YWTC: The Best of the Donovan Voodoo Doll captions

YWTC: The Best of the Donovan Voodoo Doll captions

You Write the Caption

YWTC: The Best of the Donovan Voodoo Doll captions


                                                                                      Photo by Soccer By Ives

As you know by now, the voodoo dolls that Mexican fans were supposed to use to try and help Mexico beat the United States did not work. That's something that makes the most recent installment of You Write the Caption that more entertaining and satisfying for U.S. fans.

The above photo was taken before Wednesday night's game, and it showed Landon Donovan being shown one of the voodoo dolls. There were more than 200 entries for this YWTC but these were the ten I thought were the best.

Check them out and then vote on which you like the best. The winner will receive a free t-shirt courtesy of SBI sponsor Objectivo Apparel. Please remember to use the Promo Code IVES to get free shipping on all Objectivo orders.

Now, onto the Top 10 YWTC entries for the Landon Voodoo installment:

Hey Landon, you don't know me, but is there any chance you could do me a solid and bleed on this doll? (EUGENE T)

"Just show us on the doll where Oswaldo Sanchez tried to touch you" (BRANDON)

Hey! Jorge Campos! I haven't seen you in years… (AndrewDiceWay)

Donovan: Look no balls, shouldn't this doll be wearing a green uniform? (KIRE DCU)

So you guys are really scared of me, huh? (DCUfanTX)

Everything finally made sense after Donovan spotted the pin in Alexi Lalas' head. (MIKE CARAMBA)

"Do these come in AC Milan colors?" (JB)

"Hey, you wouldn't have one that looks like Luca Toni would you?" (Colin Johnson)

So that's what hundreds of Mexicans will be throwing at their TVs this week after another 2-0 loss?(STEVE)

Sure I remember Abel, we were teammates all last year. (ABEL)

Now it's your turn to vote for the best caption. The winner of the poll will receive that free t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel. Fire away:

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