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Mid-week Soccer on TV

Fernando Torres (AP)

If waiting for the weekend to catch quality soccer is just something you can't do, this is a good week for you.

No, the UEFA Champions League isn't in action this week, but a slew of mid-week games in Europe make for a strong schedule of games to choose from.

A pair of high-powered EPL tilts headline the action, with FA Cup finalists Everton and Chelsea clashing on Wednesday, while Liverpool and Arsenal do battle today. The action isn't confined to Europe. Copa Libertadores is in full swing as well, while the CONCACAF Champions League final kicks off. There are also some good mid-week MLS matches.

Here are this week's mid-week soccer matches to watch on TV (and the web):

This week's soccer on TV


3pm- Setanta USA- Arsenal vs. Liverpool

7pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Palmeiras vs. LDU Quito (Copa Libertadores)

7pm- GolTV- Venezuela vs. Ecuador (CONMEBOL U-17 World Cup qualifying)

8:30pm- USLLive.com- Austin Aztecs vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

9:30pm- Fox Sports Espanol- San Martin vs. Nacional (Copa Libertadores)

10pm- GolTV- Chile vs. Argentina (CONMEBOL U-17 World Cup qualifying)


2:30pm- ESPN360.com- Juventus vs. Lazio (Coppa Italia)

3pm- FSC- Everton at Chelsea

3pm- Setanta USA- Portsmouth at Manchester United

6:30pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Universitario de Sucre vs. Estudiantes (Copa Libertadores)

7:30pm- Direct Kick- Chivas USA at Toronto FC

8:30pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Sao Paolo vs. America de Cali (Copa Libertadores)

10pm- FSC- Cruz Azul vs. Atlante (CONCACAF Champions League Final)


2:45pm- ESPN360.com- Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria (Coppa Italia)

7pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Deportivo Cuenca vs. Boca Juniors (Copa Libertadores)

7pm- GolTV/ESPN360.com- Colombia vs. Brazil (CONMEBOL U-17 World Cup qualifying)

8pm- ESPN2- New York Red Bulls at Kansas City Wizards

9pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Nacional (Paraguay) vs. River Plate (Copa Libertadores)

10pm- GolTV/ESPN360.com- Paraguay vs. Peru (CONMEBOL U-17 World Cup qualifying)


What matches will you be watching? Share your thoughts, and your viewing picks, below.

  • Boriuano

    arsenal vs liverpool of course!. i might be rooting for arsenal..hey ives btw,off topic, who do u think we can trade khano smith for? i think he is a waste as a LM since he cant cross, we have to many other options now to be starting him..maybe osrio see’s something in him during practice? and do u think red bull trainers need to do a better job teaching the players how to cross?


  • DC Josh

    I can’t wait until this semester is over when I’ll finally have the time to watch more soccer.

    The Everton/Chelsea match-up should be fun to watch. I don’t think Moyes’ boys will have what it takes to take down Stamford Bridge, but it’ll be entertaining.

    Also, possibly an audition for Moyes in front of his future boss? I hope to God he doesn’t move down to London, but they will wave all sorts of cash in his face.

    The MLS match-up on ESPN2 looks insignificant against the other match-ups. Not that it was all ready a blockbuster game. Hopefully it’ll be in full HD.

    Will the CONCACAF U-17 qualifiers be televised? I would really like to see what our national team has to offer. I’ve read enough about them. I really wanna see them in action.


  • M

    So I can watch the South American U-17 Qualifiers but I can’t even watch my own country’s U-17 Qualifiers.

    ***ing CONCACAF


  • Harraby Harry

    Ives , my good man, why do you insist on calling it “soccer?” It’s footie where I come from! There’s no such thing as “American Soccer Culture.” There’s only right, proper footie culture! Enough with these hot dogs and pretzels at the game! Let’s have meat pies and fish cakes!

    Hip-hip-cheerio and God Save the Queen!


  • Krista

    is it me or does arse shavin have a face you just want to hit over and over and over again?


  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer

    How are Liverpool able keep playing these incredibly exciting games!?! Wow, and props to Arsenal on scoring on all 4 of their shots. What an amazing game.


  • Krista

    4-4…cannot believe that damn score. my sick day just got worse. uh i really hate arse shavin… swear he’s a girl in disguise foolin us all…


  • Michael Vann

    If anyone gets a chance to watch a replay of the Real Madrid-Getfe match I highly recommend it. U-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e. Wow! Talk about highs and lows. Maybe the most climatic match I’ve seen in a while. In the last 15 minutes you had an obvious penalty claim for Real rejected, a Getfe go-head goal, a sick Gutti freekick to level, a stupid Pepe foul in the area getting him sent off, a horrendous penalty taken by Getfe, and a magical Higuain shot into the upper 90. Classic. what a match!


  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer

    That Madrid win was definitely classic!!Pepe is definitely going to be suspended 3-4 games for his red. That was vicious. And that Getafe PK was just downright hilarious. And here I thought Berbatov’s PK was pathetic..but nope, that Getafe guy came along and claimed the top spot with his “effort”.


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