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Lampard goes off on radio critic

Frank Lampard (AP)  

This hasn't been the best day for Frank Lampard.

The Chelsea star is mourning the one year anniversary of his mother's death while also coping with a messy break-up with the mother of his two young daughters. The combination of the two proved too much to bear as Lampard responded to one radio deejay's accusations that Lampard is a bad father for alledgedly not providing for his children.

Lampard called into the radio show in question and went on an extended rant, defending himself adamantly. It was an emotional segment that provided a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of a world superstar going through a tough time.

Take a listen:

What did you think of the call? Share your thoughts below.

  • A.S.

    Good job, Lamps.

    Lampard, BTW, should be the EPL footballer of the year. He’s had an extraordinary season.


  • BCC

    I am not a Lampard fan, but I have tremendous respect for him. I wish more players would call out the European soccer press for all the lies and innuendo passed off as “news.” They are, by far, the worst “journalists” on the planet.


  • Jeff

    What’s sad is the host got exactly what he wanted… love the host or hate him, people will listen when it’s controversial. Lampard did his best but the media cards are stacked against him and any other high profile person.


  • attenborough

    Can anyone imagine athletes in this country being treated this way on personal, domestic issues? This is despicable.

    Some days I wish for the sake of England that another sport would come along to spread a little bit thinner the obsession they have with football, because as it stands some of them can’t seem to handle it.


  • Ed Chafart

    Heard the story, read the news article. Frank Lampard does not need this in his life and he needs to speak out because his FAMILY is dragged into this discussion on the radio. As a sports-talk listeners, I have no use for so-called ‘personalities’ who talk about athlete’s lives or make judgements on their personal problems. Maybe the guy on the radio should comment on the performance on the PITCH and leave personal issue alone…….!


  • Michael Vann

    I hate Chelsea. I’m not a huge Lampard fan. But I gotta give credit where credit is due and Lamps certainly stood up for himself. He showed he is a man and not just a robotic footballer. The tabloids have chastised Lamps personal matters on more than one occasion. It’s hard to turn the other cheek over and over. There’s comes a breaking point and that’s when they have a go at family. Whoever this radio host is should be ashamed. Whether he was simply saying what he’s reading or stating opinion he’s in the wrong. You leave family out of it. Lamps personal life has been a rollercoster the last year and the pitch has been his salvation the last year. Celebrate that not what’s in the tabloids.


  • DC Josh

    I’ve found a new player to root for. I never liked him before, but now I have total respect for Lamps. He handled it with surprising class and calmness.

    What you don’t hear is the end of the conversation:

    Frank: Listen I’ve spoken much too much about my private life today already – I didn’t expect to have a phone call with you this morning. So I’ll leave it there thank you.

    James: So you won’t give us a quick rundown on your thoughts for the champions league semi-final then.

    Frank: No, I certainly won’t. (from ESPN.com)


    WTF? I hope the deejay loses his job for showing so much disrespect.


  • gmen04

    Don’t like lampard, but have even more respect for him now. Agree with Jeff they guy is going to bring in more listners, not really different from what Stern does over here. Good for Lampard standing up for himself


  • tom v

    my take – i hate when rich famous people complain about paparazzi taking pictures of them at a club or something, because hey if you dont want that, then give up the wealth and the fame. lamps makes a great point saying that when people take pictures of him at a bar or something, he has to deal with it because it comes with the territory, but when someone goes after his family, his young kids, that’s unacceptable and he stood up for himself. though he was obviously mad, i was really impressed with how level headed he kept himself and how articulate he was, makes me believe he might have the incredible IQ that it’s rumored he has.

    now he might be a horrible person and a jerk, i dont know, but no one should have to hear that about their family from some rando. that being said, i am a huge lampard fan – i think he is the best all round, consistent CM in the game except for maybe xavi. he dominates games, plays consistently week in week out, plays box to box with heart, and has such a huge impact on the game even without his goals (check the stat on chances created and how much he blows away gerrard). lamps and essien are the only reason i support chelsea of the big 4 and in europe.


  • kahlva

    Seriously – huge props to Lampard. What a prick the radio host is.

    Lampard sounded emotional but not out of control. Good for him for standing up for himself.


  • This Guy

    Lampard was lying about the allegations. The dude is scum. His kids are better without his womanizing ways.


  • The Special One

    Very nice, Lance! You are fantastic!

    That is why you are champion.

    Shut up, Radio DJ!


  • NJsoccer

    Going after young kids is enough but on the anniversary of his mother’s death that’s even more terrible. Good for Lampard for sticking up for himself and his family. It’s unfair that his daughters are getting drawn into the public eye at such a young age, it’s right for him to stick up for them.


  • scott47a

    Put me on the list of guys who don’t care for Frank on the field but respect what he did here.

    Nothing better than a man who stands up for his kids and his sister and other family members. Well done.


  • NJsoccer

    I just saw an interview with O’Brien about the show today on youtube and he’s not even sorry for what happened. Unbelievable, what a jerk.


  • josh

    The radio guy’s defense is ridiculous. “I was reading a news story.” Sorry, but calling the tabloids a “news source” is disrespectful to journalists everywhere and whoever passes along the garbage of the tabloids is a seriously untrustworthy person.


  • Chase

    PFA Player of the Year? He should have certainly been nominated over Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand (as I argued in another topic this week), but not sure he should win it over Vidic, Ronaldo or Gerrard, especially if Chelsea finish in 3rd.

    He does stand a real chance of winning the repeating as UEFA Midfielder of the Year.

    Oh and I agree with the general sentiment on the call, the British press, radio, tv media are scum…


  • A.S.

    “but not sure he should win it over Vidic, Ronaldo or Gerrard, especially if Chelsea finish in 3rd.”

    He’s certainly had a better season than Ronaldo.


  • Jared Montz

    Wow! Frank handled that so well considering everything that was going on. You would hate to see in this situation him go absolute crazy on the DJ (which he had every right too) and then the press be all over Frank and create even more bad press for him.

    Even though I don’t think he meant to do anything other than just call in and stand up for his family; he now has earned the respect of so many people and any media that try to discredit him now will have no chance.

    Go on Frank! All the best to you buddy, your world class in my book!


  • Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper"

    This is utterly disrespectful. Sports Analyst are certainly free and with in their right to comment on footballers and athletes as long as the questions are about the game.

    When it goes into PERSONAL/Domestic issues that have nothing to do with the game they go to far.


    I pity O’brien.


  • Mingjai

    While there are no excuses for what the media chooses to report, the supply of shameful reporting is only half of the picture. There must be a demand for this type of way-too-personal reporting that increase the media’s incentive to sell their souls and produce the junk.

    I say shame on the media who produce the rubbish and shame on the people who consume the rubbish.


  • sean monaghan

    I respect him alot more off the field now thats for sure,on the field is a Different story. Yes I respect his skills and leadership but I do not respect his diving,telling a referee to book a player everytime he gets touched ways


  • Matt D.

    Great job Frank, media like that radio host can go shove it…I think any person worth his salt would have felt the same way Frank did, but not many would have called in and told the radio host what Frank told them… I’m not a Chelsea fan, but I do respect Lampard…thanks for the link Ives.


  • lou

    I despise chelsea, not really a fan of the big english teams, and I don’t particularly like lampard that much either, but huge props to him, sorry for you loses man I’ll be cheering for you.


  • Michael F.

    Lamps is class. And that’s coming from a Man U fan. That deejay is a jackass and a Howard Stern wannabe.


  • JWM

    Echoing an earlier comment – If he would like to play for Revolution, I can guarantee he won’t get any press at all, no one will bother his kids, and he will be able to take walks through the neighborhood unmolested. He might have to accept a very slight pay cut.


  • Flyingoose

    Frank Lampard is an amazing man to have gone through such a tough time and still have the emotional fortitude to call in and stand up to a member of the media. I think it is despicable that we have such a fascination with the private lives of people who are in the spotlight for their accomplishments.


  • Edwin Not Van Der Sar

    You know it’s about time somebody took a critic to task for spreading lies and commenting on things that they know nothing about. I applaud what he did and this is why I’m a Chelsea supporter because of the heart that Lampard and the rest of the blues show on and off the pitch.


  • Scott A

    Lampard sounds like a nice guy, but personally, I have a grudge against him for:
    In the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001, he and Chelsea team-mates Frank Lampard, Eidur Gudjohnsen and Jody Morris were accused of drunkenly mocking American tourists at Heathrow, stripping naked, laughing and vomiting. (from http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/football/european_football/article3867299.ece ) but many other places

    Hopefully he’s more mature now


  • RHB

    Go Lamps, the radio “personality”…lmao… was being a d bag. And I do agree with the comment a ways above that the host got what he wanted, but that’s the world and what can you do?


  • ThaDeuce

    Way to go Lamps. I got your back, and I sure hope the scumbag radio host does find the opportunity to talk with you “man-to-man.” I doubt he feels very big without his microphone. Tear him a new one Lamps!


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