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Edu handed perfect opportunity to shine

Maurice Edu (Reuters) 

Maurice Edu has spent the better part of the Scottish Premier League season on the bench, biding his time and waiting for a chance to prove that he is worthy of a larger role with Rangers. That chance has come after a strange series of events cost a team leader his place, leaving the door open for Edu to capitalize.

When Barry Ferguson joined Scotland teammate Allen McGregor in not only going on a drinking binge after a World Cup qualifier with Scotland, but also making mocking signals from the Scotland bench during its subseqent qualifier, he was immediately banned for life from Scotland and placed on the transfer list by Rangers.

Enter Edu, who will go into today's match against St. Mirren with a chance to make a central midfield job his own.

If Edu can thrive and keep a place, it could bode well not only for his future at Rangers, but also his prospects of developing a more important role with the U.S. national team during what will be a very busy and important summer.

What do you think of Edu's situation? Do you like his chances of grabbing a starting role? Think his time at Rangers won't last too much longer? See him making a move elsewhere this summer, or can you see him becoming a regular at Rangers?

Share your thoughts below.

  • WK

    beasley subbed off in the 15th minute. hope it wasn’t one of those leg breaking tackles somebody mentioned.


  • cf

    At the half on Gers website Beasley is reported as being sent to hospital after being taken out during the 6th minute.


  • Rory

    Andy Dorman (another former MLSer) scored for St. Mirren in the 56th…2-1 Rangers


  • JDavids

    I think Edu (if he gets more playing time and experience) would be the perfect to accompany Bradley in the midfield if we were to run a 4-4-2 like we did vs. T&T. With Landon and Dempsey on the wings, anyone disagree?


  • Jim

    Ha Sean, I am glad you feel obligated to write these inspired comments in every thread.


  • Barry U

    MO scored!! Beas got hurt. Andy Dorman scored. Heck of a day for former MLS guys in that game. Hope Beas is alright.


  • KenC

    Is the “v sign” a Scotch thing, or is it all over the UK? I mean, I know about the two fingers up, which comes from the Battle of Agincourt, but a peace sign, I thought was a peace sign.

    Come to think of it, there’s the sideways “v sign” that Batman used in his Batman dance.


  • Jim

    Ken, the V sign isn’t exclusively Scottish (not Scotch unless you’re asking if people do it more while drinking whisky). It’s popular throughout the UK and Ireland. The difference between that and the peace sign is that in the V sign, the back of the hand faces outwards; the peace sign has the palm face out.

    And yeah, used sideways, it’s the Bat-toosie.


  • sean monaghan

    “Ha Sean, I am glad you feel obligated to write these inspired comments in every thread.”

    Welcome to a real rivalry, this isn’t mls or england



  • sean monaghan

    haha since alot of you are still having trouble the V sign across the UK is pretty much the middle finger here in america.

    So they were saying effff off, to the cameras and the media Im guessing.

    somebody change there diapers.


  • KenC

    Thanks Jim, I thought the Scots could be referred to as Scotch? No?

    I took at look at the wiki, and it seems to agree that the back of the hand “v” is what I was referring to as the Battle of Agincourt, two-fingers up sign that the longbowmen still had their bow-pulling fingers. It was a FU to the french. I’ve never heard it referred to as a “v sign”. Usually, the fingers are somewhat parallel and slightly curved, more like how one would pull a bow string.

    I saw the photos, and they were doing the cunning linguist symbol of “v” held to the mouth. That’s completely different. I thought you did that only towards women you were insulting.

    Honestly, I think there are three symbols here being confused. One, the classic peace sign, two, the Agincourt two fingers up, and three the v to the mouth.


  • Josh

    The ‘v’ sign is an insult damn near everywhere. I remember when the first President Bush created a scandal by making it on a visit to Australia. He thought it was for victory, but it turned out he’d inadvertently flipped off a crowd of Aussies.


  • sean monaghan


    on that note we should all take a moment out of our daily lives to be thankful Barrack Obama can form complete sentences, something Georgie had trouble with


  • KenC

    Or maybe the Aussies mistook a palm out “v” for victory for a palm in sign for sod off?

    BTW, while everyone is talking Vs and Edu, I noticed Johnsons scored 3 for Cardiff. 😉


  • jmadsen

    In the UK, the palm out is “peace”, the back of the hand out means the same as the middle finger.

    He did it to the camera, which was consider a pretty bad breach of etiquette.

    I think you will find his “life ban” gets shortened after a bit.


  • JB

    I find it more insulting that they were nursing a hangover during a World Cup qualifier that could have eliminated their country from World Cup contention. These are supposed to be professional athletes.


  • Jamie Z.

    Sean, this was Bush Sr. He may not have been the best President, but he could string together a sentence.


  • Alex

    I think the ban is ridiculous I’m sorry and this isn’t american cluelessness its just a matter of opinion. If an athlete flicked me off from heckling him all game then it is what it is, to hope the guy gets banned for that gesture is stupid there are worse events happening all around the world then this. A one game ban fine, a large fine, good community service even better but this action dosen’t deter it, because these guys will play somewhere else, and lets face it playing for scotland has become like playing for wales a big waste of time. They are gonna finish second and have to dke it out in the playoffs and they certainly don’t have the depth to make.


  • Tim

    To Josh – Scotland isn’t some third world hell-hole and you’ll be suprised to hear no doubt that far more people are entering Scotland than exiting it. Glorifying your family for abandoning their country is a bit much, don’t you think? Time to wake up, this isn’t the 18th century anymore.


  • sean monaghan

    Alex wake up,have you seen the tartan army and the scottish fans?!??some of the best in the world, why should they have to put up with seeing there captain up until 4 in the morning before a MASSIVE WCQ

    you dont need people like that in your squad, and his childish actions as well.


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