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The SBI Questions: Ask Joe Cannon

Joe Cannon 2 (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                         Photo by ISIphotos.com

After having three representatives of the Eastern Conference take part in The SBI Questions, and three head coaches/technical directors to boot, it was time to find a West Coast-based player to participate. We found just the right man for the job.

San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Joe Cannon has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind and he has agree to take part in The SBI Questions. For those of you unfamiliar, SBI readers are given the opportunity to submit questions to the subject, SBI selects the best questions and has the subject answer them in an interview. The anwers will then be posted later in the week.

Want to ask Cannon about his time with the Galaxy? His three years with Colorado? The time he spent with French club Lens? Post your questions for Cannon in the comments section below and we will select the best and ask Cannon to give his answers, which will be posted later this week.

Submit your questions below.

  • Jimmy Bobo

    Joe, What went wrong in France? I really thought you would do well in the French League and you came back to MLS quickly. What the hey?


  • defnin

    Joe, where do you think you stand in the US MNT depth chart? And who should Bob pick to be #2 and #3 behind Tim Howard right now?


  • jloome

    How do you think players view the upcoming collective barganining agreement negotiations, with respect to potential salary cap increases?

    How do you expect continued expansion to affect the league’s level of play?


  • mexicanbluefish


    What are the subtle, possible imperceptible differences between good goalkeepers, great goalkeepers and the best goalkeepers?



  • Geoff


    I was wondering how you found your time playing in France? What did you learn and did you enjoy it? Thanks for taking the time!


  • gel65

    Joe,who was your favorite goalie and biggest influence while growing up learning the goalie position?Also,just want to say thank you for the year with the Galaxy,it would have been even worse if you werent there to save us time after time,thanks for your efforts they were greatly appreciated.


  • Mike from Baltimore


    Why do you think you haven’t gotten more opportunities abroad and/or with the National team?


  • sean monaghan

    Amazing guy,glad people still speak there mind still today, joe cannon is top class.

    My question though: Joe,

    who are three guys on the galaxy you still remain very close to?


  • Mark


    When you and Scott Garlick had a war of words (I hesitate to call it that but for lack a better term I’ll use it) in the media over who would be the starting keeper when you arrived in Colorado. Had you thought up your response to his Joe Cannon/Joe Bazooka comment ahead of time, or was that off the cuff? Either way it was a classic. Scott Pepper or Scott Salt, well played…




  • Bob


    Had LA kept you last year. Would they have made the playoffs? I say yes, thats how good you are.

    Also, what do you think about lalas??


  • yalalaa

    What’s your favorite beer and what’s your favorite cocktail?

    I’ve heard all your answers to soccer questions before. 😉


  • Steve B


    What is your relationship with Frank Yallop like? Obviously, he thinks highly of your ability, bringing you to San Jose with him.


  • Squard

    How many times have smart-ass comments gotten you in trouble? I’m sure there’s got to be more than one.


  • Erik Abarca

    Joe, thanks for taking the time to answer questions. When San Jose declined to pick up your contract option, how upset were you, if at all. Some media outlets said that there was a love/hate relationship going on with the SJ front office. What was the first thing that came in to mind. I believe you were in the same situation in the 2002/2003 off season and at that time you left to France. What other options did you look at? Were there any serious inquires abroad? Someone in the media said Scandanavia, any truth to that? Thanks again ,Erik


  • Mr. Derp

    What’s up Joe? Thanks for taking the time. Is it common pitch etiquette for the keepers to switch jerseys with each other after a big match, or is it a free-for-all like with the field players?


  • Scott A

    Hey Joe. I read that your father is Canadian. Do you have any relatives who get to/will get to see your visits to Toronto or Vancouver?


  • megs

    How well are the new elements of the Quakes fitting in? What’s the team chemistry like?


  • riddle38

    From Cameron Rast at Santa Clara University to Kinear to Yallop in MLS, you’ve played for many great coaches? What are the qualities that make those coaches so successful?


  • Mike D

    Hey Joe — do you think you ever got a fair shot with the national team? I was at the Wales game at Spartan Stadium and talked to you afterwards and you seemed confused/pissed about it (as was I!). Also, this is the more important question — I was sitting about five rows behind the bench and I want to know if you heard the ‘We Want Joe!’ chant that I started? If so, did you look at Bruce for an answer?


  • Original Aaron

    Do you have any idea how much longer you plan to play? And how do you think you will know when it is time to retire? Do you just set an arbitrary age? Or do you sit down and talk with your family every season? Or what?


  • Jimi Hendrix

    hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun of yours?
    hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?

    seriously though what happened with Ronnie O’Brien? he was one of my favorite Quakes…


  • SJQuakesFan81


    What is the latest on the Earthquakes Stadium project? Go Quakes and Go Broncos!

    “You’ll Never Beat Joe Cannon…”


  • vasco

    Waht was it like in France, and our you upset you never got game time to prove yourelf.


  • Alex

    Joe, why is it that everytime someone who is or isn’t associated with MLS bashes the league none of the players stick up for themselves or the league? If the league does implement most of the changes that the players and fans want to see like single table, higher salary cap, larger rosters, higher starting pay etc.etc. how will that change the on field product in the short run?


  • DC Josh

    Joe, how much can you bench?

    What back four would you dream to play behind? (no sexual innuendo intended)

    Come to DC!!


  • madmax

    Joe, there is so much poor finishing in MLS and particularly San Jose, what can the coaches do to improve this part of the game, and could a Keeper such as yourself come up with some ideas and drills?

    One suggestion might be to watch the Barca 6 goal video here at SBI.


  • Joe Quake


    Was there ever any bitterness with the way the Quakes handled your contract situation this offseason?

    Keep up the good work.


  • Rashid

    Hey Joe, as a Galaxy fan I thought one of the dumbest things we have done in the last few years (yes, I know there is a lot to be upset about) was letting you go. All in all I feel as if you kept us in the race for the playoffs due to your keeping.

    My question is: If you could go back, what team or teams do you wish you could have played for? Or are you completely happy with the path your career has taken?

    Also, what do you think of the of the current USMNT keepers?


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