MLS- New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls waive Khano Smith

In what is certainly no surprise, the New York Red Bulls announced today that they have waived Khano Smith.

The Bermudian winger was a bust for the Bulls, starting in just six of eight games and was productive in none. The highlight of his forgettable stint in New York was a cross that led to an own goal against his former club, the New England Revolution, in a 1-1 draw on March 28.

  • yankiboy

    That whole experiment pretty much seemed doomed to failure from day one.

    His reported knack for having a bad attitude doesn’t seem to help very much…


  • kpugs

    Good thing they gave up the allocation money to get him. I predicted this from day one, what a terrible, terrible effing move they made to acquire him. This club is pathetic.


  • LDQ

    We were glad to unload him over at the Revs. thanks to everyone who was willing to take him. Of course, I’m sure he’s bound to head somewhere soon, though. Maybe leave the MLS?


  • KCB

    In other words, he was good for 1 point against his former club.

    Enjoy USL-2 with the Hogges.


  • Joamiq


    Cutting their losses = as good as it gets for the 2009 New York Red Bulls.


  • alex

    Its great that they cut him but they are not signing anyone else to improve so what difference does it make. While other teams have no problem making deals to get better this teams only option for some reason is injured retired serb who came in to MLS office searching for american visa to bring his family here and Agoos jumped right on such bargain


  • joe k

    forgettable? i’d hope upper management and the team DOESN’T forget his season. maybe we’ll see some real changes then.

    khano smith never deserved to be on an MLS soccer team. i thought he was one of the worst player in the league when he played for the revolution, and his awful season came as no surprise to me.


  • Miguel

    Hopefully this means they’re signing an Academy player. This season is a loss, so they should sign an Academy kid so he can get the experience now and be able to contribute next season.


  • kahlva

    What an absolute waste of a year. Terrible signings (and terrible delays in getting the signings), some bad luck, some bad coaching, some bad playing.

    Bring on 2010 and the new stadium!


  • bob

    if Juan Carlos Osorio was worth anything, he should have been able to get something out of Khano.

    your coach sucks.


  • cbr

    my sources tell me that RB offered SJ Khano Smith in exchange for 2 Chipotle chicken fajitas. SJ declined the offer and demanded that supplemental draft picks be included in the deal.


  • This Guy

    I see Zimmerman making this an enjoyable 2nd half to the season for RBNY supporters.


  • Enfilade

    “and was productive in none”

    Wouldn’t this describe a lot of the red bull players this season?


  • adiamas

    I had his wikipedia page updated 10 minutes after the news hit Red Bull Reader.

    If only the team could have tossed him as quick.


  • JoeW

    The only surprise about this news is: it it didn’t happen 5 months sooner. Anyone who has watched just a little bit of MLS would have known (irrelevant of the locker room issue) that Khano Smith is not a starter in MLS.


  • DC Josh

    Keep him out of the MLS until he fixes his attitude.

    No team is so desperate they need this immature punk.

    He is a red card machine.


  • aristotle

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how NYRB fans haven’t driven JCO out of NY yet. Are the fans that defeated and subdued?


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