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UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals are underway today with Manchester United attempting to move one step closer to repeating.

Here are today's Quaterfinal first leg matches:


2:45pm– ESPN2/ESPN360.com- FC Porto at Manchester United

2:45pm– Setanta Sports/ESPN Deportes/ESPN360.com- Arsenal at Villarreal

If you will be watching today's matches please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • MarkieMark

    Sure the second leg is going to be outstanding. In that you will watch Liverpool and Arsenal advance. Give it up Man U fans. You have nothing better to do but make excuses. You needed results and not excuses today. I hope Porto wins 1-0 and it goes down as the giant killer match of the year.


  • Kiko

    So happy that ManU didn’t win. Now thumbs up for Porto, who were clearly the better team.


  • in england

    Scholes and Rooney were both suspended this past Sunday so they didn’t play and Park was on the bench but didn’t play either. All three had fresh legs today.


  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer

    Not a United fan, actually. I support Liverpool. I’m just able to pose unbiased opinions of players and teams, something you seem to be unable to do. Evans will be a dominant defender for United for many years.


  • Tony

    Lets see, I’ve half convinced my fiancee that Thierry is a solid name for our firstborn. Now the second will need to be named Emmanuel GOLAZO today! haha jk


  • Hector

    Two cracking games today. Those are two best draws I’ve seen in a while in a CL leg. Hopefully tomorrow’s games will be just as good (although I can’t help but think that Chelsea-Liverpool is, for all they hype, going to end up being a defensive slug-fest).

    BTW That’s two games in a row that Ronaldo gives away the ball with a stupid pass and stays pouting and whining instead of tracking back to help thus costing Man U a goal. Jeez, is he above defending? The guy damn well better realize that the shiny Golden Ball in his house was for last year, not this one.


  • machine gooner funk

    outsanding effort bythe gunners today to fight back and equalize on a champaign goal by ade. senna’s goal was impressive but when analyzed it was sort of a miracle/fluke strike. anywhoo gotta be optimistic going into the second leg at the emirates. losing gallas for the rest of the season hurts but we can use it to blood djourou who will be a top notch player for years to come plus gallas is on his way out this summer. UP THE ARSE!!!!


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