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Reading releases Hahnemann

Marcus Hahnemann (ISIphotos.com)


After spending almost a decade of his career with Reading, Marcus Hahnemann has been released by the Royals.

Hahnemann, along with three other players, were told early Friday morning that their contracts would not be renewed. The move comes just three days after Burnley defeated Reading, preventing them from reaching the final of the promotion playoffs.

"The players who are leaving will all sorely be missed, but this week has seen the end of an era and it's time for the club to move on," said Director of Football Nick Hammond to the club's website.

Hammond added: "Marcus has been a tremendously consistent and reliable goalkeeper for many years, and has without a doubt been one of our most important players in the last decade."

Hahnemann, who turns 37 next month, is now a free agent who can sign with any team this summer.

How do you feel about Hahnemann getting released from Reading? Do you think it is time for him to come back home to MLS? Or will he latch onto another Championship or Premiership team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • baloosh13

    premiership riser and Reading will now be hit with the curse of the american already experienced by xerez, nearly by fulham, monaco, mexico, and newcastle


  • MikeK

    Sad to see that Reading has broken up like this. I’m surprised they passed on Lita as he’s only 24 and has a great deal of potential. I guess they think they’re going to hold on to Doyle, but I don’t see that happening.


  • Aguinaga

    In a very short time, Kasey Keller has proved how much of a difference a world class keeper’s play can make to an MLS defense, even an expansion one. Would love to see him come to NY so we can let go of the Cepero/Conway two headed goalie.


  • ThaDeuce

    GO PREMIERSHIP OR BUNDISLIGA OR LIGUE 1 OR PRIMERA LEAGUE!!!!!! Can’t wait to see another American in a top division. He would succeed in MLS, but that isn’t reaching for the stars, which I hope he continues to do.


  • Sean Monaghan

    Ze roberto downplayed talks with the galaxy….he could be on the move though!!!

    Also we are talking to chris birchall (the white midfielder whos goal got T and T to the world cup)


  • Dominghosa

    He’ll stay in Europe until Keller retires in two years and he goes back home to Seattle.
    Marcus is an awesome dude, saw him in Phoenix and he agreed to come over and take a pic with me. Haha. Couldn’t help it.


  • Felix

    He’s 37. I know he’s another Washingtonian like Keller (I think), so obviously Seattle is out of the question. But go to MLS, the goalkeeping is down this year, come to a club that can use a good one for another couple of years, and enjoy your swan song. Aren’t DC United having goalkeeping problems? I like to see guys like Berhalter, McBride and Keller returning to the states for the tailend of their careers. It’s a nice sending off.


  • JoeW

    Maybe he’s got an “in” at some other European gigs–I suspect that’s likely since he’s been in the UK a long time and there were never hints of him crossing the pond back here. That caveat noted….

    I think there are two likely candidates domestically:
    –Philly. Expansion team and the bar has been raised by Seattle. People talk about emulating chicago. But Chicago (as an expansion team) was unique: they got extra foreign slots, they hired a bunch of SIs some of whom would be on the MLS all-time best XI (Nowak and Kubik: most expansion teams can’t say they’ve even had ONE player every make best XI for a season, let alone for history of the league), the league was weaker then and Chicago started very slowly. Seattle has shown that with the right choices and coach, you can compete from Day 1. So Philly make look long and hard at Mr. Hahnemann
    –DC United. I don’t say this as a DCU fan and I know lots of MLS teams (RBNY, FCD to name just two) would love to upgrade their GKs. But here’s the deal with DCU…Louis Crayton is making very good salary for a GK in MLS (over $170k) so it’s not like the team would have to create $200k in cap room to sign Hahnemann. Additionally, Crayton’s contract is up midseason. So it’s not like he has a guaranteed deal that complicates cap considerations or he has to be traded or sold.


  • kpugs

    He should just do what he wants. His hometown club is currently starting Kasey Keller. At 37 he’s still good enough to make (compared to MLS) big time money for another few seasons.

    He’s in good shape…maybe make some moolah in Europe and sign with another pacific northwest team in MLS before they debut?


  • Danny

    FCD is next in line AND they’re having keeper issues? Hmm. I think MLS makes a move for him, but I think he’ll try for something in Europe first. Not sure if he’ll catch on in Europe so MLS might be happening.


  • Tony

    Phila. Union! Would love to see his experience solidify the backline a la Keller in Seattle.


  • QuakesFanatic

    Chivas needs a keeper. Thornton will not sustain this level through the MLS Championship game, provided Chivas doesn’t choke yet again and lose in the first round.


  • Cold Eel

    Hahneman is a perfectly good keeper, but highly overrated at this point by the Yanks Abroad crowd, especially since he is in his downside. He’ll be an above-average keeper in MLS if he comes, but I think that’s it. He’s Matt Reis, not Kasey Keller.

    If Chicago could figure out a way to get him, that would be the best fit, because Busch has been terrible this year. An improvement at the position could push the Fire into title contention, and they have plenty of trade pieces to move up in the allocation order. But I don’t see how they would fit him under the cap.


  • Pat

    Marcus is on the downside, but he can still play. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a number 2 job at a bigger club at this point in his career.


  • Frank

    Anybody interested in Gruenebaum or Hesmer. Columbus is in need of a decent keeper. I wish we still had Jon Busch (although he still seems pissed whenever he plays at Crew Stadium).


  • Sterlinho

    Marcus should go wherever he can get big money for the next 1-2 years. After that, then he can come to MLS…there’s always room for a 39 year old with European experience in the states.


  • Gilby

    If Cooper is leaving Dallas that would give them both cap room and allocation money and given their current keeper situation that would make sense. The only questions are would Marcus be willing to come back to MLS now and if he does would he be willing to go to Dallas. My guess is he catches on with another Championship club or goes to the Bundesliga.


  • jonjon

    the boy from seattle is coming home. i see him signing for one year at a foreign club then taking over for keller.


  • JesseMT

    I agree he’ll stay in Europe another season to see if he can make his way to Seattle in 2011. If Keller decides to stay on an extra year, Hahnemann can always sign on with P*rtland or Vancouver and still be pretty close to home. Remember Keller signed with the Sounders in the fall and then took some time to recharge. I think it’s a big reason why he’s playing so well despite his age. Marcus could do the same thing.

    As a Sounders fan though if I saw him in a Timbers kit I’d definitely throw up.


  • Sean Monaghan

    its sad to say but if Cooper leaves for Europe I really don’t know what is next for FCD,unless they get a big name…..they average attendence is awful already


  • jbehr

    Back to Colorado would be sweet. We loved him when he was here in Denver.


  • sammysounder

    Hahnemann will not go to PDX.

    He’ll be in Seattle before he’s done, but if I’m him, I’m looking for a big payday. It wouldn’t shock me to see him sign on in Spain or France. I could see him as a #2 for Portsmouth, Tottenham, Villa or some club looking for a solid veteran.

    Marcus could be in Seattle, but Eylander’s pretty good and Keller looks like he’s still got fire in the belly.


  • HM

    No one really needs Hahnemann in MLS, who has been over-rated in the eyes of Americans simply because he played 2 years in the Premiership.

    Hahnemann would demand a salary north of $250k in MLS, and he really wouldn’t supply a major upgrade over the current MLS starters (especially at age 37). The few places he would fit, it seems like they have a young goalkeeper being groomed to take over soon, so the expense isn’t worth the stop-gap measure.

    Maybe DC United take him if they plan on getting rid of Crayton this summer? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Philadlephia make a deal with the MLS headquarters to make Hahnemann a signing for the 2010 season.

    1. FC Dallas

    2. DC United

    3. Colorado Rapids

    4. Kansas City Wizards

    5. Chivas USA

    6. New England Revolution

    7. Toronto FC

    8. Real Salt Lake

    9. Chicago Fire

    10. New York Red Bulls

    11. Columbus Crew

    12. Seattle Sounders FC

    13. Houston Dynamo

    14. San Jose Earthquakes

    15. LA Galaxy


  • fenel

    Hey Hahnemann should do like keller. Take a year off, and join the Union in 2010.


  • ga-gone

    Yeah, Philly should make a run at him. Would be nice to have a US Natl teamer to launch your franchise with, and I would imagine you could get him for a reasonable salary.


  • Robb

    If I was Philly I would be interested but…..not sure why he would want to play for an expansion team on the opposite side of the country.


  • Beckster

    Hahnemann is going to stay in Europe for a couple of years. He still is a great keeper and I belive there are lots of clubs that would be interested. I don’t know why someone above dissed the PDX idea – Portland and Seattle are peas in a pod and most Pacific Northwesters feel pretty comfortable in both places. I could see him coming back to Portland.


  • CSD

    To be honest I would be more excited about Leroy Lita in the MLS as opposed to Hahnemann at this point. Hahnemann should get a nice backup contract for 2 more years in England and rake in some cash or get on with a newly promoted club. If he comes back to the states in 2 years Vancouver would be a nice place for him a short ferry ride away from Seattle.

    It was pretty neat last year when I was at the Reading v Fulham match in the Reading team shop and a little English kid was buying a goal keeper jersey and getting Hahnemann put on the back.


  • Igor

    There’s no reason that Hahnemann can’t make a decent payday on one of many European clubs at this point.


  • madmax

    Hahnemann should stay in England. Arsenal needs a back-up, their current #2 is rubbish.


  • Aljarov

    If he wants MLS there’s a ton of options….DC probably at the front of line line. And as much as Thornton has 6 shut outs, Hahnemann would be a HUGE upgrade for the top side.


  • SR

    I can’t believe some people actually think Marcus should go to LA. Both clubs there have decent keepers. If you doubt Thornton just look at what he’s done since he took over last year! I hate Chivas but all I’ve seen this year are big time save from Thornton and he’s younger than Hahnemann. Ricketts is solid too and I’m sure LAG isn’t interested. I bet he’ll think it over in Europe and then weigh his options come late summer. I remember in an intereview a few years back in ENG he clearly said he intended to come back sometime but I’m sure the situation has to be perfect. Keller has set a high standard and he doesn’t want to hang it up for some mediocre club or worse…Dallas. I just can’t get the idea of him playing for DC out of my head. Could you imagine what that would do for that sqaud…?


  • Brant

    If he can find a team in Europe, I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t. If not, then it would make sense to come home and find a team to play for – doesn’t really matter who. If he insists on going to a team where he’s a #1, his options will be limited. If he’s willing to start as a #2 and wait for his chance, he could pretty much go anywhere – he’d be an upgrade over any #2 in MLS.


  • Matt

    He should go to Chicago, Columbus, New England, or Chivas. All of these teams have sub-par keepers this year. Reis is playing the worst he has ever as is Busch. Hahnemann would be a great pick up for any team in the MLS right now. Play one season with whomever then move on to Philidelphia next season and Portland the next.


  • rke

    From the sounds of it, Hahnemann would rather find work in the UK. Second choice would be somewhere near Seattle.

    But if he’s looking for a path into MLS, I can’t imagine that DCU wouldn’t swap him for Crayton in a heartbeat. GK is DCU’s weakest link, and the timing looks perfect to bring him in midyear.


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