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Wambach named WPS Player of the Week

AbbyWambach (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                         Photo by ISIphotos.com



When the WPS overcame its recent scoring slump and tallied 11 goals in only two games, players from the Washington Freedom, Chicago Red Stars and FC Gold Pride all thought they had a shot at the WPS Player of the Week.

Although Tiffany Wiemer had a goal and assist for the Bay Area, and Brittany Klein tallied a single goal and two assists for Chicago, no one was more deserving than Abby Wambach, who delivered two goals and one assist.

Wambach earned Player of the Week not only for finishing her own chances but for also creating opportunities when the team needed them most. With big plays at key moments, both Wambach and the Freedom saw some new life.

Sure, her target play was hit or miss and yes, she lost the ball a lot in the first half, but there is no doubt that her first goal gained a little momentum and her overall play contributed to Washington's first-ever WPS win.

Think back to one week or even to even a couple of weeks ago.  If Cat Whitehill sends those perfect balls into the box and Wambach doesn't score, the Freedom faces an entirely different uphill battle.  Luckily for the Freedom, it put away the open chances that it normally misses never faced the challenge of trying to overcome the struggle to finish. 

Wambach is still not 100 percent but at least she believes in herself a little bit more after Sunday.  Thank FCGP for the calls that led to Wambach's two goals and thank Lori Lindsey for getting a head on the cross that earned Wambach her first assist.

There are plenty of positives to take from this week for both Wambach and for the Washington Freedom.  Now that the team has its first win and its superstar can find the back of the net, will the Freedom continue to rise or was this just one lucky week where they stumbled upon some finishes? 

How do you feel about Abby Wambach's play this season?  What are your thoughts on how both she and the Washington Freedom played this weekend? Agree or disagree with her as the WPS Player of the Week? 

Share your thoughts below.

  • yankiboy

    Class goal from the Freedom Captian:

    Marked with her back to the goal, perfect placement on the header. She kept our girls from what would have been a very embarrassing loss of two points. That was almost a monutmental collapse. Wambach getting the game winner was the only thing that kept it from being monumental. They have to focus better. You can’t leave points on the table like they almost did.


  • Pico

    You mean Marta didn’t win it? I thought she was supposed to win it every week.

    Now I am bummed


  • DC Josh

    Good to see she is getting back in form. Why can’t the men produce talent like her? Maybe Landon and her should have super-soccer babies.


  • yankiboy

    Josh, let’s not oversell her:–the men do produce talent like her.

    And as far as her and Landy having babies, Dude’s wife might not approve that suggestion. Maybe if IMG and the USSF approached her really nicely about it…


  • yankiboy

    Based on a quick review of LD’s wife, she might not be his type either.

    What is being suggested is not a “relationship” but more a genetic engineering partnership for the good of US Soccer.

    Don’t get it twizted…


  • griffin1108

    The Freedom: midfield is still unsettled, although it has improved from a complete mess. Whitehill also is recovering and is slow even when 100%. Scurry has been benched, maybe Spisak can step up or McLeod can get her visa straightened out. Freedom still have serious issues, but the win was welcome and if they can’t get amped up when Hamm and Mullinix get inducted to their “hall of fame” on Sunday to continue on a winning streak, then their problems are deeper than I realize.


  • Cam

    I would let Abby, or any USWNT player for that matter, have my babies. She has an incredible body. Marta is still the love of my life though, she just doesn’t know it yet.


  • kat

    i think abby and the freedom will draw inspiration from mia and siri on sunday and get their 2nd win.

    that is, if hope solo doesn’t shut them out.


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