth pool and all of a sudden want to switch countries. talk about a lack of loyalty.


  • riggity

    just because he can only play for the US doesn’t mean I think he should…since he tried to switch countries as far as Im concerned he’s not in the player pool anymore…unless he becomes amazing which I don’t see happening


  • marksonm

    watching setanta, Maurice Edu is going to play for Rangers today i guess, so watch out for that.


  • marksonm

    first 22 minutes, edu mostly anonymous in a defensive role.

    had one chance to hit a cross in while unmarked, but fluffed it.

    one thing to note though is how freaking quiet the crowd is, its almost like a training session out there kind of quiet, you can hear all the players shouts to one another. I thought better of the SPL, both of these teams look like theyll never score, crosses and corners are continually off the mark, its amazing how bad both teams are playing right now.


  • marksonm

    you know what, im going back to sleep, Id rather watch an MLS game than this crap.

    these teams need to learn to play faster with the ball on the floor, its so messy out there.


  • Scott C.

    I don’t know that we’re that deep on the left hand side. After Beasley, there is definitely no obvious choice. Alvarez has got tons of skill, and has played decently in MLS, maybe a little inconsistent. Hopefully he has a good MLS season and gets another look from Bob.

    I don’t blame players from trying to switch; playing at the national team level for any country is good for their careers. I don’t think it’s necessarily a rejection of any one country. Otherwise, Brazil must be full of traitors 🙂


  • TR

    He should be able to play? They need some form of rule or too many players will switch sides when they aren’t getting time from a coach. He could have acted sooner. It is his fault he didn’t switch earlier.



    There is no magic to this decision. FIFA did exactly what it was supposed to based on its own rules. These decisions are by the book. I don’t know what ALvarez was thinking. It seems like he just shot himself in the foot about possibly playing for the US in the future.


  • brett

    i feel for alvarez… i like having him back in the player pool… i can understand his eagerness to want intl’ play to further and improve his career…


  • nico

    Rules are rules, but I think they need to be changed. If you played for any national team at any age level, you should not be allowed to change with few exceptions (eg political asylum, etc). Just my opinion.


  • Matt M

    I’m sorry. Isn’t this the guy that has yet to become a regular starter in MLS? How did he get to be the ANSWER?

    Never heard of Maund. Good luck to him.


  • Pablo P.

    I don’t think he is the answer Matt. He is projected to start for San Jose, albeit on the right side.

    I like his talent and welcome him back into the pool. I think Rogers, Jemal Johnson and a couple others are probably better bets on the left behind Beasley, but always love to see some competition.


  • Angel

    Lammetro, Alverez is not a prick it just that Roggen and Nowak are very dumb when it comes to pick players Alvarez, Orozco, Torres since the have Latinos last name if doesn’t sound to Americazine. So this is why he decided to go for a Country that he knew that he can get an opportunity to play even tho they might not make it to the World Cup. At least he didn’t to the same as Rossi, Sobutic or Castillo where they went to play with a team that might not even see any playing time.


  • Angel

    Yeah rule is a rule but he only play one game for the U20 and thats all, Fifa should of make and exception plus the USSF if the coach is not going to used him or get any call up for the National team should of just call fifa and try to help him go somewhere else. I think if he had play for the National Mens Team at least one game then that is a different story. But it was just one game and now what he is going to do. Anyway I hope Alverez get his act and head together and make a good season so he can get a callup in the future.. GOOD LUCK Amigo.


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