World Cup Qualifying

Guardado: "Of course we will win"

Andres Guardado (ISIphotos.com)

                                                                             Photo by ISIphotos.com

Mexican star midfielder Andres Guardado gave his countrymen a scare this weekend after suffering a knee injury that looked as if it might rule him out of Wednesday's World Cup qualifying clash vs. the United States. Guardado insists that he will be ready to play, and even went so far as to guarantee victory and give a scoreline.

"Of course we will win, 3-0," Guardado said. "We have players of high quality and you can see that the team has prepared well, now there is only the question of showing it on the field on Wednesday."

Guardado isn't the only Mexico player to offer up some bulletin board material for the Americans.

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa went so far as to say that Mexico is better than the United States both physically and soccer-wise.

"(The United States) is a rival of respect, that you must be careful of, but it is a rival we know, whose style we know," Ochoa said. "We know that physically, and soccer-wise, we are better, so we just have to apply that on the field and do our talking on the field."

The Americans have avoided any grand declarations in the media, with Jozy Altidore coming the closest with this Twitter update: "Partido contra El tri vamos a ganar!!!!!!! (game vs. Mexico we are going to win).

What do you think of Guardado's and Ochoa's public comments? Worried about Mexico's confidence heading into this match? Does the talk make you even more anxious for Wednesday to get here?

Share your thoughts below.

  • James Thurber

    ¡Qué mono! El chiquito mexicano piensa que ellos pueden ganar. Sin embargo, la realidad es que los Estados Unidos tiene el equipo mejor y que este partido va a demostrar que México no puede vencer a los Estados Unidos (con su “equipo A”) aun cuando juegan en la Azteca.

    ¡Vámonos USA!


  • Paul Lorinczi

    How is it classless for Mexico to say they are going to win and not for Jozy to do the same?

    This is not about winning and losing right now. It is about points. If we can steal 3 points from Mexico in Azteca, great. If we can walk away with a point, just as good.

    To think we are going to walk into Mexico City and steal 3 points, we are fooling ourselves.

    Our focus needs to be on qualification. Let our play do the talking.


  • harry balsac

    everyone hates mexico- go to an away concacaf game, need a little something in common to break the ice? ask if they like mexico and bingo, your are one of the boys.


  • Sean

    I don’t really think that the Mexicans can call themselves “physically better”. Faster? Maybe. More athletic? Not a chance


  • Felix

    I was actually starting to think that the younger generation of Mexican players didn’t have that overt arrogance that some of the older generation had, especially concerning the US. Guess I was wrong.


  • Christian

    Guardado and Ochoa…haha. Ochoa is a joke compared to Tim Howard…just sayin. Guardado is no Donovan.

    Come on…this one is simple. Look at the quality our first team has, and the Mexicans don’t match up. Yeah, they have some very good players. And ok, they’re playing at Azteca…but hear this:


    Posted by: USA wins

    You’re right.

    Guardado has actually had an succesful European career, unlike Donovan.


  • Granitza78

    My prediction –

    USA will loses 3-0 to Mexico.

    USA will qualify for SA 2010.

    USA will beat Mexico 3-0 in the round of 16.

    New chant : Tres A Cero! Tres A Cero! Tres A Cero!


  • radi0head

    A lot of people love to talk about how other teams don’t show class, yet dont bother to show any themselves.

    Realize this, you dont have to hate the opposition to love your own team.

    That being said, I sincerely believe the USMNT and am cutting out of work early to go root for them!


  • BlueWhiteLion

    MVK, lol.

    Lorinczi–Any time any player “guarantees” a win–that is fodder for the other team. A few of us non-Mexico apologists (contra Christian) are saying we don’t have a problem with what the Mexican guys are saying for the most part, but they are a little dumb to give such motivation to the US players. What Jozy said was pretty benign, AND it was on twitter, for cryin’ out loud. I would hope both teams think they are going to win. In the context of Mexico’s historic condescending attitudes, I think that is what makes Guadardo’s statement more fuel on the fire. (and to be frank, it seems a little dumb.)

    I don’t think the US is the best team in the world just because they made it to two finals (albeit two different teams). But Donovan’s form and ‘tude is exciting and it rubs off on the others. There is a lot of momentum going in the Yanks’ favor.

    Christian … I am disappointed in you taking a cynical potshot at Donovan’s Euro career. 🙂


  • Johnny G

    Guardado looks exactly like the girl who took my order at McDonald’s this morning…except she looked a bit more masculine.


  • dbex

    Picture caption:

    “Nobody puts Baby in L’esquina.”

    Posted by: Fulham Pete | August 10, 2009 at 02:06 AM


    LMAO…..well-played, Pete. As for the game – I think it’ll be a tight one, and I’m excited as hell. I’ll be pumped if we weather the first 20 mins without conceding a goal.


  • 505anthony

    Mexico, I can’t wait to kick the *&%$ out of you guys in front of your fans. Of course I’m not looking forward to your diving and belligerent fouling, but hopefully the ref is up to making sure they won’t affect the game. Dos a cero. Grime and all.


  • RLW2020

    PUMPED.. should be a good game. marquez is out again and a number of US players are in a good groove right now and in top form, unlike the games vs. honduras and CRC.

    Channel 705 on comcast too.. mun2 haha sure..

    ives how about a list of matchups before the game? i don’t know the Mexicans that well.. only watch them, besides Blanco and Marquez a few times a year


  • Vince

    Didn’t Santa Anna say the same thing after The Alamo and before they started losing the Mexican-American War?


  • Dos Cero

    Dos Cero sounds better ;).

    I love the classy comments so far, because after all the classiest fans right are Americans, right? Bringing politics into a soccer match is great, makes us remember how superior we are racially, politically, economically, and ect.

    Can’t wait for Lando to start yelling “Mexico sucks!” and “where’s Mexico?”, like he always does. Class act that Donovan.

    Remember guys, we are God chooses ones, he choose this country to be great and we will continue to prove it come Aug12. Manifest Destiny was the greatest gift from God to man.

    Dos Cero streak continues…


  • Brent McD.

    Superiority Complex (n): an overly high opinion of oneself; refers to the unrealistic and exaggerated belief that one is better than one actually is in reality. this often develops as a way to compensate for unconscious feelings of low self-esteem or inadequacy. see El Tri (Mexican futbol)


  • Tim

    Funny how many here ask for class when they dont even show it. BTW Donovan is not the best example of class. If you guys want to see some “class” go watch golf. When it comes to sports like basketball, football or soccer there is not such thing us class. Remember Landon peeing at the mexican study? funny right? not classy but still funny. Get over your classy arguments. the US in general have more class than the mexicans but they arent really the perfect example of class. This is all just part of the game.


  • DFJersey

    For such a “powerful” group of players the Mexicans seem to fall down a lot when we play them. What’s the over/under for the number of dives by El Tri on Wednesday?


  • Ted Decker

    If landon scores in this game he should celebrate by taking a piss on the azteca field.


  • Trilogy


    I made the mistake of not checking the link at the top and for that I apologize. I do want to point out that ‘ESTO’ is an “amarillista” paper, sort of like a tabloid paper sometimes, and much like you stoke the fires, so do they! In NO other paper, or anywhere for that matter did I hear this declaration by Guardado! Normally Mediotiempo would report ANY AND ALL comments the players give as they arrive at the airport. Obviously you reproduced a story THAT WAS PRINTED, but I (personal opinion) STILL DOUBT THAT GUARDADO GAVE A SCORE!
    The Ochoa story on the other hand is 100% verifiable and even I don’t agree with some of his comments but I find the offense of some who post here laughable!

    To CrispyST3, you hide behind a computer screen just as much as I do! I back up the rest of my post 100%! You’re obviously a hater that’s comfortable amongst other haters! Anytime, anywhere OK!!! (Yo como los hombres aqui estoy!)

    Finally, Blanco today praised the performance of the American team at Confederations Cup and said that the game on Wednesday, was going to be very difficult, and that however made mistakes was going to lose the game!

    So even though the positive comments by the many Mexicans who voice them, won’t get front page news here, as the “negative” scattered ones will, I definitely am going to mention them!

    Here’s the link, (it’s in Spanish!):



  • Gabe

    I burn with anger at these quotes. I really hate that mexican soccer squad. really. crush them boys. please.


  • papa bear

    @Posted by: christian | August 09, 2009 at 09:09 PM

    You are either dumb or just a Mexican homer of the highest order. Your comparisons are ludicrously invalid.

    ANYONE with eyes knew that the US and Mexico weren’t sending ‘A’ teams to the Gold Cup. Most the chatter on this site was people pleasantly surprised that the US made it as far with the C team but most, myself included, thought Mexico brought a slightly stronger side and would have a good chance of taking the title. (which they did in resounding fashion)

    Guardado’s statement is absurd by and large. I have no problem with confidence that your side can win. I mean you shouldn’t play if you don’t think you can win. However, to make statements that history and anyone with eyes can determine are false is another story.

    10+ years of the US beating Mexico more often than not shows us that the soccer skills are obviously close enough to even to be a wash I think we can all agree.

    Physically…seriously? Does anyone on earth really believe Mexico has a more physical squad than the US? Mexico are a finesse squad through and through. Not that there is anything wrong with that. (see Barcelona) but I’m pretty sure Gooch and Boca are bigger and taller than Mexico’s entire back line combined.

    Can Mexico win 3-0? Sure. They are tough as hell to beat at home. Are they more skilled and physical than the US? History shows Guardado is speaking out his a$$ on that one.

    I just hope the boys give him a big can of STFU juice on Wednesday.


  • Scott A

    Christian, if you look back to the day of the Gold Cup Final I left a post very similar to that. I basically said ‘Congratulations Mexico, get you next time’. And this is coming from a fan. It’s laughable how you continually compare USA fan blog posts to Mexico player quotes. Would be great to see you compare Mexico blog posts to USA player quotes. Whatever, game on, let’s shut them up and then give them haircuts from this decade


  • Maitor

    papa bear-

    I’m Mexican and I agree that if Guardado made the statement that Mexico will win 3-0, he’s out of his mind! Only thing is I don’t believe he did! As trilogy said, some papers like ESTO, are very unreliable, to the point where sometimes they’re like tabloids!
    I tried to find that statement EVERYWHERE and could not find anything. That is strange to say the least! But I repeat, if he did say it, he’s being stupid to say the least!
    Now Landon Donovan today said that the US is better than Mexico EVRYWHERE except maybe at the Azteca!


    And/or that the US is better, period!


    On the other hand Blanco said that the game was going to be VERY DIFFICULT and that the team that made mistakes would lose the game! He also said that the US had played very well in the Confederations…


    What crosses the line in an otherwise excellent forum, is the level of hatred and racist remarks that some posters disguise as opinions!


  • Oscar

    hey dude get your story straight at the gold cup that was not our a team where was pavel pardo where was rafael marquez omar bravo cuahtemoc blanco just to name a few and not even guardado played come on if u knew your soccer you would know that was not our a team and i predict a mexico victory 2-1


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