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Pittman nets Wycombe Wanderers winner

Jon-Paul Pittman 1 (Getty Images)

American-born forward Jon-Paul Pittman scored the decisive goal in Wycombe Wanderer's 2-1 victory over Bristol Rovers on Saturday.

Pittman, who entered the match at the hour mark, netted the game-winner in the 80th minute. The 2-1 result gave Wycombe their first victory of the year.

The goal was Pittman's second of the season. His first came in Wycombe's 5-2 loss to Norwich City last week.

What do you think of Pittman's game-winning goal? Should he get a call up to the national team in January? Are you Wikipedia-ing him right now?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Armoured_Jim

    League 1 last year averaged almost 8,500 in attendance, compared to the MLS average of over 16,000.

    There are 24 teams in League 1, compared to 15 in the MLS, split into east (7) and west (8).

    A regular season in the MLS consists of 30 games for the 7 or 8 team in east or west, where a League 1 regular season consists of 42 games for all 24 teams.

    If John Paul-Pittman was to play in MLS he could only play in one conference. let’s place him into the west for argument sake.

    The number of fans in total watching him throughout the season would be 8 teams playing 30 games with an average of 16,000 fans per game. That’s 240 games with an average of 16,000 fans per game, a total of 3,840,000 fans per season.

    Back in League 1, 24 teams play 46 games with an average of 8,500 fans per game. That’s 1104 games with an average of 8,500 fans per game, a total of 9,384,000 fans per season.

    It is safe to say there is a bigger attendance throughout the season watching League 1, than the Western Conference, the league with the most teams in the MLS.

    More people are likely to watch John Paul-Pittman throughout a season in League 1 (England’s third tier of football I might add) than any player in the Western Conference.

    John Paul-Pittman who?


  • jaleb

    Jpp is a great player and most Wycombe fans want him starting. Hes even better with jos partner in crimer Beavon but I doubt hes got any Us blood in him


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