SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week Four)

SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week Four)

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SBI MLS Fantasy Corner (Week Four)

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Hello and Welcome to the SBI Fantasy Corner – now with more vivid hallucinations!  Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only a highly paid banking consultant can provide.  I am writing this well before the official injury reports come out, so don't be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player.  For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to 

Instead of a play-by-play review of last week, lets just hit some interesting notes before getting to this weekend's picks:

  • Robbie Findley and Conner Casey have both entered the 2009 “Eddie Johnson Flash in the Pan” contest. Which one is more likely to flame out the rest of the season?  Vote now.
  • This just in, Columbus has tried to reopen negotiations with former Crew Coach Sigi Schmid.  The unnamed high level source, has told SBI that the team will capitulate on the controversial éclair’s every Friday clause.  The source also suggests that Sigi refuses to talk to the club until Crew general manager Mark McCullers and team owner Clark Hunt send a letter to Sigi that begins:
            Dear Sigi, 

          We are so very very stupid. 

  • I would like to take a moment to clarify something I wrote last week.  Davy Arnaud was not listed on any medical report I saw two weeks ago. Thanks for the lack of information coach Onalfo.  Davy Arnaud was on the bench for the game, meaning he was healthy enough to play.  A coaches decision kept him off the pitch.  Thanks coach Onalfo. 
  • Ask yourself this:  In regards to the Crew, what advice would have made you happy this time last week?  Now, looking back, what advice do you wish you had?  Full credit to Ives here, the Man foresaw the Crew implosion.   
  • Defenders.  Picking defenders are like picking lottery numbers.  Its unlikely to hit, but picking a winner has a huge reward.  There was a suggestion that a safer bet is to pick players who won’t get into the game and therefore loose no points for the week; for example, taking three New England defenders this week.  Essentially, not buying a lottery ticket. I suggest just taking a safer bet. Right now the top 25 defenders average 6.48 points per game, and the top 50 average 2.33 points per game.  (the top 25 have positive points, the bottom 25 are zero or below).  Find the cheapest defenders on the first page of “player statistics – defenders”.  Or just take an all Seattle back line.   

Team Picks

Take Three – Toronto.  Jeff Cunningham returns to Toronto to show his old team they made a mistake letting him go.  Ok, who am I kidding? Look at the battle in the midfield:  Dax McCarty against DeRo and Guevara.  In this game the Maple Leafs finds some offense and beats Dallas.  Afterwards Kenny Cooper is heard saying “I could get used to this European Atmosphere”. 

Take Three – Houston Dynamo.  The Dynamo host the Red Bulls at the Sand Trap. I expect Brad Davis to have plenty of time on the ball.  Brian Ching will appreciate the service.  Bonus prediction: Dane Richards kills a promising offensive opportunity  by dribbling too much and losing possession.  

Avoid – This week there is a three way battle for the craptacular spot.  While Dallas and New York continue to make the case for relegation in MLS, this week I have to warn my readers to avoid Columbus.  First the Crew are off next week.  Then, of course, the Crew is playing poorly.  If Chad Marshall is out this week the Crew defense will impossibly get much worse. For the hardcore fans at the House Lamar built, pray that GBS carries the team to a 5-4 win.  Everyone else, take Conor Casey. 

Individual picks

Captain – Conor Casey.  He has scored against the Crew in Columbus before. He is 5th on the spreadsheet and may play against a decimated back line.  A second hat trick is hoping for too much, but a game wining goal seems reasonable. 

Value –   Chris Pontius.  The DC United Midfielder has started all three games this season and played the full ninety in each.  His 12.67  points per game so far are a bargain for his $175,000 cost.

Overpriced – Jimmie Conrad.  His 1.67 points per game is better than many defenders, but each point costs $272,000.  This week his team is playing in Seattle.  Will his average still be a positive number next week?  

Stop by next week when the Columbus/New York/Dallas All Star team takes on the Columbus School for Girls.  Here is a hint: Gaven gets a card for diving.

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