New Jersey Sky Blue fires Sawyers

New Jersey Sky Blue fires Sawyers

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New Jersey Sky Blue fires Sawyers

New Jersey's Sky Blue FC announced the official firing of  Head Coach/General Manager Ian Sawyers on Thursday afternoon.

According to the SBFC CEO and President Thomas Hofstetter, "The dissagreements between the coach, team, and management made it impossible to move forward successfully."

Hofstetter goes on to say that the club "needs to maintain the goals, and the atmosphere that is most conducive for [the] team, and be able to focus on building the league.  Consequently, we felt this move was necessary."

There is no doubt that the off-the-field issues have affected the team's on-the-field performance.

A source close to SBFC stated, "The real story from what I've heard  is that the players had a problem with him and weren't enjoying playing [for him or] buying into his philosophy which apparently changed from the beginning of the season/preseason."

The source noted that "he was teaching a possesion style of play [in the beginning, but] reverted back to his old ways of long ball/direct style which the team didn't like."

There was also mention that the coach's interaction with players went from nice and cordial to the complete opposite.

Interim head coach Kelly Lindsey continues to lead the team and SBFC VP of Sales and Marketing, Gerry Marrone, will take over as GM.

The club's president seems optimistic in the team's ability to rebound from this situation and said, "I have incredibly strong belief in the Sky Blue FC team as players and as people, and the tremendous character and stregnth they have shown throughout this process demonstrates that they will be successfull both on and off the field."

Sawyers, husband of former U.S. Women's National Team star Julie Foudy, could not be reached for comment.

What do you think about the firing of Ian Sawyers?  Will interim head coach Kelly Lindsey get the job done or should SBFC hire some new?  What will it take for New Jersey to get back on its feet?  Share your thoughts below.

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