Chicago's last-minute penalty vs. Chivas USA: Legit call or bad joke?

Chicago's last-minute penalty vs. Chivas USA: Legit call or bad joke?

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Chicago's last-minute penalty vs. Chivas USA: Legit call or bad joke?

If you stayed up to watch the Chicago Fire-Chivas USA match you saw a match marred by a boat-load of yellow cards (ten to be exact), a red card and three penalty kicks, the last of which left many observers wondering just what Terry Vaughn was thinking.

If you haven't seen the replay of the penalty that helped Chicago pull out a 3-2 victory on Thursday night, here it is:

As you might imagine, Chivas USA head coach Preki wasn't too happy with that call (or the referee's performance in general).

"That's nuts. That's like a comedy hour," Chivas coach Preki told The Daily Breeze. "It's a soft call. There was very minimal contact and in my opinion, McBride dove."

When the 5-foot-7, 150 pound Mariano Trujillo appeared to make contact with the 6-foot, 175 pound Brian McBride as both prepared to challenge for a long ball, McBride fell in a heap, prompting the penalty call from Vaughn. After the match, Trujillo still couldn't make sense of the call.

"I'm pretty sure (McBride dove)," Trujillo told "I just touched him. It's impossible. Look at me. Even if I push him it's hard."

Preki didn't mince words about the officiating, providing a rant that is sure to earn him a fine from MLS officials who are making a decent amount of money off fines for criticizing referees this season.

"Some of those calls out there were so ridiculous that I don't even know what to say," Preki told "The referees that have been successful this year have let the game go. And the ones that have been completely unsuccessful have tried to keep it too tight.

"I don't know what's being told to them, I don't know how they think games should go, but the bottom line is games that have had more freedom and haven't had as many fouls called have been better games. Tonight he lost control of the game, early on. Early, early, early on."

What did you think of that last penalty call? Cast your vote:

Which did you chose? What did you think of Terry Vaughn's performance overall? Did he mar a well-officiated match with a bad call? Was he bad all night? Did he call a good match?

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