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Conor Casey named MLS player of the month

Colorado forward Conor Casey was named MLS player of the month for May. Casey earned the nod after scoring four goals during the month. He helped lead the Rapids to a 2-0-2 mark in May. What do you think of Casey’s recent form? Think he merits a national team look? Hoping he gets called into the Gold Cup? Share your thoughts below.

  • William the Terror

    Good choice, s he is currently in form and lighting it up. I think he had a look with the Nats a few years back under Bruce Arena and failed to impress. It may be time to call him in for the Gold Cup and see how he looks.


  • Frog

    I keep forgetting he is just 27, it seems as if he should be much older since he has been around so long. A look in the Gold Cup? I don’t see why not, we are not especially deep at forward (or anywhere else other than defensive center-mid for that matter).


  • Barry U

    Gold Cup consideration at least. Rapids might not be happy about it but I think he has earned it. End of the season last year and this year he has been good. 37 starts with 21 goals that is pretty good. Injuries hurt him in Germany and I think he would still be there if they had not. If Matt Taylor can score in 2.Bundesliga so can Casey. BB Gold Cup for Mr. Casey.


  • William the Terror

    @Barry U

    I think Casey already proved he can score in Bunesliga 2. As i recall, he had more than 20 goals in 2 seasons between FC Mainz and Kahrlsrue (spelling)? He just kept getting loaned out by the first division teams and never got a chance. Kind of a hard luck journeyman. C’mon BB, give the lad a shot in the Gold Cup.


  • Justin O

    Seems to me he’s got to be ahead of Cooper in the pecking order now. He’s been better than Cooper for the last year. Cooper’s younger, and probably has a brighter future and better shot at WC 2014, but right now Casey is clearly better, and has been since the mid-way point of last season.


  • Jimmie

    RSL fan says CC should be with the USMNT now, but at least the gold cup.

    I bet he terrorizes us this weekend with at least 1 goal, but probably 3…….

    Where is that Findley hat trick I have been predicting?


  • Chris

    Four goals, but two were scored against the RBNY “defense” so shouldn’t count as much.


  • DWE4

    Good player. Happy to see him doing well in MLS. National team caliber? Perhaps, but I hope not. We should be able to field better than Conor Casey.

    It seems his best chance is to supplant Ching as a target guy who can absorb attention from the opposing defense. But I’m not sure that’s his strength. (I’m also not entirely sure that Ching earns his National Team spot on merit alone.)

    Conor has always been an enigma–all the way back to his college days. Is he worth calling in? Sure. Everyone is. I won’t bet the farm on Casey being the missing piece for US Nats glory.


  • tim

    Casey was fine in 2.Bundesliga, its when he went up to the real deal (with Mainz) that he sucked terribly.

    Hes a scrub. I’d rather call one of the younger forwards from Europe than Casey.


  • Bellus Ludas

    Nice to see his career come round….the Germany adventure started so well, but ended so badly he got the “damaged goods” label. Nice to see things go right for one of the good guys. I would expect him to get a look during Gold Cup and have his shot at some qualifiers if he shows well.


  • Craig

    Way to go Casey!!! The Rapids could be hit hard by the Gold Cup. Casey, Colin Clark, Matt Pickens all could be called and also Omar Cummings for Jamaica.


  • Jason

    Only call him up if it is for a serious look. Not to just fill in for other guys to get a rest. Otherwise let him stay with Colorado.


  • arkjayback

    I wanna see him and Cooper up top together in the Gold Cup. They aren’t the fastest guys, but while the US is auditioning wingers, it’d be neat to see what these guys can do without stellar service.


  • Dannyc58

    Personally think he’s not nearly good enough and if called us just shows how poor our forwards are.

    He’s good in the air…and he tries hard…and…um…yeah.


  • Kevin

    CC is getting better because of Gary Smith, plain and simple. Good to see the Raps finally getting some instruction out there. Clavijo was a DISASTER.

    As a Denver boy, I think it’d be cool to see CC out there for the Nats – but I don’t think he has what it takes to compete with European or even CONCACAF ‘A’ teams. A Gold Cup call up would be about the tops for him – even as a Raps fan, I wouldn’t trust him in a WCQ.


  • Rudy

    I hope he gets called into the Gold Cup squad. Could be very beneficial to the Galaxy in the western standings. I also hope no Galaxy players get called in for the Gold Cup.


  • AlexS

    wow… a goal and 6 assists don’t get you player of the month? Brad Davis got robbed.

    6 games with at least one assist in a row.

    Just sayin’


  • martha

    He had his chance and failed to impress as someone else noted.

    Then again Ching continues to fail to impress but still gets the call


  • socrates

    Agree with the sentiment that USA has a serious lack of forwards. Especially if you consider Donovan and Dempsey to be better suited to midfield. That leaves us with a young guy with potential (Jozy) and a serviceable but limited veteran (Ching) and …. no one else.

    No one else in the pool inspires much confidence.

    MLS: Casey, Cooper, Rolfe, Wolff, Findley, Pontius, etc.

    Yanks Abroad: Davies (best of bunch but hasn’t done anything at Nat level yet), E. Johnson, J. Johnson, Zimmerman, Guy, Taylor, Tracy, etc.

    Some seriously slim pickins.


  • martha c

    I like Ives but that was an obvious puff piece Socrates. You fell in line for it like a good lemming.

    Ching does everything except score….which is his primary job. he also has more than his fair share of easy misses. You put most big bodied players in his position and theyll give you the same thong he does.

    Gooch and Boca will give the same intangibles if you put them up top. ….

    Physical play except for the fact that Onyewu and Boca have shown they CAN score


  • Tomas

    I’d like to see CC get a shot. As noted above, it’s not like we’re swimming in choices. Agreed, CC is not gonna blind anyone with pure pace, but he’s a savvy veteran at 27, is very powerful, creates opportunities for others, and he can finish. The US doesn’t need that?


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