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Galaxy's Franklin to miss 4-6 months with torn hamstring tendon


Reigning 2008 MLS Rookie of the Year Sean Franklin is set to miss between four and six months after undergoing surgery to repair a torn right hamstring tendon. The Los Angeles Galaxy right back suffered the injury during the Galaxy's 1-1 tie vs. Columbus on May 17th. He underwent successful surgery on Tuesday.

What do you think of this news? Think the Galaxy can keep pulling out these results, or will losing Franklin, and losing Landon Donovan to national team duty, ultimately doom the Galaxy to the Western Conference basement?

Share your thoughts below.

  • William the Terror

    yeah, but only a short time until Beckham returns. that’ll help, won’t it? i mean, he’s not preoccupied with anything else right now, is he?


  • St. Louis United

    Hahaha nothing can hurt or help LA, they’re a lost cause …


  • Rashid

    I have to admit I am pretty depressed… First I lose my iPhone in Vegas then the Galaxy can’t seem to find a way to win against a nine man team and now I hear that Sean is going to miss 6 months!! whats next? Luis Figo?? ARRGGHHH this is annoying, we can’t seem to get ahead!


  • Michael Vann

    Not good. Not good at all. LA is going to miss him. You hear about the three hamstring muscles tearing but it’s not often you hear about the tendon. This is going to be a long recovery I’m sure. I hope Franklin takes his time on his recovery. Coming back too soon could have lasting effects.


  • josh

    While it definitely is going to hurt. Franklin has not been in form all season. Chris Klien or De la Garza will be able to step in. St. Louis United by the way is an idiot. Keep the bashing up I’m sure it makes you feel better about St. Louis not having a team.


  • Rekro

    The Crew sideline reporter just said that Frankie won’t be able to play against Costa Rica.

    So now what???? Who takes over his Right Back spot????


  • Josh

    Terrible news. He’s an up-and-comer in MLS, and I hope this injury doesn’t derail his career in the way extended injuries have for other once-promising youngsters.


  • Rekro

    This is really devastating to an already struggeling team. De la Garza would be the ideal replacement but Klein is a more experienced option. Either way, this team is gonna continue to struggle until they find a second consistent scoring threat, especially now that their best player will soon be going away for an extended period of time.


  • Never First

    I don’t feel bad for LA. You know that saying about reaping what you sow? I do feel bad for Franklin though. I hope he can come back from this.


  • Jacob A.

    If what you say about Frankie is true, likely Spector, or Wynne if we play Spector on the left (not something I’d consider likely).


  • gel65

    Hate to see anyone get hurt,but it may work out for the galaxy because i believe Yohance Marshall is better than franklin and will get his chance when he comes back next week.


  • Joel

    Bad news for the Galaxy. Ultimately, though, if the Galaxy is going to lose a key player to injury, this is the year to do it. I don’t think we can really think of this year (and maybe next year as well) as anything more than a building year for LA.


  • einar

    well i still hav hope cuz birchall will come in. this also give de la garza more playing time and is not a bad player. very solid player. or dunivant can fit in which is not bad either. than also coming in july is beckham. but we will see.


  • Kaiser

    @St. Louis United

    LA a lost cause? Well no more so than St. Louis ever getting a team…I guess you are an expert in lost causes.


  • Sean Monaghan

    St. Louis United you can stop being bitter and immature because you don’t have a team anyday.


  • ct

    Sure it hurts to lose a player, but realistically, LA was already out of contention.

    Of course, if the MLS didn’t have such a miserly salary cap, a ridiculous league-directed player allocation system, and stupid single entity structure, LA would not be in this situation. LA actually has fans who actually pay real money to attend games and actually buy jerseys, thus making LA profitable and able to afford more good players. Thus such an injury would be less of an issue. But the league and the money-losing teams with lesser fans won’t allow a system where fans chose with their dollars which teams will make the most money (thus have the best players).

    Of course, until more teams are profitable and can impose their will on the others, we’ll have the lame, socialistic, contrived, tightwad system we have now. Of course II, the existence of the lame, socialistic, contrived, tightwad system we have is likely preventing more teams from becoming profitable than it is helping them to become profitable.


  • BlueWhiteLion

    wow. that sucks. maybe they will cowboy up and be even better . . .


  • TimN.

    That’s a bad injury, folks. The hamstring is engaged everytime you push off to sprint. Being that the tendon was torn, and not just the muscle, he will have an even longer rehab than just a bad muscle tear. LA can’t seem to win for losing.


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