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USMNT calls in Bornstein, Hahnemann leaves camp

Jonathan Bornstein (ISIphotos.com) 

                                   Photo by ISIphotos.com

The U.S. men's national team has called in defender Jonathan Bornstein ahead of its World Cup qualifier against Trinidad & Tobago on Wednesday. Also, goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann has left camp and returned to England.

The Bornstein call-up comes on the heels of a thoroughly disappointing performance by both left fullback Heath Pearce and left winger DaMarcus Beasley in the U.S. team's 2-2 vs. El Salvador on Saturday. Bornstein arrival could mean that he earns a start after not initially being called into camp. The U.S. team's other option at left back is Jonathan Spector, who is probably the safer bet to start, with Bornstein a left back/left wing option off the bench.

What do you think of this news? Releaved? Surprised? Disappointed? Ecstatic? Who do you want to see start at left back? Spector? Bornstein? Beasley?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Matt

    I think Altidore needs to get a start up top. I appreciate what Ching can and can’t do and what he can’t do is make any difference when the rest of the team isn’t firing on all cylinders. I think his hold up play right now is better than Jozy’s, but Jozy is better at just about everything else. I’d give Jozy the chance to improve in that one area while also feeling like he has the potential to actually finish a good opportunity that may come his way. Should his back to goal play be killing the team Bob can sub him out at half time. Beasley sucked and hasn’t impressed me for the past several months…really since the 06 world cup (where he was no good) I have been seriously underwhelmed. I think Torres can play on the left, but he’s not a true wide player like Beasely is. How is Bornstein there? Torres could play there, but the tactics would have to be adjusted. I’d really like Rogers to start showing he’s capable of seeing time there.

    Boca’s alright in the middle when he’s mostly covering Onyewu. But when he’s trying to step up and break up plays I think he’s weak, like the other night. It’d be interesting to see him on the left, but another poster suggested he’s really a stay at home back at Rennes, which obviously wouldn’t fit into Bob’s system. Cant have two players on the left, neither of which get forward (would at least require Donovan pulling out wide left all the time, which isn’t his strong point), so I’d at least like to see Spector. Bornstein is a defensive liability, he has no clue how to actually defend at this level.

    I think Torres and Bradley should play in the middle as they’re somewhat similar in that both can get up and down the pitch, although Torres is more used to a holding role I think. His passing is much better than Kljestan’s, although Kljestan is more athletic and I think a bit more dangerous going forward (although Torres has a monster shot from distance). I think he’ll keep the ball moving and won’t be a black hole in the middle like Kljestan is when he’s having a bad game.

    I don’t think we should change our formation from a 4-4-1-1/4-4-2/4-5-1 variant. It changes all sorts of things, like patterns of play and would possibly make us much less effective going forward. Also, a 4-3-3 has three central mids, I’ve never seen it with 3 mids spread across the field because that doesn’t make any sense (width comes from backs and wingers, one central mid would allow the other team to run straight through you every time). Sorry, just a total pet peeve as I like the 4-3-3.


  • sean monaghan

    Best post of the day

    “Orozco never gets beat”

    wheres he playing again? I think if he “never” gets beat he would be somewhere a little better.


  • Steve

    I’m not the biggest Bornstein fan, but he is probably more of a LB than either Orozco or Parkhurst – both of whom I like as CB’s. That being said, I’d like to see Spector get a shot. I’ve said this a couple of times, but I’d like to see (and think we might):







  • Geoff

    I like how David and Patrick are thinking about the backline (Bocanegra and Orozco out left), but I want to see Spector out on the left; He’s the best option in the current squad. I’ve seen him in several matches for West Ham (always out right, though) and he’s solid. If he has actually played some LM for West Ham then I think it’s a no-brainer.

    Long term, I don’t want to see Bocanegra out left, because we don’t need or want a “stay at home” left back. He just doesn’t have the pace or stamina to play out there for us.

    Very nice post, by the way, arena futbol.


  • Colin Ferguson


    Call me crazy, but…

    -Dempsey plays on the left for Fulham. He also has a laser-rocket shot when he’s cutting inside.

    -T&T’s right sided attack is speedy, so is Bornstein. Dempsey will seldom get caught high up on the wing since he’ll be cutting inside, plus MB will be cheating to that side to stop fast breaks (this is his job and why he gets cards, stop bitching, he’s head and shoulders above our other cm’s)

    -I’ve seen Spector play that RB role for West Ham a few times and saw him deliver some quality balls as well as lock down defensively. With him and Donovan providing the service into T&T’s weak side, goals should be scored.

    *Added bonus of RB Spector: he will not get beat in the air by a little bean and give up a goal.


  • Brian


    Orozco is primarily a CB

    Bornstein was called in for cover on the left (LB and LM). I don’t understand what the problem is.

    Bornstein was a good option on 2 days notice because he’s familiar with his teammates and he’s played internationally before.


  • Dudinho

    @ sean monaghan Dude seriously how much Soccer do you watch. Orozco Plays in the mexican league one of it not the top league in the AMERICAS. He played Copa libertadores and i believe even scored. Copa libertadores is the second biggest club tournament behind Champions League. I guess playing in a better league than MLS isnt good enough. So some how bornstein has one good game in a rather crappy Copa america tourney two years ago and i miles ahead.


  • Richard

    Orozco and Spector deserve playing time, but preferably at the positions they are most accustomed to playing (i.e. NOT at left back). As someone who actually follows Chivas USA on a weekly basis, I truly believe Jonny B is the USA’s best left back option. (At his peak form, he is much better than Pearce.) Let’s hope Bornstein’s dominating performance against Dallas this past Sunday signals a return to his 2007 form.

    Bornstein haters are like Ching haters–> they don’t notice the little things these individuals do game in, game out to help their teams win on the field.


  • sean monaghan

    Dudinho how much soccer do I watch?Considering Ive been watch Soccer since birth (18 years) religiously,Im going to go with ALOT more tha you have. What part of Orozco isnt a left back do you not get?

    Playing for San Luis isnt much of an achievement, Bornstein (and Spector) both have more caps than Orozco (hmmm I wonder why…)

    Perhaps you should think before you speak.


  • Scott in Houston

    I might have missed it, but has anyone suggested that Kenny Cooper play left fullback? There are some fans, you know who you are, who want Cooper be on the field sooooooo badly…. But frankly, would it be that much of a drop off from what we saw out of Pearce and Beasley?


  • JB

    Bornstein contributes more to the attack than Pearce does. I also think starting him would allow the team to utilize Torres or Dempsey at left wing over Beasley.


  • Tom R

    He has called in Bornstein, now he needs to call in Rogers. Beasley needs to get a message.


  • ThaDeuce

    “Fire Bradley, hire Roy Hodgson.”

    Posted by: adam | March 30, 2009 at 05:38 PM


  • CaliNick23

    Orozco doesn’t play leftback. He is a natural centerback. I’m not sure if he is even left footed-which you dont I know you don’t have to be.

    It would be intresting playing him as our 3-4 opition at centerback, or maybe Marshall.

    Either way Orozco has been playing well and deserves to be called up I watch and know the Mexican league. Where I live it pretty much expected if you are mexcian that you watch this league.


  • ThaDeuce

    ” Maybe if we throw Donovan in at LB he’ll actually get involved in the play.” Touche`


  • ThaDeuce

    “Also, a 4-3-3 has three central mids, I’ve never seen it with 3 mids spread across the field because that doesn’t make any sense (width comes from backs and wingers, one central mid would allow the other team to run straight through you every time). Sorry, just a total pet peeve as I like the 4-3-3.”

    Like this?




    … I like Colin Ferguson’s 4-4-2. For some reason it gives me comfort, maybe just the way he explained himself but:



  • Matt

    >QUOTE: my guess is that Hahnemann is done with the national team

    No, he’s still the #3 keeper… that’s why he was sent back.

    Howard’s suspension is over so he will start with Guzan as the backup… there is no reason to have a third keeper on the roster for this next game so it only makes sense to send him back to his club and bring in another field player.


  • Goalscorer24

    If coach Bradley starts Bornstein over Spector, then I think it is favortism for players that have played under him before, and he has to go! Doubley so if he starts Klejstan over Torres.


  • run

    I suggested Donovan on the wing because I just don’t think you can trust him in the half-striker role…you never know which Donovan is going to show up. He drifts in and out of matches; that won’t kill you on the wing but it’s just won’t work in the middle.


  • seed.planted

    you guys are missing the point. how was spector not starting in the first game? was he injured in training? pearce should not even be dressing.


  • Jags98

    BB is going with the favs, its just like college coaches. Results only, does not care to bring someone along or develop. Only wins, which means conservative non-creative soccer for fear of being scored on. He is thinking about his job, not how they play. Look at the difference in his post interview compared to a post interview of an NFL coach playing at Green Bay. The point is, attitude.

    The sad news is, our guys are professionals that can only play one position. Watch close and you will see how many can not or will not even attempt to use their left.


  • Matt

    tha deuce, watch barca play. Or any other team that uses a 4-3-3. It’s not common for 3 midfielders to line up in a straight line. Usually you’ll have a ‘triangle’ or ‘inverted triangle’ in the middle. Something like Torres and Dempsey sitting in front of Mastroeni/Bradley in your diagram. Except that Dempsey is more of a wide player than a central mid. Remember the U20s last WC? Bradley and Adu in front of Szetela (inverted triangle) or Adu in front of Bradley and Szetela (triangle).

    So no, not at all the way you drew it up. Plus Jozy is not a winger. Don’t see him being very good out there.


  • Dudinho

    @ sean monaghan

    Easy there tough guy. Like I said it seems you dont watch Much Football outside the EPL and MLS.


  • Rich

    I predicted dreck in ES, and that is exactly what we got. I think BB plays for the road point. There were no good raod performances in the last round of quaifying because we just don’t play well on the road.

    I expect better against TT, because we play more attacking at home.

    Here is what I would like to see:

    Altidore Ching

    Dempsey Bradley Donovan


    Spector Boca Gooch Heydude


  • ThaDeuce

    cool thanx matt.

    I absolutely love that Bradley has mixed it up for this line up!!! Although no Spector or Torres starting yet, but at least there is no pearce or klejstan starting either!


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