Special1TV: Wayne in Russia, Little Ronnie workout video and Hitting the Beaches


This weekend's installment of Special1TV wasn't the best you'll ever see, but still has plenty of quality lines to make you enjoy a laugh or two.

Here it is:

"They're going down faster than Ricky Hatton."

"Oh, you were talking about the holidays."

"Very, very poignant Dave. Now SHUT UP!"

What was your favorite line? Share yours below.

  • Kizz

    Best line in this episode:
    “English season is becoming as predictable as East Enders; different characters, same story lines.” It’s a show you have to watch to get the joke.


  • Cindy

    i’m a huge C. Ronaldo fan but every time that dang puppet is on the show it’s hysterical haha


  • HomeyBoehme

    lol-ed at the ronnie workout video, and them just throwing the puppet on the ground. “writhes in agony…squirms in horror…wriggling, twitching, rolling and diving”


  • Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper"

    “Hitting the BEACHES …”

    “Good lad Ronnie” – How old is that guy? I’ve seen kids behave better.


  • Kevin

    “You must be delighted Dave, looks like Newcastel will survive”

    BTW does anyone know what the hell Dave said?


  • Dave

    I saw this Saturday night/early Sunday. I had no idea what Eurovision is. Sitting in my hotel’s (in Dubai) breakfast room Sunday morning, CNN International was on and they recapped Eurovision. I started laughing out loud after finding out what Eurovision is.


  • LI Matt

    “Italy is playing six at the back, and only one up front. They’re trying to sing on the counter-attack.”


  • brant

    I liked the labeling of Ronnie worked out video from your favorite “premadonna” – does this mean Ronaldo is going to start dating Madonna?

    But yea, the Italy line was freakin’ awesome.


  • Kurt

    “on the ground, I throw my track suit top…” sung by Ronnie. Good stuff…


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