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SBI's Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

SBI's Recommended Reading

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With the European leagues winding down, the majority of today's stories deal with the domestic game, from the message behind wearing your favorite team's jersey in public, to how to US soccer scene will look in 10 years time:

A look at the "soccer jersey" culture in the US [Offside]

Fun With Statistics [Inside MN Soccer]

American Soccer in 2019:  A Roundtable Discussion [Match Fit USA]

How To Watch Soccer Online [Advantage Played]

Interview with Leeds and South African great Lucas Radebe [USA Today]

Roman (Riquelme's) Empire [The Run Of Play]

Feature story on Seattle's Osvaldo Alonso [Seattle Times]

What do you think the American soccer landscape will look like in 10 years?  Do you think that MLS could benefit from more statistical analysis?  Are you one to give a thumbs-up whenever you see another soccer jersey around town?

Share your thoughts below.

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