SBI WPS Power Rankings

SBI WPS Power Rankings

Women's Professional Soccer

SBI WPS Power Rankings

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We are five weeks into this opening Womens Pro Soccer season and things keep getting more and more interesting. In the absence of some international superstars, teams revealed depth and a lack there of over the weekend.  As weeks progress, chemistry is growing more and more.

The L.A. Sol lost its perfect record, but remains unbeaten and is still considered the class of the league, bu the gap between the number one and number five teams is much less than it was in Week Three. However, teams six and seven are still too far to even challenge the fifth spot.

Here are this week's WPS Power Rankings:

1. L.A. Sol (3-0-1)

The Sol has yet to lose a game or to give-up a goal but the team is a bit shaky up top without Marta and Han Duan.  A 0-0 finish against the bottom definitely brings the level of this team down from its untouchable status.  Someone will beat L.A. soon.

2. Chicago Red Stars (2-0-2)

After a 4-0 win over Boston, Chicago has finally shown that someone other than Lindsay Tarpley can score.  Megan Rapinoe, Karen Carney, and Brittany Klein have all proved that the Red Stars are more than Tarpley and an overrated Carli Lloyd.  If Chicago can continue to play well in the back, Jonsson will keep a clean sheet and Chicago will soon challenge the Sol.

3. FC Gold Pride- Bay Area (1-2-1)

In a battle against the Freedom this week, FCGP maintained the majority of possession and finished on its open chances.  With a very strong midfield and two creative players up top, FCGP rates a little higher than its record reflects.  It scored 3 goals this weekend and that's more than Boston can say right now. Oh and by the way, FCGP beat Boston head to head in Week Two.

4. Boston Breakers (2-2-0)

Boston basically crumbled this week against the Red Stars.  With Angela Hucles, Kristine Lily, and Amy Rodriguez all contributing, there was just not enough effort or linking-up to consider the Breakers a top three team.  This team was shut-out by the team that came into the game ranked below it.  Yes, things would have probably been different if Kelly Smith had played.  Well, she did not, so without Kelly Smith, the Boston Breakers are a fourth place team.

5.  Washington Freedom (1-2-1)

After a great 4-3 win today over one of the top teams in the league, Washington has finally proved that the players on its roster are capable of living up to their names.  Wambach's first and last goals were not necessarily pretty, but she scored when the team needed a goal most.  As far as combining and possessing, the chemistry is building but it's not quite capable of stringing together more than four passes at a time.  Depending upon how the team progresses with KJ in goal,  the Freedom could be turning over a new leaf.

6. Sky Blue FC – Jersey (0-1-2)

SBFC had the bye week so there really isn't much to say.  After their scoreless tie with Chicago last week, there were a couple of good looks in the box, but I am hoping that this team worked on finishing passing to feet in small areas during the time off. If St. Louis had somehow managed a win over L.A., SBFC would be in a possible tie.

7. St. Louis Athletica (0-2-1)

In a game where the Athletica had everything in its favor, somehow finding the back of the net is less challenging than holding every team to a scoreless first half.  The battle is there in the back and it seems that a somewhat different backline did well.  Against the top team without its top players, St. Louis should have scored.  Until this team can at least get one to go into the back of the net, it will remain dead last.


What do you think of this week's rankings? Share your thoughts below.

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