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Torres looking forward to downtime

Jose Francisco Torres 2 (Getty Images)

Jose Francisco Torres did not see a minute of playing time for the U.S. national team in the Confederations Cup, but that hasn't stopped him from looking forward to a vacation.

In an interview with yanks-abroad.com, the Pachuca midfielder stated that he wants to play in the Gold Cup (which starts July 3) but that his body is in need of rest after a year and a half of activity, which included the FIFA Club World Cup, Pachuca's Clausura season and World Cup qualifiers.

Torres, who has not played since the U.S. team's World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica on June 3, has also recently been linked with a move to Spanish club Deportivo la Coruna, but has stated that he intends to return to Mexico for the fall's Apertura season.

Still think Torres should have played in the Confederations Cup? Wish he was on the Gold Cup squad? Would you like to see him go to Deportivo la Coruna or should he stay with Pachuca?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Angel

    Hey ELAC que crees de estos pendejos no saben ni mierda de futball y quieren ponerse al tiro, pobre idiotas. y que piensa de Castillo que quiere venir a jugar con USA para que lo dejen en la banca como a Torres, Orozco y Alvarez y de voladas al ADU tambien.


  • Korey Sutton

    Torres is one of the us players that needs to stay with their club. After the world cup they can move all they want, but right now they need playing time. Moving to a new league means that you will need time to adapt. This could be months or a year and if you want to play on the world stage you need to be playing every week.



    If something did happen between the three mentioned above, Torres has been handling with class. Unlike the other Gringo, Mr. Castillo.


  • Angel

    I’m with you Korey Sutton,

    Torres need to stay with his team until the World Cup, he need playing time to keep in shape and get more experience and maybe get another call up.


  • Adam R.

    Maybe if Torres hadn’t pissed the bed in the first 15 minutes against CR, Bradley would trust him in a big game.

    I like the kid. He’s young, he’ll get his chances. Chill.


  • Tony

    He needs to get some time on the field with the boys and the Gold Cup would have been perfect. Whatever happened between Torres and Bradley needs to get sorted. If there’s one thing the US doesn’t need right now is wasting what little talent we have on the depth chart. Same reason why people have been screaming for Cooper to get time. Its not so much that people think he is some savior, its that if he never plays with the squad, we’ll never find out.


  • Jackie

    Big Mistake by Torres. He should have stuck with Mexico . Bob doesn’s like him.


  • chg

    USL went 4-2 against MLS tonight. After the smoke cleared, DC United is left with a clear path to the finals.


  • Elliott

    In a World Cup year you just want to be getting consistent games – that is the key, whether its with Pachuca or Deportivo


  • EA Scott

    Put me on the list of people who think there is something more to this story. Although he had a few bad minutes against Costa Rica, so did Mastroeni and Beasley, didn’t stop them from getting playing time. After he settled down, me, John Harkes, and a lot of others thought he was our best player in the midfield, calm, holding the ball, passing well, etc.

    Then subbed at half time and never played again. I can maybe understand not wanting to put him in high pressure games in the Confederations cup, but then why bring him?

    And to not call him to the gold cup?

    The article above states “Jose Francisco Torres believes it is a blessing in disguise”. Doesn’t sound like he chose not go to the Gold cup…


  • ThaDeuce

    Sounds like Torres chose to not play for the Gold Cup…which could hurt his chances to play for the USMNT… He chose vacation over winning a spot as a starter/ super sub.. aye yay yay


  • joel

    he should be in the mix without a doubt, there is no doubt on that but
    I see Bradley, Benny, Clark, Edu, in front of him. Those are the guys that coach Bradley will go with and its a shame because he brings certain things to the pitch that the others dont have. What I dont understand is how Sasha K. gets games when time and time he cant complete a pass, this is a mystery.


  • christian Navarro

    So some of you know angel mentioned that a lot of you guys are idiots for posting some of the things that you have posted because we as Mexicans know more soccer than a lot of you guys. It is sad that Edgar Castillo wants to play for the U.S. since it is obvious that Bradley is a racist bastard. At least some prejudice is in him. Since the best talent is from the American Mexicans. People your thoughts on this…… oh and angel S. Gulati does respond to emails since I wrote him a nasty one about bob’s head!


  • Angel

    Chistian Navarro,
    Thanks for letting me know that Sunil Gulati does repond to the e-mail I will write to him, Now I never did mentioned a lots of guys cause that mean everyone here, I only said some of of the guys especially the comments posted by AE & Len. I just don’t want everybody here to send me hate mail. Everyone here are in the same boat, and that is why happen in Costa Rica with El Gringo “Jose F. Torres” we all are puzzle on what really happen and why he never saw the field in the Confederation Cup. But I agree about the other comment you made “It is sad that Edgar Castillo wants to play for the U.S. since it is obvious that Bradley has a Favoritism bastard. At least some prejudice is in him. Since the best talent is from the American Mexicans.”


  • Angel

    P.S Cristian

    please read the post from AE & Len, are posted above the one I made in spanish to ELAC. I should be more especific about it. but I refer to them only.


  • christian Navarro

    Angel why do you call The American Mexican Gingos? No seas ojete way. What I am getting from that is that you are hating on them cause they play for the USA. if you don’t mean it like that then i apologize for the comment above. GO USA I hate mexico and if loving my country makes me a gringo then so be it I am a gringo que sabe respetar al gobierno que me dio educacion y la vida que vivo so yeah!


  • Jamie Marsh

    Torres was one of the few bright spots in the loss against Costa Rica. I don’t understand why has not seen more time.


  • Youngee8

    Let’s all start calling USSF kinda like we do with our Congress? Enough pressure will get the real answer through a press conference about Torres.

    1 If he was hurt or overplayed Torres could have been replaced but wasn’t.

    2 What about Dempsey and his past getting physically violent up in Boston yet he’s still playing. Stuff happens in the locker room out of passion

    3. Regardless, answers need to be met.

    On another topic if another player leaves PT in the US or Mexico clubs for Europe just to sit on the bench I think we’re all going to call them a DumbA_S!


  • t

    bradley is an idiot and needs to be fired.

    torres should have played

    sacha beasley and bornstein are awful.


  • Beto

    I think that Torres must move to some team in the MLS , now He is gringo , reason why we don´t want gringos players in Apertura & Clausura FMF … go away Torres!!!! , … Castillo and Torres both traitors and f@ggys hahaha


  • christian Navarro

    beto eresw un pendejo nomas tienes ela pansa en los estados unidos y el corazon en tu pinche pais vale verga de mexico. debes de irte para tras you are the traitor. Mr. food stamp abusing, govt. hand out taking mojo. GOD BLESS THE USA


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