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SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week 6)

Landon Donovan (ISIphotos.com)  

                                                Photo by ISIphotos.com



Hello and Welcome to the Soccer by Ives Fantasy Corner – now inspecting sewers near you! Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only a guy not named Ives can provide. I am writing this well before the official injury reports come out, so don't be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player. For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to http://fantasy.mlsnet.com/.

A couple of quick notes, before the recommendations for the week.

Houston, FC Dallas and New York all won last week. Let’s see, that means that LA and Columbus are the two worst teams in the league. Can someone from Columbus please provide an acceptable excuse for this meltdown? Injuries are not an acceptable excuse. Brian Carroll, Eddie Gaven, Wil Hesmer, Danny O’Rourke, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto have started every game, yet Schelotto the only one who has shown up to play.

The LA Galaxy doesn’t need to provide any excuses; everyone has accepted that team for what it is.

Take a moment to look at the schedule, this week there are four teams with two games, next week each team except the Wizards play one game. Then two weeks ahead KC, LA, RSL and DC all play two games. Managing the bench and trades to maximize this week and two weeks from now will separate the top flight players. With that in mind, here is some more advice on how to approach the week.

Pick up Landon Donovan and hold him. The bench this week needs to hold players who can actually be on your starting team next week. For instance, this week Hartman is a fair choice for goalie. Next week, don’t cut him, just bench him and play him again the following week. This isn’t cheap, but will be the best way to maximize points over the next three weeks. Personally, I am considering benching – not cutting – all three of my KC players next week. Only three trades a week is rough.

Go make your rough draft picks right now!!! Go Go! Wednesday Cut off! GO!

Congrats to “Team tlsend” and “Celtic1888” number one and two respectively in the SBI league, 5th and 13th overall. Sunnyfield won week 5 for SBI, finishing 14th overall.

Team Picks

Take Three – Kansas City Wizards. This one is tricky. As I mentioned above, the Wizards are off next week. It only makes sense to take three Wizards if the bench or all three trades can be committed to getting those players off the active roster next week. That is one heck of a commitment. If points this week were the only consideration, this would be an easy pick.

Take Three – Chivas USA. The best team plays two of the worst team in the league. No not Columbus, but almost as good. The goats go on the road to face Toronto and then are at home against FC Dallas. Chivas is only giving up .4 goals per game so this is a fair choice for a goalie and defenders. Preki should be your coach. As an added bonus, unlike the Wizards, Chivas plays San Jose next week.

Avoid – FC Dallas. This week the Burn/Hoops are on the road against Chivas. Kenny Cooper just remembered how to score, but I think the Chivas defense at home will make him forget again. Does anyone believe Dallas will earn a clean sheet?

Individual picks

Captain – Davy Arnaud. Again, it’s Mr. Wizard at the top of the spreadsheet. He makes 33.25 points per game and is scheduled for two games. Take the former West Texas A&M Buffalo, and hope he gets lots of space 20 yards or so out.

Value – Aaron Hohlbein. He is a defender! He only costs $243,000, plays two games this week and makes 16.6 points per game. To be fair his points per game is skewed by a goal in the third game. Maybe this is a defender who will score every third game. Again, be aware of the pitfalls of loading up on KC players.

Overpriced – Marc Burch. This DC United defender is earning a big fat zero points per game. And now he is seeing some time on the bench. All this for $369,000!

Stop by next week when we discuss the soccer equivalent of throwing an Octopus on the ice.

  • DC Josh

    Props to MLS for botching my team last week, giving me a points grand total of ZERO for week 5. Great Job!


  • Aggies4JerryGarcia

    Davy Arnaud is from east texas. Please don’t confuse the two.

    East Texas is home to Clint Dempsey, Dante Hall, Janis Joplin and many other contributors to this great nation.

    West Texas is home to Oil Derricks, desert plains and Texas Tech. (que the bile)


  • Zero

    Buddy, relax. It’s still Texas. You’re problem isn’t that he’s mixing up which parts of Texas it is…its that you live…in Texas.


  • roach

    think the west texas comment was about the college he went to. west tx a&m. better than that east texas a&m.


  • angler23

    Anyone notice the deadline clock on the MLS website indicates 3 days until the next deadline even though there is a match tonight?


  • MVK


    He went to college in West Texas at West Texas A&M, he grew up in East Texas in Nederland which was also the home of teammate Lance Watson.. Not bad for a city that is under 18K


  • J

    The players that play tonight will be locked 1 hr before the game, but the rest of the players are fair game till tomorrow, when KC and NY play, then the KC and NY players are locked 1 hour prior to their game . But the rest of the players are fair game till 11:30am Saturday and are not locked till then.


  • jeff

    yo ives i know what the galaxy has been the past few years we have sucked but come on enough with all the digs at this squad. this early into the season we may not have a win yet but there are only three teams in the league with less losses then us and last time i checked we still have that game in hand. didnt have anything to say bout the fantasy picks just askin for a little respect for a team that deserves it


  • Turtle

    Aggrivating…I can’t figure out a way to see how many TOTAL points MY players have. When i search all players mine are not there. Do i really have to click on each one individually to get that info? Also, what about my coach? i can’t even click on him to find out his point total.

    Please, someone tell me I’m missing something….


  • sean monaghan

    Thanks again for the shout out Ives (im celtic1888)

    Lets hope I have a good weak,last week wasn’t that great


  • casey

    Jleppid: Last week, Angel (overpriced) beat out the capt’n and value pick combined.


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