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WPS Playoff Semifinal: St. Louis vs. Sky Blue FC (A Look Ahead)

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The playoffs continue in Women's Pro Soccer as SKy Blue FC (NJ) takes on the St. Louis Athletica in today's Playoff Semifinal. The winner of this match-up will go on to face the L.A. Sol in Saturday's WPS Championship.

The Athletica finished second in the regular season which was enough to automatically qualify for today's semifinal. A stretch of solid results has proved the overall strength of this team; however St. Louis had some midfield containment issues in its last game of the regular season.  A first round bye has given St. Louis 10 days to get back on track before the team's first post season match.

SBFC is a team that barely made the playoffs after an up and down regular season. After a huge First Round win over the Washington Freedom, SBFC now has the confidence to control possession on the ground instead of always looking for to play Kai in over the top. The team looks strong under player/coach Christie Rampone, but a recent knock to goalkeeper Jenni Branam's knee may force a  heavier work load on the New Jersey defense.

So how have they fared head to head?

In three regular season meetings, St. Louis is a perfect 3-0 against SBFC. Scorelines of 1-0, 2-1, and 1-0  put the odds clearly in in the Athletica's favor of another 2-1 win.  SBFC has struggled to create chances against the strong St. Louis back line, but the most unpredictable team in WPS always finds a way to get at least one good chance.

Perhaps the underdog can pull off another upset? Share your thoughts below.

  • LDQ

    I don’t think anybody is going to stop the Sol from being crowned the Inaugural champions.


  • Optimist Primer

    Man, I’ve never commented on WPS before… but is it just me or are their crests and uniforms pretty sweet or what? Seriously, I hope Philly and beyond are paying attention and they go the WPS route rather than a cartoonish one when designing their kits.


  • gary

    WPS is bleeding money.

    I’ll go to the philly games next year and throw crumbled up dollaz at the hotties as they run by.


  • Cindy

    I’m hoping Sky Blue tears it up! they’ve already made up for the whackness of the Red Bulls this season


  • SAY

    Overall the WPS has some LAME names: FC Gold Pride and Sky Blue FC? really???

    Also most of the logos in the league are rather lame except for the Red Stars and the Sol.

    The WA Freedom and FC Gold Pride logos are WAYYYYY too busy and “toooo much” to put on a professional polo or warmup.

    Also why re-use the Beat and Breakers logos? Although there were minor changes both are still LAME.

    Also I went to a St. Louis Athletica game and my friend said their jerseys looked like his P.E. uniforms from High School….aka Used, Abused, Not Classy, and best of all======CHEAP!!!!


  • ag nigrin

    I am with you Cindy… Heck Sky Blue might go on a playoff run similar to the one th eRed Bulls had last year! The Sol and Athletica will be tough to beat but if Sky Blue comes out with the same passion they had last Saturday vs Washington then anything is possible.


  • espihir

    Yeah Sky Blue! Way to go for the win…Averbuch had a world class service to Dowling, great soccer!

    Go Sky Blue! Take LA’s soul!!!


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