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Howard to appear on ESPN Sunday morning

Tim Howard 1 (Getty Images) 


If you have always wanted a more in-depth look at U.S. men's national team goalkeeper Tim Howard then Sunday morning will be perfect for you.

Howard, who is coming off his record 16th cleansheet for Everton, is set to appear on ESPN's Sunday Conversation this Sunday at 10 a.m ET as reporter Chris Connelly dives into topics ranging from Howard's time with the Toffees to how he dealt with tourette's syndrome growing up.

If you are not a morning person or if you have plans Sunday morning, then you can look for the segment to re-air at 6 p.m. ET.

The roster for the Costa Rica and Honduras World Cup qualifiers is also set to be released on ESPN's SportsCenter Sunday morning.

Will you be up to watch the feature on Tim Howard Sunday morning? Or will you be TiVoing it? Upset that you have to wait until Sunday to see the U.S. roster for the upcoming qualifiers?

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  • Cam

    Open question to all: Who do you consider to be the best goalie in United States History? Tony Meola? Brad Fridel? Casey Keller? Tim Howard? Other?

    I say Fridel (at the moment). Anyone disagree?


  • The one and only Mighty

    Right now… i would have to Say …. wow a hard question…

    Hmmmmm i didnt want to .. but have to give it to Friedel.

    Tim Howard will pass him soon…. but we had so many gret goalies..!


  • elmatador

    Brad Fridel….BTW not upset about having to wait ’till Sunday for the roster, I believe we’ve all grown used to BB doing this to all of us..


  • Charlie

    SO we get to see big Timmy and find out the roster, I’m so watching this.


  • Strider

    I’ll be recording the segment with Tim. Best keeper – boy that’s tough. Currently you have to go with Friedel although if Keller had started during the 2002 WC we might be singing his praises instead. Sometimes it just comes down to who is given the opportunity. If Tim continues to improve he may take the spot himself in the future.


  • patrick

    have we ever had this before, a WC qualifying roster announced on sportscenter? I don’t want to get too carried away, but I think this is another one of those signs that ESPN is starting to focus more and more on soccer.


  • Ben

    It’s great for the US to have ESPN like that. Even if we do have to wait for the roster, this means two things:

    1) ESPN will cover this summer’s games well, which paves the way for number 2…

    2)Visibility. People in America have a negative connotation with soccer, and if ESPN is going to cover it, it may take some of that away. Look what one commercial did to the USA vs. Mexico match? It broke records.


  • guillermo

    ESPN’s recognition of soccer will go a long way to presenting the game as a legitimate sport to the general meat head football and baseball fans. Unfortunately, alot of the sporting public in this country is influenced by the garbage that ESPN constantly peddles (A-Rod hourly updates, Red Sox-Yankees, T.O., Manny being Manny, etc). Once ESPN actually starts covering soccer on a regular basis and treats it with the same respect that they treat football, baseball, and basketball we will begin to see someting that the other pro sports in this country don’t want, soccer as a major sport in the US.

    Stories like this are a good starting point, but ESPN might want to get the anchors to stop snickering or making back handed comments whenever they show a soccer highlight.


  • CSD

    I will withhold all judgment until I see how ESPN conducts this interview.

    It isn’t ESPN’s job to market soccer in this country but respectful coverage like every other sport receives would be nice.


  • CSD

    It is too bad ESPN couldn’t grab one EPL game and air the Fulham vs Everton match right after the 10AM Sportscenter with Howard’s interview.


  • sonicdeathmonkey

    I remember 60 Minutes doing a very nice piece on Timmy after his first year at ManU. I never knew how awful the British tabloid press were until Howard showed the reporter doing the story some of the headlines about him after he was signed, most of them refering to his Turrets. Just plain disgusting.


  • The Athority

    I’ll be right next to you kpugs…..

    Sad part about the question is that by all rights it should have been Meola. His head was too far up his behind.


  • Speedball

    have we ever had this before, a WC qualifying roster announced on sportscenter? I don’t want to get too carried away, but I think this is another one of those signs that ESPN is starting to focus more and more on soccer.

    Posted by: patrick | May 22, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    I remember World Cup Finals rosters being announced on ESPN, but don’t recall a roster for a qualifier before.


  • Roberto

    Howard is the all time greatest no question … Don’t have to wait for time it’s happening now!! Is it airing on ESPN or ESPN2? Same question about confed cup


  • Will

    Man, sports media loves to do in depth interviews with this guy. First Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel and now ESPN. Good work Timmy H.!!


  • Bryan

    CSD – that would be awesome but FSC or Setanta surely own the rights to that game.


  • Kizz


    ESPN owns the rights to all FIFA organized competitions (WC, U-20, U-17, Women’s World Cup, Confed Cup) in the US until after 2014.
    So Confed Cup will be on their network unfortunately. I will be forced to listen to retards like Lalas and Hopkins, gosh!!


  • Bryan

    Kizz – but at least we’ll have HD. one of the main reasons i hate that FSC got the rights to the CL.

    anyway, we know Onyewu is getting called in. he straight up spilled the beans (not that we really didn’t know) on Yanksabroad.com. he said this week he was supposed to be on vacation because he joins the US team in FL next week. As you know, Liege are in the playoff battle that is now continuing ANOTHER week.


  • soccerroo

    Not as concerned about the qualifying roster as I am about the Confed roster. I think they will be close to the same but not sure. Friedle gets the Best goalkeeper because of 2002. Keller second because overall skill and history. Meola gets third for two world cups one of which we made it to the second round. Howard will one day be ahead of all three but until he plays in a world cup e is not yet there.


  • CSD

    “Howard will one day be ahead of all three but until he plays in a world cup e is not yet there.”

    Great point. The World Cup in soccer is the only true way to “immortality of greatness”.


  • Jose A. V.

    At the end of their careers Howard will be the best.

    Seitz will be better than Guzan.


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