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With a full matchday around the world in the books, lets take a look at what people have to say after the dust has settled:

  • Juventus forced to play a match behind closed doors after racial abuse towards Balotelli [SkySports]

  • Wembley pitch:  Unsuitable to play on, or more excuses from Wenger and Fergie? [BBC Sport]

  • Manuel Pelligrini, Villareal coach, was very focused during the Champions League match against Arsenal.  Perhaps too focused.  [101GreatGoals]

  • The new 09/10 Chelsea kit was released.  Perhaps not huge news, but it looks like the Red Bulls' design is going worldwide. [Soccerlens]

  • Argentine game postponed due to absent referee.  The reason?  No one told him he had the match. [Reuters]

  • Nigeria: Police Machine Team qualifies for FCT Challenge Cup Finals [All Africa]

  • The return of Blanco's Bunny Hop [Objectivo]

  • Book about soccer team of African refugees in Georgia, and why you should read it [Bill Archer]

  • Steven Cohen draws ire from England after blaming Hillsborough on Liverpool fans [OffThePost]

Happy to see Police-public relations in Nigeria recieve a boost?  Think the Argentine referee might have been too busy moving Manuel Pelligrini's chair?  Does Juventus deserve a stadium ban?  Does Steven Cohen deserve a ban? Share your thoughts below.

  • Tim F.

    Enjoy the addition of recommended reading! Hope it becomes and remains a regular feature.


  • afc

    Thanks for brining the book release to my attention! I’ve read the ny times article before and loved it! I can’t wait to get the book. I pre-ordered and it should be here by the end of the week. I’m really excited that it became a book.


  • Ernie

    Despite his incessant, gleeful bashing of Newcastle I actually like Steven Cohen. (For whatever that is worth)


  • Isaac

    Chelsea jersey was a real let down in my opinion.

    Someone needs to talk about the Gold Cup roster because I’ve been trying to think about it for a while now.


  • green

    “Did you link to a piece by Bill Archer? Ugh.”


    I was gonna say that and add. . . after reading some of the things that guy has said about you Ives, I’m surprised you give him any credit at all.


  • MikeK

    Juventus should be demoted down to the 3rd league. There is no room for racism in football in general, especially in world renowned leagues.


  • Chase

    Fear not Chelsea supporters, the Man United kits with the “wings” that have been leaked on the internet, could top the atrocious zipper shirts…

    I used to be a devout WSD listener, however, when Geber left, Cohen’s virulent hatred for Liverpool went unchecked and I had to stop listening. I still download and listen occasionally, but it inevitably devolves into a bash Liverpool fest, especially when it comes to Heysel and Hillsborough. I can almost see his point on Heysel, but he is ludicrously off base in his views on Hillsborough. I only listen to the BBC’s World Football Phone-In and the Guardian’s Football Weekly now…


  • Trex

    Is it just me? I like the “zipper” uniforms. I’m probably biased yes, but when NY’s came out I thought it was ugly, but after seeing them play in it, they’ve grown on me. They almost come across an fitted ribbed tees, with the band on the sleeves. I think they’re sharp and think the Chelsea ones look just and good.


  • jh

    If I was Balotelli, I’d make a run for Ghana’s NT, since he’s not yet 21 and so I’m assuming not yet cap-tied. F— the Italian fans!!!!

    Why should recist a–holes get the benefit of a talented young player?


  • Geoff

    Steve cohen has been saying that for years on air, literally. not so sure why it’s news now…


  • Isaac

    Another story, or at least potential story, is that the fans have really started to take a liking to him. Some people are saying stuff like, ” Forget Fergie, worth a Bhoys nutsack”

    Geuss thats what two winning goals will do for you.


  • SBGarrett

    Liverpool fans need to take some responsibility for their historical actions; however, there are factual reports citing MANY reasons for the incident and to solely blame it on a ‘speculative’ bunch of ticketless fans seems a bit contrived.

    Fox Soccer turning into Fox News?

    Cohen vs. O’Reilly showdown.


  • Ryan G

    I kind of agree with jh. If the Italian fans want to hurl racist insults at Balotelli, maybe he should play for Ghana. Then again, Italy is a better team and he would have a legit shot of winning a WC with Italy. Not so with Ghana. Also, perhaps more importantly, he was born and raised in Italy, and even took the last name of his adopted parents. He is Italian, through and through.

    Best article of the day? The book review. By far. Thank you Ives for bringing this to my attention.


  • DC Josh

    Fans throwing racial abuse at a player shouldn’t push him to play for another country. Racial abuse should mean a ban from soccer competitions worldwide.

    Although, Bob Bradley should make a trip to Milan with a bag of cash and some hookers to try and sway his mind. He is a beast.


  • Alex

    The guy balotelli dosen’t deserve racial abuse but he’s a douch bag and I don’t want him anywhere near are national team. I don’t think playing for italy is as prestigious anymore there inability to bleed in youth is going to catch up with them when it counts the most. this isn’t about the past this is about the present and I think ghana wold be a good option, but like someonelse said he is italian through and through even if the italians can’t see it.


  • sean monaghan

    “Juventus should be demoted down to the 3rd league. There is no room for racism in football in general, especially in world renowned leagues. ”

    Ok, with that being said where should Lazio be?the 5th league?


  • FSC

    Cohen’s influence is dramatically overstated…

    In the history of Fox Soccer Channel, they have yet to post one-tenth of a national ratings point. There highest coverage area rating was a 0.4 (four-tenths of one percent of FSC’s distribution) for a Man U-Chelsea match. The highest rated Fox Football Fone-in was a 0.1 coverage area rating (one-tenth of one percent of FSC’s distribution).

    Likewise, WSD gets less than 100,000 downloads (avg daily)… that wouldn’t put them among the top 50 radio shows in Los Angeles, let alone the country.


  • sean monaghan

    Just looked at what Cohen said,he’s a knob end. I only watch FFF just to watch how many mistakes he makes and see how many times I have to correct him


  • Chase


    Here is the link to the “leaked” ’09-’10 kits of the Big Four and Man City:


    And another comment on Cohen. The other main problem I have with him is that he acts as if Liverpool were the only team that had hooligans in the 80s (especially galling coming from a Chelsea supporter).

    Though, I totally agree that the English greatly overstate his inluence in the States and there concern that he is going to brainwash the American football masses is pretty naive and condescending…


  • Dominghosa

    I don’t know why the “Blanco bounce” or whatever is getting so much hype. It’s not very difficult to do. I did it a soccer match two years ago, and it was my first time playing soccer in a decade.
    Though I do give him props for being the first to do it.


  • William

    Bill Archer is typical of bloggers: problem is they ain’t writers. He wants to be a reporter for the National Review, but even the cons wouldn’t have someone who can barely think and put together a cogent argument about anything.


  • Kevin

    Why do people continue to insist that Cohen is our god of all football media and that his word is gospel?

    Until everyone realizes that American football fans for the most part are well informed and get our information from a variety of sources people like Steven Cohen are going to continue to receive attention. Spinning him as our go to guy is rediculous. I’ll take Ives and Goff any day over Cohen and Webster.

    Point being we are not all going to think what he said about hillsborough is true just because HE said it, jeez.


  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    It really is hard to believe that Cohen gets away with repeating this garbage about Hillsborough over and over again. It’s one thing to hate another football club, but it’s disgusting to twist the facts the way he has done to blame Liverpool fans for that tragedy.


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