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Morning Ticker: Pacheco receives ITC, Vieri a rounder and USMNT starts supporter's club

 Alfredo Pacheco 1 (Reuters)

Alfredo Pacheco is officially a New York Red Bull. Finally.

The Salvadoran left back is now formally on the roster after the club received Pacheco's International Transfer Card on Thursday, putting an end to a drawn out loan process that dragged on for two months.

Pacheco is expected to step in and start at left back for the Red Bulls when they take on Real Salt Lake on Saturday. Those wondering what this means for Danleigh Borman, who has emerged as an impressive left back option, should know that Borman has played well enough to be back in consideration for playing time on the left flank, where Khano Smith has yet to impress.

Here are some other news tidbits from the MLS and the rest of the world to get your day started:

USMNT launches Supporters Club

If you ever wished that the U.S. men's national team had its own official supporter's club, that wish has come true. U.S. Soccer has created U.S. Soccer SC, a fan membership program designed to provide special benefits to fans of the U.S. men's national team. Among the benefits of the new program is priority status to secure tickets for the 2010 World Cup. That alone probably makes the 49.95 membership fee worthwhile.

No TFC deal for Perlaza

Ecuadorian defender Jose Luis Perlaza left Toronto FC after a short trial and will not sign a deal. Perlaza's stint with Toronto was cut short by an anle injury. The central defender has signed with Ecuadorian club Barcelona. TFC fans wondering whether Perlaza was the mystery central defender Toronto FC has long been eying can relax. He is not. TFC sources tell me that the centerback the club was eying all winter is now a summer transfer window option after his club balked at selling him in the midst of a promotion fight (and yes, I'm still working to get the name of this mystery defender.)

Vieri in LA for cards, not Galaxy

Former Italian national team star Christian Vieri had been linked in recent weeks with a possible move to the Los Angeles Galaxy. As it turns out, Vieri was actually in LA, but not to meet with Bruce Arena. Vieri recently took part in some poker tournamentsas part of his suddenly burgeoning career as a poker player. There is no truth to the rumor that Vieri was playing 1-2 limit in between tournaments.


What do you think of these developments? Think Pacheco can help the Red Bulls turn things around? Will you be joining U.S. Soccer's new supporter's club? Are you a concerned TFC fan resigned to a Serioux-Harmes centerback tandem until the summer? Will you be searching LA casinos for a chance to crack Vieri?

Share your thoughts below.

  • THE Nick

    Vieri would be an awesome striker in MLS. Speaks fluent English, too bad nobody is taking a chance on him. Will probably end up scoring 30 goals in 20 games in Australia’s league or something…


  • dena

    Khano Smith has horrible for us this year, I’d like to see him on the bench and have Borman/Pacheco partner up on the left.


  • Ryan

    Now you know why we Revolution fans were ecstatic when he was picked up by Seattle.


  • madmax

    Reports say that Bruce Arena has not given up on the Italian giant. “Texas hold-em could be good for our young strikers on away trips.”


  • Chris

    Ryan, when NY picked up Smith we figured that we’d be using him off the bench, not as a starter. As depth we thought he’d be a nice comodity to have (and I understant he did not take up much salary cap space either). That Ossorio never looked for anyone else for the spot durring the transfer window surprised us.


  • M

    It’s not an opposition to Sam’s Army or American Outlaws. This club is just a way to for die hard fans to get tickets early.

    In other words, letting the die hards secure tickets before Mexicans or Hondurans can. Mexicans are not going to pay $50 a year.


  • Fred Garvin

    “it’s not an opposition to Sam’s Army or American Outlaws. This club is just a way to for die hard fans to get tickets early.”

    Aside from the World Cup.. what about other away games -allocations?


    In my own experience dealing with USSF they shouldn’t be in charge of giving out bus passes let alone game tickets.


  • sean monaghan


    USMNT should be hooking it up with national games,not just the world cup, I doubt many people join to be honest


  • This Guy

    I’m not going to pay to support the USMNT, I’m just gonna support them. Passion and love are the two things that involve no money. Those and my neighbors Internet, I just found out he was bitin’ my wireless signal for the last 6 months.


  • Nicholas

    Good news ( I think). Yanks abroad is reporting that 19 yr old Mikkel Diskerud was invited to camp by Rongen. Unfortunately, he had to turn down the offer due to club committments. Sounds like he wanted to get some love and this, (along with an invite for Egypt) will go a long way towards making sure he plays for the US when his senior days come around.


  • alex

    Well hopefully we still have a season to play for by the time the summer window opens.

    Mo Johnston has got to stop getting fixated on the “perfect” transfer and realize this is MLS and multiple people can do the job if you can find them.


  • arsenfan

    What has Danleigh Borman done to be labeled an ‘impressive left back’?

    Unless the bar is so low that

    -hasn’t scored an own goal

    -has more than 0 crosses into the box

    count as impressive.


  • Michael Cuello


    for someone who is playing out of position, Borman hasn’t done bad at all this year and that’s what Ives mean when he says he’s been impressive; now that the bar is low on this team in general? I can’t argue against that!


  • bc6

    That US Official Supporters Club is a step in the wrong direction in my opinion. Not a fan of it at all!


  • tilt215

    I thought the US had supporters clubs already? I guess the massive Sam’s Army just doesnt rank.

    This is why I hate the USSF


  • benlucky

    USSF does suck on this one. I believe this is a shallow way to make $50 a head and co-opt the existing clubs, Sam’s Army in particular. So that SUM and their marketing wizards can spin club activities, just like they do so much USMNT and MLS stuff already.
    Not gonna get my $ on this one.


  • J.

    Harmse and Serioux will be fine. Our problem is our wing play.

    Our defenders are not the problem, it is our attack. Ricketts is MIA and that is hurting our central mids a lot.


  • art

    Harmse is a clumsy hack, here’s a man who’s a defender and was released from the LA Galaxy. ’nuff said there.


  • Tris

    So now I have to pay $49.95 to have the same rights I had for free from USSF for being a registered member with USSF? WTF?! I’m not paying $49.95 for a “membership card”, thats horse$#!* Just USSF getting greedy and thinking of new ways to make money. If you want our money, just ask for donations, don’t try to lie to us…


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