U.S. Men's National Team

USA victory vs. Spain wins ESPY for Best Upset

USMNTEspy (Getty Images)

The U.S. men's national team's stunning upset of Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup semifinal was a game that won't soon be forgotten by American fans. Now, the victory has been awarded for its dramatic impact with an ESPY Award for Best Upset in American sports. The national team won the award at the ESPY Award Ceremony on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

The ESPY Awards Ceremony was taped on Wednesday night, but will air on Sunday on ESPN.

Several members of the USA Confederations Cup team were on hand to accept the award, including Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra and Jozy Altidore. Yes, that's right, Donovan was in Los Angeles the day before the Galaxy's match against the New York Red Bulls.

If you were one of the folks who made sure to vote for the USA upset of Spain, take a bow. Mission accomplished.

  • cjbrown

    Brett, sure the ESPY is not the Balon d’ Or. But the ESPYs will get the guys more tail than winning 3 consecutive Honda Player of the Year awards. Let them enjoy it.


  • Angel

    please best team of the year Lakers ohh my gosh I love the lakers but Barcelona is the Best team of the year ever with three title in span of 2month, That is the best team.


  • Justin O

    PETERGRIFFINvsHOMERSIMPSON – Based on their club performaces over the last year, why would you consider Cooper an upgrade over Casey? Cooper’s younger and has a brighter future, probably, but for the past year he has not played as well as Casey.


  • Tom From Syracuse

    I just look at the pool of midfielders that the US has and I wonder, have we ever had this many quality midfielders at the US’s disposal? I think it’s the deepest ever.


    and so on… I think any of the players above have a chance at a starting spot… and with the addition of the German dude we’re getting in Sept… I think we’re in great shape in the midfield and it’s a good headache for Bradley to deal with when it comes to deciding who starts from this group.


  • Sam

    I think I might have not voted had I known that Kljestan would be up there. Too bad Jozy didn’t throw any elbows


  • Danny

    It’s time to go back and flood ESPN again. We need to let them know they MUST televise the upcoming US/Mexico match. Send in those e-mails to make sure they pony up for the game. I don’t want to watch it with Spanish announcers talking about how great Mexico is.

    On top of that I want the match in HD.


  • milkshake of despair

    Funny we get the best upset award, yet there is no individual sport award. BOWLING even has one!!!!


  • Al

    I know the ESPY was held in LA, but why is Magic Johnson is on the stage? 😛

    I hope they didn’t let Sacha speak.


  • yankiboy

    It’s time to go back and flood ESPN again. We need to let them know they MUST televise the upcoming US/Mexico match. Send in those e-mails to make sure they pony up for the game. I don’t want to watch it with Spanish announcers talking about how great Mexico is.

    On top of that I want the match in HD.

    Posted by: Danny


    Sorry Bro but ESPN airing the match? No matter how many emails people send in. USA has a better chance at showing the match (because it is part of the NBC owned parent company of Telmundo and mun2). But even that, ain’t gonna happen.

    Telemundo wants those ratings for mun2 (I don’t blame them that network needs help).

    It is out of ESPN/Disney control.

    Mun2 showing the game in English is the best that non-SPanish speakers can hope for. If you don’t like the commentary you can always mute the sound or just ignore the commentators.


  • Jon

    Earth to Landycakes… WHERE A TIE!!!

    Posted by: John | July 16, 2009 at 10:48 AM

    I dunno where John. In his closet maybe?


  • Tomas

    Everytime I hear USMT fans saying how “spanish” announcers, are biased towards Mexico it just makes you seem desperate to hate! First of all it probably would shock you to know that the two main announcers for Univision, Telefutura etc. are indeed Mexican! Jesus Bracamontes has coached first division Mexican teams, and was an assistant to coach Ricardo Lavolve during the WC 2006! Why shock you? Because I have NEVER heard them be more pro-Mexico than for any of their rivals, and have always heard them say very classy things about the USMT in general When they narrated the Spain vs. USA they where actually clearly going for the US more than I have ever heard them go for Mexico!
    Every Mexican, even the most hardcore fans, HATE IT when the team plays bad, and no one is going to be saying how well Mexico plays if they suck!
    Also, and I know this is a matter of taste, how are you going to compare the Latin American narration to any soccer match, with the narcolepsy inducing North American narration….not even close!


  • Bearusky

    thomas it is the truth se la maman a mexico ese la torre de jalisco. tdanny is right, the suckem dry. plus like i’ve said in the past…we have had to endure crap from you guys about not being able to beat mex.. now it is time for you guys to grow thick skin and like it!


  • yankiboy

    @Tomas: very good stuff.

    But just like the “spanish” announcers aren’t “spanish”, aren’t the two very talented announcers that you discussed also “North American” as well as Latin American. When I listen to that combo, they have never induced me to “narcolepsy” but you are 100% right–it is all a matter of taste. I think that they are one of the best Northamerican broadcast teams in the sport.

    Just my opinion…


  • Tomas

    Spot on yankiboy!

    Sorry, had a “lapsus mentalis” about the North America thing!


  • yankiboy

    @Tomas-No worries-I have those episodes on an hourly basis.

    My wife/boss: “Yanki-what were you thinking!?!?”

    My response: shrug combined with a even goofier look than normal…



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