USA 2, Spain 0: Watch it again

USA 2, Spain 0: Watch it again

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USA 2, Spain 0: Watch it again

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If you missed the U.S. national team's historic 2-0 upset victory against Spain today (maybe your TIVO didn't work or you forgot (doubt it)) you are in luck. The game is being shown again tonight on ESPN2 at 11pm.

If you didn't record it or watch it the first time, get your recorder ready because you may want to keep this little bit of history, and a thoroughly exciting and unforgettable match to boot.

If you did see the match today, feel free to share your own experiences from today. Were you at a packed bar? An office cubicle? At home with friends? At your house with your friend from Spain who thought you had no chance? Were you actually in Spain and cheering all by yourself? 

Where did you watch today's amazing match? Share your experience below.

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