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No PSG bid for Donovan yet

Landon Donovan 4 (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                         Photo by ISIphotos.com

If you were ready to order your Landon Donovan Paris St. Germain jersey, you might want to hold off for a bit.

PSG has made only preliminary contact with Donovan's representatives and no deal is close to being on the horizon, sources told SBI over the weekend. This news comes after reports emerged from France suggesting that Paris St. Germain was on the verge of landing Donovan in a winter move.

So what's the real deal with Donovan at this point?

MLS has a two-year option it will pick up after the current season, so Donovan won't be leaving on a permanent move any time soon unless a club steps in and meets the lofty  transfer demands being sought by MLS. That doesn't mean another European loan move won't happen. In fact, a loan is likely this winter, with teams from Spain and England joining PSG among several clubs that have expressed interest in bringing in the U.S. national team star. That said, we shouldn't expect any Donovan move to be sorted out until December.

What should we expect? Look for Donovan to make a loan move with an option to buy this winter. Whether that club winds being Paris St. Germain remains to be seen.

Where do you think Donovan would be best-suited to go? Hoping PSG's interest grows into a legitimate transfer offer? Think Donovan should wait until after the 2010 World Cup to make a permanent transfer move?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Garcia

    “Europe has not helped Dempsey’s game at all”


    Hold on…



  • Andy in Atlanta

    Zongzap… regarding Dempsey… you are just way off mate… Dempsey is twice the player he was before.. he now defends, sees killer passes earlier and is so much more confident overall…less tricky park stuff now and more solid football.

    People can say he does not play the same with the NATs but the is more down to the fact that they we don’t have the intelligent build up in our own third…(see Mexico where we played kick ball). Clint is stronger on the ball and gives it away so much less now.


  • BlueWhiteLion

    I don’t like to call too many people idiots, but I would have to say “you are an idiot” if

    a) you think that Donovan couldn’t improve in Europe more than in MLS
    b) you think that Donovan couldn’t make it in Europe, even in a top tier set of teams in any league (yes, he could have made it at Bayern if Hoeness and Rumenigge and all the guys I have loved as a kid didn’t have their arrogant heads . . . nevermind)
    c) you think MLS is somehow being unfair by asking over 10 million for him (and I have no clue what they are asking)
    d) you put mayonnaise in your underpants on most workdays. that’s just plain gross.


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