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MLS Rewind: Stoppage time shootout in RSL-LA draw, KC ties DC and TFC downs Whitecaps

Josh Wolff 1 (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                      Photo by ISIphotos.com

Three stoppage time goals turned what looked to be a 1-0 Real Salt Lake victory into a 2-2 tie as the Los Angeles Galaxy scored both goals in extra time to stay unbeaten on the road.

Robbie Findley's header goal looked to be the winner for RSL before handball in the area gave Landon Donovan a game-tying penalty kick in the 91st minute. RSL found a go-ahead goal just a minute later after a clear penalty call on Bryan Jordan for bringing down Fabian Espindola. Will Johnson converted the PK to give RSL a 2-1 lead.

That would have been the game-winner if not for Mike Magee, who pounced on a deflected shot and slotted a tight-angled shot through the legs of Chris Seitz for a last-ditch equalizer. Here is Magee's equalizer:

Here are some other results from Wednesday night's action:

D.C. ties KC

Josh Wolff nailed a 52nd minute equalizer to help give the Kansas City Wizards a 1-1 tie vs. visiting D.C. United on Wednesday night. The goal canceled out a first-half strike from rookie midfielder Rodney Wallace.

Playing without Ben Olsen, and with Christian Gomez and Luciano Emilo starting out on the bench, D.C. United drew first blood with Wallace's second goal of the season off a nice passing combination by Jaime Moreno and Santino Quaranta. Wolff equalized with quality sliding finish, and a great goal celebration with Wizards fans.

Toronto FC downs Whitecaps

Toronto FC needed a Kevin Harmes goal to edge the Vancouver Whitecaps, 1-0, in the opening match of the Nutrilite Canadian Championships at BMO Field in Toronto.

TFC is looking to win the Canadian championship and qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League for the first time. Toronto was beaten out by the Montreal Impact in last year's tournament.

What did you think of these results? Impressed with the Galaxy's comeback? Think the handball call on Johnson was bad? Will Toronto qualify for the Champions League this year?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Modibo

    The REAL news:

    Magee’s goal was not assisted by Donovan!

    Watch out – LA is diversifying its offense BIGTIME.


  • sonicdeathmonkey

    TFC’s offense continues to struggle. Well, I guess it would be more accurated to say TFC’s OFFENSIVE players continue to struggle. When Kevin Harmse is the only sourse of your offense, you’ve got issues.


  • Tim

    You mention Will Johnson’s good participation in RSL’s 2nd goal. But you should also note he was the player who handled the ball in the box leading to Landy’s PK AND he was the player who kept Magee onside for their GTG. Goat, to Hero, to Goat, in about 5 minutes.


  • loxx

    Magee right through the legs of Seitz. Close your legs next time, dude.


  • doug

    sonicdeathmonkey –

    TFC offensive players have no problem creating chances – Chad Barrett just has major problems finishing them! It’s not only that he can’t put the ball in the net, his passes in transition are terrible and go nowhere. If TFC had a somewhat competent striker they would have scored a lot of goals yesterday.


  • DGinLA

    That was the miracle of the season for the Galaxy because it won’t happen again. But it was good to see Robbie Findlay score against the G’s. Another Lalas blunder. Go figure.


  • Breakwood

    Charlie Fiction;

    Here are the highlights of the Toronto-Vancouver match.


  • ben alumbaugh

    is that allen hopkins i hear doing the commentary? that guy has not improved his delivery at all…for all the years he’s been on the tube, he still sounds as if it’s one of his first times on.


  • Rafael

    I see more and more teams using the,” not to lose”, mentality when playing away.


  • EDB

    Man what do you do with Chad Barret.. he seems to be able to play make, and he is seems to always to get into dangerous spots but his finishing is lacking..but alot of other strikers never get into the dangerous positions he does..


  • BlueWhiteLion

    The handball against Will was a good call. While his intent may not have been to play it, it looked like it was moving forward to the ball. And his hand was up and out a bit. Definitely not a Maradona-like handball (for many reasons, lol) but it was a handball none the less.

    What a crazy finish! Feel bad for Seitz. I’ll bet he learns THAT lesson from here on out (close legs).


  • Will

    Vancouver didn’t look like the defending USL champs last night. TFC could have won 2 or 3 nothing, if not for Barrett’s shocking inability to finish. DeRo was a monster.


  • Scoofy

    EDB, that was the vexing question asked by Chicago fans for a couple of years as well, for just the reason you describe. It turns out the best option is “trade him for Brian McBride”…


  • CD

    some RSL fans like to chant racist things to traveling fans. for example “beaner” and “wetback”


  • EDB

    Yeah I’m a fire fan and was around for those discussions. But I still root for the guy because he was a stand up guy with the media. Although I think the 3 forward look in Toronto helps him because he can play a flank attacking role that will maximize his ability to find space and play make and take away some of the spots where he lacked in finishing..


  • KCB

    Similar to what I said in the Matchday thread, KC has got to find a way to finish more chances. Lopez needs to stop taking free kicks and corners. I can’t remember the last time he took a free kick that made it over the wall or a corner that got past the first defender. So many inconsistent players on the KC squad, but then again this is MLS.

    Question for EVERYONE:

    What’s the difference between the Chicago Fire & LA Galaxy?

    Fire 2-0
    Galaxy 1-1

    1 match, 3 points. That’s it. The parity in this league kinda drives me crazy sometimes.


  • EDB

    KCB the difference is also how the teams look on the pitch.. one clearly has a ton of talent and carries most of the play.. while the other plays so ugly and relies on one person to provide a moment of brilliance


  • LA>>>>>LA haters

    a team score in the 94th minute….you don’t not react by saying “and a goal”



  • Kaiser

    The Galaxy are old, slow, and not very deep, but man they never give up! I thought they were done after the PK, but they kept pushing. That heart is the main difference between this year’s team and the ones LA has put out there the last few years. Last year they would have never comeback and earned the ties they have so far.

    They are not a good team (other than the Donovans…Ricketts and Landon), but they have a lot of heart…as a fan I appreciate that. However I realize they still have along way to go.


  • Cindy

    oh Mike Magee, are you gonna do great things in LA like everyone else who has left Metro/RBNY?


  • Zico

    @ Doug

    Funny is Barrett to blame for Vitti and Dero not being able to put themselves in goal scoring opportunities? Are they not supposed to be competent? Their salary in this league would suggest that they should be capable of scoring more than a goal in 13 games combined?


  • DC Josh

    Galaxy scored a goal without Donovan. SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!! He is my fantasy team captain so I hope he takes a PK a game.


  • doug

    zico –

    derosario was awesome yesterday. he set up harmse’s goal on a nice cross. that goal was all geuvera and dero. dero was creating tons of chances the whole game. he was definately more than competant yesterday.

    you are right though on vitti – he doesn’t do much either – but he also doesn’t fail to convert the chances barrett gets b/c he just doesn’t get them …

    barrett on the other hand …. gets the greatest chances and then just dribbles them right to the goalie or misses the net completely …. sorry if i’m being hard on him but it does get frustrating – esp. b/c tfc ends up blowing 1 goal leads late – when they should be up by 2 or 3 all the time!


  • frank

    I have a sneaking feeling that given that the Galaxy defense has tightened up a bit, Beckham can make a big difference in the 2nd half of the year-playoffs anyone?


  • CSD

    RSL might want to try keeping some possession next time they have a lead late in a game instead of just kicking the ball away. When you have arguably the best midfield in the league you might want to take advantage of it with and kill some time. The tying final goal was weak as crap and RSL earned the loss of two additional points.

    The DC vs KC game was a snoozer good to see a little action at the end of the other game last night.


  • angler23

    “…after a clear penalty call on Bryan Jordan for bringing down Fabian Espindola.” You sure about that? They couldn’t put up a decent replay of the foul on the Spanish language broadcast I was watching. The camera was late and it looked like Espindola and Jordan were both going for the ball and got tied up with Espindola going down Drogba style. Like Arena said, seemed like a strange make-up call.


  • LA>>>>>LA haters

    espindola= DIVER

    he tried to get revenge after hurting himslelf celebrating a goal that never was at the HDC hahahaha


  • Amy

    In the video, the initial announcer has no animation in his voice when Magee scores. Come on, 3 goals in stoppage time and you’re sounding like Ben Stein? Gimme a break.


  • Dominghosa

    I was just going to write that Amy. RSL’s play-by-play guy blows. That must’ve been the 80th job he applied for and the only one who called back.


  • Kevin

    What terrible commentary on the Magee goal. It sounded like he was approaching 18 on Augusta, not slotting home a late equalizer.


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