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Sounders fans making noise in All-Star Game fan voting

                                                          Photo by ISIphoto.com


They made their presence known by first reserving a record number of season tickets before the team even played a game and then by drawing 32,523 for their team's inaugural game and averaging 29,536 per game, far and away the best in the league.

And now, Seattle Sounders FC fans are stuffing the ballot box like no one else. One week into the MLS All-Star First XI voting and EIGHT — that's right — eight Sounders are among the top XI.

The leading vote-getter, to no one's surprise, is Kasey Keller. The former U.S. National Team keeper has a league-best 0.41 goals against average. And Freddie Ljungberg is understandable because he is one of Major League Soccer's most recognizable stars.

Hey, cases can even be made for Fredy Montero, Osvaldo Alonso, Tyrone Marshall, Steve Zakuani (barely) and John Kennedy Hurtado, who, in that order, have accumulated the next highest totals in the first week of voting.

But then it gets a little crazy. Just behind Columbus veteran Frankie Hejduk is James Riley. Really? The three non-Seattle players on that list are Hejduk, Toronto FC midfielder Dwayne De Rosario and Los Angeles forward Landon Donovan.

OK, this is only fan voting and, of course, we understand this is going to be a popularity contest. Fans votes count for 25 percent of the overall total with the other 75 percent votes from media, general managers and coaches as well as players. But are you upset that this year's All-Star Game might well have a very Northwestern flair to it? Do you even care about voting? Who is your First XI? Let us know.

  • mike ruze

    Anyone outside of Keller is a joke.

    Ljunburg is always hurt

    Tyrone Marshall an all star? HAHAHAHAHAH



  • lassidawg

    Clearly you haven’t been watching Alonso or Hurtado. They alone with Keller has been why this team has been in games when they play with only 10 men.

    Will I vote for 11 Sounders, no, but come on people this isn’t the first time fans stuff the ballot box.

    I do find it humorous after reading hundreds of posts saying Seattle would never support the team, now it is getting slammed for being homers. I am assuming everyone is a homer, otherwise no one would get bent out of shape when something is said about their team.

    Do something about the ballot, get out and vote for those that should be there.


  • tres

    It’s not our fault most other MLS teams play in front of half empty stadiums.

    Hopper, stop being such a pessimist. Those stadiums are half full!


  • Nate

    Seattle has been a soccer town since the 1970’s. Part of the reason we have gone so nuts is we should have had a team years ago, and now we have the opportunity to prove it.

    Even if you despise the Sounders consider Alonso in your voting. He has been our MVP so far this season.


  • Robin

    The problem isn’t the voting, the problem is the idea of having all-star games to begin with. Every coach tells their players “have fun, but don’t get hurt.” So all these great athletes are playing at half-speed like it’s summer camp. It’s the same with “Friendlies.” At least the name is accurate. All star games in all sports are just a cash grab. At least hockey’s Alexander Ovechkin dresses up and acts like a clown at all star games!



  • Sterlinho

    Vote for Andy Williams and Clint Mathis so they can play in front of their home crowd. They deserve it based on their lengthy careers. Then vote the rest of the team Sounders:)


  • Andrew

    S: Donavon, McBride
    M: Guevara, Joseph, GBS, Alonso, DeRo
    D: Bornstein, Marshall, Conrad
    GK: Keller

    Fan voting is so stupid you shouldn’t be allowed to vote more than once a week, this is what happens.


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