Where in the world is Fredy Montero?

Where in the world is Fredy Montero?

MLS- Seattle Sounders

Where in the world is Fredy Montero?

FredyMontero (AP) 

The Seattle Sounders are a week away from their first game as a Major League Soccer expansion team and the sell-out crowd at Qwest Field for the season opener vs. New York is expected to enjoy an unforgettable night.

Unfortunately, Colombian striker Fredy Montero may not be there.

The Seattle Sounders' leading forward has left the club to return to South America, where reports say he is dealing with contract issues. Now, this might not normally be a cause for concern, but it becomes one when you consider that Seattle doesn't list Montero on the team's website.(I've gotten conflicting accounts on whether he was ever there before or not).


Now, this may be nothing (The Seattle Times is reporting that Montero is expected back on Friday), or it may be the collapse of what some league observers had questioned as a deal that seemed too good to be true. Montero was one of the best young goal-scoring prospects in South America before his surprising deal to join Seattle. The deal looked even more unbelievable last week when MLS salaries were released and Montero was listed as making just $155,000.

What do you think is going on? Does Montero want more money? Did his agents misinform him about how much he was going to make? Is everything fine and Seattle is just trying to play head games?

Share your thoughts below.

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