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USA 2, Spain 0: Watch it again

OnyewuBocanegraTorres (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                   Photo by ISIphotos.com

If you missed the U.S. national team's historic 2-0 upset victory against Spain today (maybe your TIVO didn't work or you forgot (doubt it)) you are in luck. The game is being shown again tonight on ESPN2 at 11pm.

If you didn't record it or watch it the first time, get your recorder ready because you may want to keep this little bit of history, and a thoroughly exciting and unforgettable match to boot.

If you did see the match today, feel free to share your own experiences from today. Were you at a packed bar? An office cubicle? At home with friends? At your house with your friend from Spain who thought you had no chance? Were you actually in Spain and cheering all by yourself? 

Where did you watch today's amazing match? Share your experience below.

  • jerry

    poor guy, but at least they figured out how to work the darn thing! (read your earlier post).


  • greg

    Sitting at work today, trying desperately to focus with the espn360 feed churning on one of my monitors. It’s all I could do not to yell out for both US goals. Or should I say golazos. Awesome game …

    More awesome to see all the other supporters stories. GO BOYS!!!


  • Neumannator

    First day of summer (I’m a teacher) and watched it at home. My 4 year old woke up from her nap and kept telling me to chill out but I still haven’t chilled out.


  • andrew in tampa

    watched the game with my 19 yr old son. one of the perks of teaching college. no pay but great soccer afternoons. A few minutes before the second goal I told my son that i didnt know if the US was going to win, but they were gonna score again. And sure enough. When Dempsey scored we jumped up and hugged each other. My 8 yr old daughter went and told my wife- me and my son were behaving like idiots in love. I plead guilty to that.


  • goalscorer24

    Kind of an ugly game for the USA, but historic workman like accomplishment.


  • jerry

    I think Bob Bradley was totally crying after the game….I was right with him.


  • Zane

    Watched it at 2:30 in the morning live here in Australia. A bit shocked and excited with the results couldnt sleep anymore so just dragging today. Who cares what a game!


  • Rastafari

    Class quote from Spain’s Torres after the match

    “”When you play against Spain, everybody are watching the game,” Fernando Torres, the star Spanish forward, said of the Americans. “So maybe all the people can see they have fantastic players, a fantastic team.”


  • Gillyking

    Totally agree @ challenging the straight red card. I also wonder what is South American referee Jorge Larrionda’s beef with the Americans? Did he want our midfield leader, MB out of the coming rematch w/Brazil? Interesting that he takes a Yank off the pitch in every game he officiates. I saw far worse non calls today.


  • Raoul Duke

    Woke up at 2am-ish in Sydney on a business trip and watched it. Screaming at a TV at 4am in a hotel room is not welcome anywhere, but I was so proud of our boys.

    Maybe the team will understand both from the criticism and the thousands of comments on sites now that there are plenty of people in the U.S. who care about soccer and the US MNT.


  • Leonardo

    awesome to hear that everyone else saw the game 2x just like i did! i think i have the game memorized “now Donovan is gonna cross it- deflects off the defender- bounces around- and – DEMPS PUTS IT IN!!!”

    duuude so awesome i emailed all mis amigos and text’d everyone and twitted and facebooked and….


  • Leonardo

    …i kept sending photos/videos/texts of the game to my familia + amigos cuz they were @work

    thank God I have an unlimited msging plan!



  • Abubakar

    Congratulations to the US. The US football(u guys call it sowcar) and music are about the only things I like about the US. Abubakar, Nigeria


  • jc

    I was at home alone screaming my lungs out alone at the tv. When Jozy scored I jumped and threw my arms up in celebration, and because I live in a new apartment, I forgot that there’s a ceiling fan right above the couch.


  • TheJester525

    I was watching near midnight in a hotel in Mauritius (so close to SA, but so far), and I almost destroyed the living room furniture each time we scored.

    Fantastic, definitely a lot of new US fans over here.


  • David

    It’s always great to see Spain bites the dust. Congratulations from Catalonia, the next state in Europe!


  • DC Josh

    I enjoyed every minute of the game standing in my living room with my wife, both of us frantically pacing around the whole game until Deuce slammed the ball in the back of the net. We had to put our dog outside after Jozy scored because she was so terrified of us, we were screaming at the top of our lungs, jumping up and down, and I even did a valiant Tiger-pump comboed with a long “yeaaaaaah”.

    It was an amazing game to watch, I only wish I could have been around other US supporters to hug and talk about the game over beer(s) afterwards.


  • Don Miguel

    I was in southern Portugal, watching on the BBC. Excellent analysis and commentary.


  • diro

    I’m in a professional office and can’t break away to watch the game so I went into complete “Media Blackout” – no email, text, phone, looking at news/sports sites – for the entire afternoon. Came home, cracked open a few schooners and watched the DVR of the game. I was screaming like crazy! Still in schock.


  • Mike Z

    Bob Bradley’s team:

    Dismantled at Copa America (with B team)

    Looked like ametures against Brazil (US is in good company here)

    Beaten badley at Costa Rica (overly aggressive tactics)

    Won the Gold Cup (Bradley’s stated goal for the summer)

    Beat Switzerland and Poland in Europe (First time in US history)

    Unbeaten by Mexico (We’ll see what happens in Azteca)

    Draw with #1 team in the World – Agentina (at home)

    Beat #1 team in the World – Spain

    Made the Conferations Cup Final


  • Eric Griesheimer

    DVR’d the game and watched at my home in East Nashville. My wife went up stairs and my yorkie was very frightened of me due to my random cursing. I almost jumped through the TV when Bradley got his Red Card.


  • TroyJim

    Watched at Wolff’s Biergarten in Albany NY. Great crowd and Mark’s a great bartender. Finally a soccer bar in Albany!


  • TJPierce

    Has anyone seen video of the crazy scorpion kick type thing Gooch (i think?) used to clear out the ball by our goal? I can’t find it anywhere and I would love to see it again.


  • Brian

    Watched the game at Gatsby’s Pub in Indianapolis, told my boss I had a dentist appointment. When Jozy scored I jumped up and ran around and told the 3 other patrons (who thought I was crazy) that was a big deal. They actaully started paying attention after that. I am beyond words in describing my feelings right now, I can’t work that’s for sure.


  • Union James

    I was at my internship in a professional office and went into complete “media blackout”. I get home talk with my dad for a little (he tivoed it for me) and he says oh by the way the us won. As soon as he said it he say the disapointment on my face and he threw his hands in front of his mounth trying to take the word he just spoke back. I was mad for about half a second until I realized the US beat Spain. I cracked open a beer sat down with a huge smile and watched the game.


  • Rory

    I couldn’t get away from work and was bummed that I would only be following a match tracker. On a soccer board I found a link to someone privately streaming the Irish feed of the match. Great quality.

    During both goals I jumped up in my cubicle and had to severely hold back a yell of celebration. I mentioned to a colleague that I was watching the match and the US just went up on Spain, 1-0. He said “That’s a relief, I thought you were having a seizure there.”

    -Northern Virginia


  • Matt in Japan

    Just Watched it last night at the Aldgate in Shibuya. Was squeezed into the corner cause no one else wanted to watch it. The Japanese commentators were fun though. They just kept talking about how it must have been a divine act of god that prevented spain from winning.


  • Scarlet

    I watched it on espn360 at work in Inman, SC. I originally planned to just listen while I worked but that turned out to be impossible. I could not tear my eyes off the action!! I’m lucky to work for a European company so there are people to talk to about soccer. We subscribe to FSC and usually watch English Premier League games. I’m so excited that we now have a US National team to be proud of!! I’m also happy to see that other people share my delight!!


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