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Your Questions Answered (The Same Day Best XI Questions)

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Okay, admit it. When I said I would answer some of the questions from today's Q&A on the same day you probably laughed. Well, don't laugh anymore.

Here is a Best XI of questions from today's Q&A. The rest will be answered shortly (hopefully). As for that last batch of questions from February? I will look to drop the answers to those this weekend: (Apologies for the technical difficulties with this post earlier. That's the last time I try to fix a headline from my Blackberry Storm.

MODIBO– Ives, thanks as always for your great work.

Can Seattle maintain their excellent record or is their fantastic start due to excitement surrounding the franchise and hilarious pep-talks by Drew Carey?

Can Mexico reverse their downward slide with Aguirre at the helm, or has too much damage been done this qualifying campaign (changes by the FMF, media scrutiny, questions about player commitment, injuries) to permit Mexico to come back to form? Are there any qualities that Aguirre brings that are significantly different or was his prior success reflective of other factors – greater team cohesion, for instance, or better player development and scouting by the FMF?

IVES– Seattle is NOT a fluke. They are the real deal and as someone who had them making the West playoffs before the season began I must say they have surpassed even my expectations. The two key figures in helping Seattle surpass expectations are Osvaldo Alonso and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado. I knew Montero would be good (14-17 goals good) and you knew Keller and Ljungberg would play well, but Alonso has played at an MLS Best XI level and you could argue that so has Hurtado.

Mexico will be fine. Sven Goran Eriksson was absolutely the wrong fit for that team. Aguirre is the right man to turn things around.


ANTHONY R– Love the website. If I'm a defender, I think the last guy I want coming at me these days is Andres Iniesta. He is fantastic to watch. Thoughts?

IVES– Iniesta is amazing on the ball but I don’t think you can argue with Messi being the last guy people want going at them. Iniesta doesn’t really carry the ball at defenders. He holds, looks, makes a quick move, and delivers the laser pass. If I’m a defender marking a forward in the area, one of the last guys I want on the ball from 35 yards out is Iniesta.

SF– I would like to know what you think of me? Do you find me to be Southern yokel with negligible soccer knowledge or a pretentious ass with a taste for fine scotch & Eurodisco?

IVES– SF, I only remember your Southern roots when you bring it up. You’re full Jersey-fied, no pretense, with a negligible soccer knowledge and the best sense of humor in the blo gosphere.

DANIEL– My brother and I were wondering if the MLS players get frequent flyer miles when they travel. Also, who makes the travel arrangements? I ask because I think only the Russian league has more travel.

IVES– Players fly commercial and get their frequent flier miles. Call it one of the perks of being a pro athlete (or you could call it a salary subsidy).

JUSTIN G– Hey Ives, where do you think Onyewu will land come summer transfer time and why?

IVES– A Top French team is my guess, though it would be interesting to see if a German or England team stepped up this summer.

EUGENE T– Hottest actress to appear on "Chuck": Yvonne Strahovski, Jordana Brewster, Tricia Helfer, or Sarah Lancaster? Wow. Talk about a Murderers' Row.

IVES– I have to say Yvonne Strahovski. Sarah Lancaster gets second, though you really can’t go wrong with either.

SEVEN– How worried is the league about terrible attendance in many markets & uncertain stadium situations. Seems like the success of Toronto & Seattle has distracted from some problems with existing teams.

IVES– I don’t know how worried the league is but it should be very worried because there are some front offices that just aren’t getting it done. Something that isn’t talked about enough is how ill-equipped some of the management staffs of MLS teams are to actually run teams. I hear some horror stories about ineptitude that make me wonder if some clubs aren’t doomed to struggle.

TIMPRIMPAS– Is Shalrie Joseph of superb enough quality that he could serve as a starting holding center midfielder for a top team in one of the better European domestic leagues? Wouldn't it be great if he played for the USMNT instead of Grenada?

IVES– Absolutely and of course.

JLEPPIG– What kind of pressure needs to be put on ESPN to show MLS highlights during Sportscenter?

IVES– People can put pressure on ESPN to show MLS highlights by A) attending games live and B) watching games on TV. The only thing that will “pressure” ESPN to show MLS highlights is higher ratings and larger attendances. ESPN shows highlights based on the number of people wanting to see them. They’re not under any obligation to show highlights of every sporting event.

JONNY G– On a scale of 1 to 10. What chance due you think that DC Untied will move?

IVES– I’d put it at three right now.

JERRY– Do you plan on attending the Gold Cup match between Honduras and US on July 8th @ RFK? and also, what do you think is the key for Victory for USMNT against Honduras on their WCQ june 6th? Starting 11?

IVES– Yes. And the keys to beating Honduras are A) containing Amado Guevara, marking Carlos Costly tightly, particularly on set pieces and C) getting Landon Donovan the ball away running at Honduras’ center backs. There are plenty of keys to go over between now and then but now that you mention it I must say that it will be interesting to see Amado Guevara and Michael Bradley doing battle.

Be sure to look out for the rest of the answers to Friday's questions in the near future (And by near future I mean before June).

  • RedLine55

    what’s a “Sam Day”? is that another new USSF Supporter’s group? (sorry.. had to)

    Good work, though! a gaffe here and there is forgivable


  • Modibo

    Whoah… my question(s) rated inclusion in the Best XI?!

    I guess that ices it. I’m a Mafioso for true. Better get me a t-shirt! I’ll wear it when Ives comes out to the Globe for the June 6 Honduras-US qualifier.


  • guillermo

    If ESPN shows highlights and bases coverage on attendance and the amount of people watching, why do they even mention women’s basketball?


  • ETJ

    Haha good call Guillermo and Ives is there any way I can get your job? You have the best job in the world, by far. It’s right up there with gynecologist or professional athlete (which is pretty much the same thing). Seriously though keep up the good work, thanks


  • Jamie Z.

    Agreed. I’m a heterosexual male and I think gynecologist would be one of the WORST jobs in the world.


  • MemRook

    my mom IS a gynecologist and the photos and videos she brings home is scarrier than most hollywood sh*t lol


  • Tonerl

    Am I missing something? I’m only seeing one question and zero answers. What happened to the rest?


  • geoffersen

    Yeah, Tonerl, I can’t believe nobody else commented on that. Once question is all I see too, and there’s no answer.


  • sonicdeathmonkey

    Ives has taken a cue from the USSF and has started an official “SBI Mafia Supporters Group”. For a small fee, you will be granted primary access to the rest of the questions and answers of the Q and A. 😉


  • Jerry

    yo thanks for answering my question so quickly Ives I didnt think it would make top 11.


  • Becker

    as for anthony r’s comment… i still feel that the last person you want coming at you with the ball is R9 Ronaldo. he’s been tearing it up and that sort of skill isnt forgoten


  • Matt in Louisville

    Hey Ives, I’d like to hear some of the horror stories about front offices in MLS. I understand if you don’t want to name names or clubs, but it’s important that people like you continue to pressure the league to improve. No one else will.

    There are two ways to run a league. You either allow clubs to fail (cease to exist or move) and weed out bad teams through survival of the fittest, or league management steps in and forces each team’s front office to step it up. Right now, it seems like MLS is protecting clubs from failing but is not pressuring front offices to improve. The league cannot thrive, or dare I say survive, under these conditions.


  • lou

    Ives, i second Matt’s question, i have a feeling a lot of those horror stories are about metro/red bull’s FO.


  • silent e

    Don’t be a NY/NJ homer. Sure you guys have had it bad but what about Dallas and Colorado? Or LA since the firing of Schmid? These organizations have made a mess of things for a while now.


  • Dominghosa

    Iniesta? I think Anthony R. meant to say Xavi.
    Xavi has been the engine to Barcelona’s success this season. The best box-to-box midfielder in the world right now. And arguably the best all-around player in the world.
    His touch, vision and work rate have been sublime.


  • Alex

    Can anyone explain this to me. Sasha looks awesome vs the best young swedish players, turns around and looks overmatched by elsalvador, so why are we so happy that charlie davies plays in sweden? He confuses me because if I came into national team camp and saw that everyone was passing me I’d ask for a move, right?


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