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SBI's Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

SBI's Recommended Reading

Filippo Inzaghi (Reuters) 


Light news day today so we'll have a few news stories from today, as well as a couple things that missed the cut yesterday:

Everton switch sponsors from Umbro to Le Coq Sportif for 09/10, bring back 1985 design [Football Fashion]

"The Premier League and the FA are run by donkeys" – Fulham president Al-Fayed sounds off [Times Online]

"Soul Of Soccer Survives in Florida" – A historial look at soccer in the Sunshine State [Reuters UK]

Fulham defender in trouble after allegedly receiving bonus for marking Christiano Ronaldo [Guardian]

Think Wembley's pitch is in bad shape now?  Here's the stadium's schedule for the next six months [Oldham Athletic  Are The Real Latics]

Pippo Inzaghi: 'Six-yard merchant' or all-time great? [Reuters UK]

Support the V-neck Rennaissance on Merseyside?  Agree with Al-Fayed?

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