Taking a moment to admire Spain

Taking a moment to admire Spain

Confederations Cup

Taking a moment to admire Spain

Spain Team (AP) 

Some teams are easy to hate, but some teams are just so good at what they do that you can only admire them.

Spain is one of those teams.

Playing a beautiful brand of skillful and deadly attacking soccer, the Spanish have been on an absolute tear over the past two years as a golden generation of stars came together to form a team for the ages. Torres, Villa, Xavi and Fabregas are just some of the superstars who fill out this dream squad (a squad so deep that you have barely noticed the absences of Andres Iniesta and Marco Senna).

Although it was been a year already, few will forget how Spain rolled to a European Championship last summer. They have shown similar form in these Confederations Cup.

With today's Confed Cup semifinal vs. the United States just three hours away, let's take a look back at Spain's Euro championship run (be sure to click the HQ button):

Did the video make you more excited about today's match, or more nervous?

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