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Friedel wins red card appeal, won't miss Man Utd match

Brad Friedel (ISI Photos) 

Aston Villa goalkeeper and American legend Brad Friedel won his appeal of the red card he was issued during Aston Villa's 5-0 thrashing vs. Liverpool. With the red card now rescinded, Friedel should be in goal for Villa when they take on Manchester United in two weeks.

The red card also threatened to snap Friedel streak of consecutive EPL games played, which goes back to 2004. Now that Friedel won't be suspended, American back-up Brad Guzan will stay on the bench. Guzan is expected to start for the United States in World Cup qualifying against El Salvado in place of suspended goalkeeper Tim Howard.

What do you think of the decision? Think it was fair of the FA to rescind the red card? Disappointed Brad Guzan won't get to face Manchester United in two weeks? Wondering if, and when Brad Friedel will come back to MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Robert

    Good for Friedel. Too bad for Guzan. At least he got some playing time in the Liverpool game ahead of the WCQ. Friedel should come back… Philly maybe?


  • Jim

    From what I saw of the play it certainly seems fair. I love Friedel, but I have to admit I was excited to see Brad Jr. step into the fire.


  • sublicon

    Good decision. Very fair. Sort of disappointed. Nope, not wondering if he comes back…it’d be cool, tho.


  • Northzax

    Yet more evidence of how the FA favors manutd, obviously.
    From what I saw of the play, if this appeal wasn’t granted, the bar is so high that further appeals by almost anyone are a waste of time.


  • jh

    From Aston Villa’s standpoint, I’m not so sure, given his recent form, that Friedel facing ManU is a good thing; although the Red Devils haven’t looked so hot lately, either.


  • beckster

    From my experience, I have found that it is pretty tough in the EPL to get a red card overturned. Great news for Friedel and Villa. I’m really glad that he will be able to continue his “streak”. Guzan should be loaned out. I’m not sure why that hasn’t happened.


  • Anthony

    The keeper was going for the ball. I know the rules of the game forced the ref to give the red card in this situation, but I still think that’s extremely harsh for the situation (especially as there was no time for Friedel to change his angle/approach on getting to the ball once it was kicked away). I’m glad he gets to return to play so quickly.


  • Marc Silverstein

    Brad was late, took a poor angle, but was ducking down out of the way, ain’t no way that was worthy of red…


  • KCB

    Good for Villa and good for US. Though I wonder if Bradley could have called in Friedel if the decision stood?


  • Mercurius100

    First EPL start for Guzan against a mad and fairly desperate ManU? He might never be able to play soccer again. If only it had been West Brom.


  • ko'd

    KCB,my apologies for being blunt, but the idea that Friedel would have been called in is borderline ludicrous.


  • kevinjohnson

    Friedel and Keller are LEGENDS. Let the new guys get a chance. Howard has been waiting in the wings for years and is no doubt as our no.1 for years to come and Guzan is steadily improving.

    Hahnemann should have been getting a look out several years ago.

    Also guys like Tim Perkins and Luis Robles should be in consideration as possible standbys.


  • wykell

    Now, forgive me if I go a bit far in this, but logically, if the FA panel agreed with the appeal, meaning no red card should have been given (and I agree that decision is correct), it means the referee made the wrong call. Watching that specific play (I am a goalkeeper and referee myself), if it’s not a red card, it isn’t even a foul against Friedal, meaning the goal from the PK should be disallowed as well (this year it COULD come to goal differential as to who wins the title), and Torres should receive a post-facto yellow card for unsportsmanlike behavior (for simulation, aka diving). That’s just my thought. However, I’m just happy to see that horrible call overturned, and Friedal gets to continue his streak.


  • jeffe

    Guzan’s 1st premiership moments, facing a penalty from steven f’n gerard. has to be story in there somewhere ives. i’d love to read the interview.


  • Marc Silverstein

    Wykell: no the goals stands, Torres gets nothing. While it was a bad call, I’ve seen way worse. Just call me…a referee x 25 years. By the way, there clearly was contact with Torres, but Torres and his momentum took him into Brad, not the other way around.


  • wykell

    @marc – I know, but I’m a Man U fan, and I’m trying to stretch a bit…

    @kevinjohnson – did you just Google “American Soccer Goalkeepers” or something? I grew up playing for the same club as Robles, and while I don’t follow him any more, to think he might stand a chance as being on the MNT makes me really frightened.


  • Cy

    Its a terrible decision. Yes it was too bad he got the red, but the referee had no choice. He denied an obvious goal scoring opportunity. He must be sent off and suspended at least one match.


  • Scott A

    Seems fair. I’m curious, how often are penalties given because of fouls committed by goalkeepers but no red/yellow card given?


  • MikeD

    I’m sure most Manchester United fans are pissed. Many of them think Friedel has some sort of hex over them as he’s had some great performances to deny them in recent years.


  • northzax

    guys, Brad Friedel retired from international play several years ago, and hasn’t been a regular since 2002, he’s not coming back. I also don’t see him in MLS, why would he? he can still obviously play at the EPL level, he has no hometown team to come play for (like Keller did) he has his academy in Ohio to pay attention to as well. he’s 37. I figure he plays another year at Villa Park, then retires as Guzan is theoretically ready to take over in the Fall of 2010. Friedel will probably more directly into managing, either his academy or at an English side.


  • northzax

    and yes, I know he could go back to Columbus, but do you really see the Crew getting rid of Hesmer for a year or two of Friedel?


  • Mark

    I’m glad Friedel’s record streak won’t be broken.

    I’d rather see Friedel’s consecutive appearances streak continue than see Guzan in goal.

    Where is the appreciation for history, folks? Brad Friedel has set a record that he’s continuing to pad…and it may never be broken. How often do Premiership players appear in every game of every season for 5 straight seasons? Not often at all.


  • familyguy

    Brad Friedel is 1 of the best GK’s to have ever played in the Premier League. Look at Blackburn, he’s a GOD there. They are close to being relegated without him. I’m glad he made the move to a bigger club and praying he gets some CL football next season.

    Guzan will get his chance soon. IF AV play CL next season, than most likely Guzan will have several more league games.


  • isawamericansfarting

    Howard no.1
    Guzan no.2
    Hahnemann no.3
    Perkins no.4
    Robles no.5

    Howard is our no.1 for years to come. Guzan is a solid but improving backup. Hahnemann is also a possibility for no.2. Perkins is a possible standby keeper. Robles has a bright future and if he can get on a Bundesliga team than i can see him getting the no.3 role for us in 2014


  • William

    Funny thing about Brad and red cards. I was watching a WCQ in…um…maybe…1996 or 1997, and he was given a red against Costa Rica (I think). A minute later he was given a yellow instead as an AR said he saw the infraction in question and that it wasn’t a red.

    I want to say he handled the ball outside the box. Anyone remember this?


  • Martin Blank

    Would love to have seen Guzan get the chance, but as a Liverpool fan I was a a bit unnerved by the idea of pinning our hopes on him to shut down United. Friedel has been a thorn in their side for years, and I hope he is again.

    C’mon you Reds!


  • CSD

    Just saw the play he deserved the red. He fell into Torres’s path and tackled him. If he had wanted to get out of the way he would have gone the other way. It didn’t look like he made any play on the ball and he clearly obstructed the player that had a clear path to the goal.

    It is nice to see an American player in Europe get a call reserved out of respect but I think the ref made the right decision.


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