UEFA Champions League: Round of 16 (Second Leg) Preview

UEFA Champions League: Round of 16 (Second Leg) Preview

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UEFA Champions League: Round of 16 (Second Leg) Preview


English Premier League teams will look to go a perfect 4-0 in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League this week as three EPL clubs take leads into their second-leg match-ups.

Chelsea must travel to Turin to face Juventus, with a one-goal lead the cushion the Blues enjoy after the first leg. Liverpool is in control of its series vs. Real Madrid, coming home to Anfield with a one-goal advantage in a match that will air on ESPN on Tuesday (apologies for the incorrect ESPN schedule change information).

While those match-ups highlight Tuesday's Round of 16 offerings, Wednesday's marquee is filled by the Manchester United-Inter Milan showdown. The teams finished scoreless in the first leg, but now Manchester United returns to Old Trafford looking to pounce on a short-handed Inter Milan defense (Many will also be happy to know that ESPN2 will now be showing this match live, this change has been confirmed). In another England-Italy match-up, Asenal takes a 1-0 lead to Rome where Francesco Totti and AS Roma awaits.

Here is a rundown of this week's UEFA Champions League TV schedule (the ESPN games have all been confirmed with the network as being the new scheduled games so please STOP referencing the old schedule). Make your plans accordingly:


3:30pm– ESPN/ESPN360- Real Madrid at Liverpool (Liverpool won first leg, 1-0)

3:30pm– Setanta USA/ESPN360- Chelsea at Juventus (Chelsea won first leg, 1-0)

3:45pm– ESPN360- Sporting Lisbon at Bayern Munich (Bayern won first leg, 5-0)

3:45pm– ESPN360- Villarreal at Panathanaikos (first leg finished tied, 1-1)

6pm- ESPN Classic– Chelsea at Juventus

6:30pm– Setanta USA- Panathanaikos at Villarreal

8:15pm– Setanta USA- Chelsea at Juventus

10pm– Setanta USA- Sporting Lisbon at Bayern Munich


3:30pm– ESPN2/ESPN360- Inter Milan at Manchester United (first leg finished tied, 0-0)

3:30pm– ESPN DeportesESPN360- Lyon at Barcelona (first leg finished tied, 1-1)

3:45pm– Setanta USA/ESPN360- Arsenal at AS Roma (Arsenal won first leg, 1-0)

3:45pm– ESPN360- Atletico Madrid at FC Porto (first leg finished tied, 2-2)

6pm– ESPN Classic- Lyon at Barcelona

6:30pm– Setanta USA- Lyon at Barcelona

8:15pm– Setanta USA- Arsenal at Roma

10pm– Setanta USA- Atletico Madrid at FC Porto


What do I see happening this week? I see the following eight teams going through to the quarterfinals: Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Villarreal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid. I could see either Roma or Juventus turning their series around, but I see the quarterfinals consisting of four EPL teams, three La Liga teams and Bayern Munich (apologies for the sketchy math earlier).

What do you see happening this week in UEFA Champions League? Which match are you most looking forward to? Who do you see turning in a superstar performance?

Share your thoughts below.

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