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European Goal of the Week: Mascara's midfield blast

This past weekend saw plenty of memorable goals, from a few of the beauties in Atletico Madrid's win over Barcelona, to Matteo Brighi's finish for Roma vs. Inter Milan, but the leading candidate for goal of the week honors for the weekend's European soccer action probably has to go to Giuseppe Mascara's wonder goal from the midfield circle in Catania's 4-0 thrashing of Palermo.


What do you think of the goal? Great goal? Terrible goalkeeping? Share your thoughts on Mascara's goal and feel free to submit your own candidates in the comments section below.

  • Jared

    Sure, its amusing to see goals like this, but should blasting a shot just past the midfield line really be considered the “goal of the week”. It reminds me of half-court basketball shots that always make the highlight reel, but really don’t involve that much skill and more luck than anything. I’d take most any goal (other than a penalty) over this for goal of the week.


  • mike from linden

    i think thiss goal was one part lucky and one part bad goalkeeping


  • Danny

    Well, it happened in Italy so it was a GREAT goal. If that same thing happens in MLS (which it has) then it would be poor keeping.

    The logical analysis:

    Europe = Great

    MLS = Crappy


    Steven Cohen (speaking for Euro snobs everywhere)


  • Pico

    Che gol! Che gol! Non chi credo. Mascara e medio Maradona y Beckham!!! Funny

    I actually take Diego Forlan’s first goal against Barcelona and Henri’s first against Atletico.



  • Mike_D

    Carew’s goal against Stoke was pretty awesome. It’ll probably be in the goal of the year race for England. I’m pretty sure if Ronaldo scored it, the media would be waxing poetic about it into next week.


  • djking2

    It wasn’t til the third replay I could tell he caught that on the volley. It’s still fluke but hey nice goal.


  • Hopper

    “Che gol! Non ci credo!”

    Not sure how you can call that goal a fluke. He was clearly going for goal.


  • Dominghosa

    Jared, THANK YOU. I hate when half court shots make “play of the week.” give me a break. Though Devin Harris’ was pretty good.


  • Pico

    Actually Marcos Senna of Villarreal practices shots from midfield quite often and he scored a screamer against Betis (not much of a lob) to seal the team’s second place finish.

    He has come close once this year


  • brett

    it wasnt simply a half field shot like Parkhurst of Beckham… this was a 45+ yrd volley with pressure around….

    it was an amazing goal…. goal of the week?? perhaps simply on the rarity of the goal itself…


  • Chase

    Amazing goal, though as someone else said Henry and Forlan had a couple of amazing golazos in the game of the week…


  • Ryan

    Goal of Week is a good category Ives, but why not rock out a Messi’s Goal of the Month?! Dollars to donuts they’ll bet the Goal of the Week 4 out 5 times.


  • PetedeLA

    Are you guys crazy? That was an amazing goal! All goals are the result of some kind of defensive mistake. Are you guys really trying to say it was easy?


  • sg

    pico, it’s not spanish.

    “non ci credo, mascara meglio di maradona e beckham”


  • metrostar 4 life

    crappy goalkeeping, great alertness by mascara, therefore great goal


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