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Seattle Sounders vs. FC Barcelona: Your Running Commentary

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The Seattle Sounders are playing host to FC Barcelona at Qwest Field tonight (10:30pm, ESPN2).

If you are watching tonight's match please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

  • dadryan

    the support won’t be there in two seasons if they can’t win on grass…you saw the super fans leaving early right? What soccer fans leave a match before the final whistle?


  • OnionBag

    @dadryan – We have more people leave before the final whistle than your avg attendance numbers in DC…


  • Wolves and Quakes supporter

    Seattle just can’t play on grass (that grass was horrible, too long). I think they might have scored a goal on both Chelsea and Barcelona if the games were held on their regular turf…probably still wouldn’t have won though.


  • Yakimasound

    @dadryan I had a 3 hour drive home after the game to be at work by 6am. The traffic leaving Qwest is tremendous. In a game that doesn’t count for anything on a weeknight where the game may as well have been 45 mins long, my choice was pretty clear. I love my team and support them in everything, and I agree with the Way Sigi used his starters, that being said I think you should probably be able to give a pass on this game.


  • madmax

    It was great to see Barcelona and Messi play if only for a half. What a delight to see players one on one with goalie able to put shot on frame. In MLS putting a shot on goal from 6 yards out is a miracle.


  • Ben

    These games are just friendlies. The Sounders’ coaching staff shouldn’t be criticized for dressing the reserves. Don’t forget, their upcoming game is more important.


  • dadryan

    Yakimasound, you get a pass…;-)
    I’m just poking the Bears. It’ll be really neat if Sounders fans can ever find anything other attendance figures to hang their hats on, but with so much trouble scoring goals as of late and a complete inability to win any games on natural surfaces all season long that may be a long time coming…


  • fan of the football

    Well it was never really a game, but realistically, who expected one? It was, however, exciting to see Messi, Henry, Xavi, etc in person. The 2nd half was extremely difficult to watch. Drinking game: how many times can the Barcelona reserves effortlessly string together 15 passes without a care in the world?


  • Sterlinho

    @ Dadryan

    Sounders have more than attendance numbers to hang their hats on. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/soccer/mls/united/2009-07-28-seattle-sounders_N.htm

    The Sounders have just as many MLS championships as Dallas, Colorado, NYRB, The Revs, Chivas, and RSL.

    They set a record for a consecutive shut out streak to start the season and they sell more gear than any other MLS franchise.

    In regards to the whole grass situation, don’t blame the Sounders. All Don Garber has to do is require grass for the league and it’s done. Here is the reference:



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